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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Grogar: “Well I planned to but Liev Schreiber cost too much money”
  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. I know it's just a cartoon and at the end of the day it's just fun speculation, but let's hypothesise that Rarity's wings had not evaporated and RD didn't need to perform the Sonic Rainboom to save her from falling to her death. As a result she fails to do it naturally and her performance was a complete failure. 2 things would immediately be different, the 1st is that instead of now being recognised as a hero across equestria, she is now probably considered a laughing stock and a poor performer, the 2nd is that her confidence (at least in the moment) would be completely gone. With these differences, would it have been possible that RD's life would currently be completely different? that she as a result ultimately gave up on her dream of being a wonderbolt and even if she didn't she may not have been accepted into the academy as easily with a damaged reputation. The other possibility would have been that her friends helped restore her confidence, and she managed to overcome everything and still ultimately achieve her goals, even if it'd taken more time to get there.
  5. Since and including the episode Hearthbreakers there have been 9 episodes where Applejack has had a focal role. In 3 of these episodes she has displayed some very obvious asshole behaviour. In Hearthbreakers she was invited into another family's home for Hearthswarming where traditions and practises are very different from her own family's. Whilst the other family members were able to understand and accept this Applejack insensitively tried to change the Pie family's traditions and acted as her traditions were superior to the Pie family's, causing a falling out between the 2 families. Then in The Cart Before The Ponies all 3 of Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity were very badly characterised in this episode, but out of all of those I think Applejack had the least justification, yet was also the most aggressive of the 3. Whilst the other 2 just acted ignorant throughout the episode Apple Bloom explained to her sister she didn't want a traditional cart, and Applejack responded by yelling at her and questioning if she was an apple. Then we get to the episode most recently aired, where Applejack is asked to judge for Rarity's fashion show, but she spends a large portion of the episode insulting other ponies hard work, even destroying the work in one instance, under the guise of "practicality". I don't buy that she was just being honest, at this stage of the series Applejack should know when she's being hurtful and it's behaviour that goes beyond what we've seen from her before, heck she's often the one telling off Rainbow Dash for tactless behaviour. She also was being aggressive to Strawberry Sunrise. You could argue there is another 2 episodes where she displays asshole behaviour as well, Buckball Season where she pressurises Pinkie Pie to the extent that Buckball was no longer fun (RD did the same thing to Fluttershy but people see her as an asshole anyway), and Viva Las Pegasus where for a large portion of the episode she refused to do what the map called her for and help the Flim Flam brothers who were fighting. A lot of this behaviour will probably be attributed to her stubbornness but I think I expect more from a pony who is usually very helpful and a voice of reason in her secondary appearances.
  6. No Longer answer: started mediocre but finished strongly imo
  7. Rainbow Dash - Metallica, Iron Maiden Pinkie Pie - Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Weird Al Applejack - Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash Fluttershy - Fleetwood Mac, Burl Ives Rarity - Beethoven, Mozart Twilight - Beatles, Elton John
  8. Hasbro: Were selling this new toy set of Twilight's new home DHX: But we're already having the Mane 6 fix up the castle of the 2 sisters Hasbro: Well just pretend from now on it doesn't exist, we need to sell them toys
  9. My guesses would be Sunburst, Trixie, Spike, Ember and Thorax. Would have thought it would be 5 to make up Starlight's own Mane 6, plus any more and things would start to get overcrowded. Interesting that John De Lancie thinks he could be in a 2-parter, I'm wondering where and when this is from, is it possible that he could mean the as yet unconfirmed season 7 premiere? If this is from sometime ago he might have just meant Dungeons & Discords but been wrong about it being a 2-parter. I hope he's part of Starlight's squad, but for it to work they'll need to find a way to make him not OP, otherwise the episode will be finished in 5 minutes.
  10. New Reaction up: Buckball season
  11. Fluttershy: Looks like you two really do need practice!!
  12. I just thought. Spike is a child (allegedly) and Big Mac is a grown up stallion, isn't it a bit weird they treat a night together as a guys night, if Rarity and Sweetie Belle spend a night together it wouldn't be so much called a girls night as it would be called babysitting
  13. Watching Dungeons & Discords I kept being reminded of various memes from Spongegebob Opposite Dimension - same idea as opposite day Squid Wizard (Squizzard) - sounds alot like Squidward, maybe that's the abbreviation they would have used if not for copyright Imagination - The most blatant one, even with both Spike and Spongebob saying imagination in an emphatic tone with hand gestures. The rest are probably coincidence but wouldn't be surprised if this is a legit Spongebob reference Discord's apology - Like Squidward in the April Fools episode, Discord is basically choking on his words before he's able to get out the word sorry. Probably a couple of coincidences here but it's strange how many times jokes from this episode can be compared to Spongebob jokes. Almost makes me think Merriwether Williams was involved in this episode.
  14. Reaction to this weeks episode: Plus my favourite fan reaction so far, Major League Pony by BronyBurningAxe: