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About Me

Ride the Synthwave!





Come in and rest your hooves! You are now in the shelter of Irish hospitality! Free cider at the door!

"But wait!" I hear you say, "I've heard of this overly friendly disposition you Irish have! I don't trust it! Who are you?!"



Fret not, and allow me to attempt to put your fears at ease.



I am Dark Horse; an Irish-bred pony living just beyond the fair city of Dublin. I have been part of this fandom since late 2014 when I thought I'd jump in and have a bit of a laugh with some fellow enthusiasts of all things Equestrian. Somehow, it ended up becoming a lot more than that, and I eventually found myself as one of the site's administrators. Go figure. Lyrasmileyconfuse.png

Beyond the realm of the internet, I am a professional tour guide and history student, currently specializing in the Viking and Medieval periods. I enjoy partaking in historical reenactments and as such can often be found playing dress-up in silly costumes. :muffins:

I also have a long history in the performing arts and studied musical and dramatic theater for many years, which I hold an honours degree in.

Beyond that, I am an avid gamer, writer, techno-geek, nature-lover and motorsports enthusiast. I keep an open mind regarding just about any subject and am always happy to discuss in a respectful environment. Knowledge is power! :ticking:

I'm pretty much one of the easiest going guys you'll meet. Though a bit reserved at times, (aren't we all?), I'm always willing to give a voice on something if needed and enjoy a good discussion. You won't see me as the most active poster on the forums, but if you ever feel the need to ask me anything by all means feel free, I do my best to be always approachable!


I'm also quite keen when it comes to Roleplay! My Ponysona is the ever-present Saffron Shadow (whom serves as my main avatar on the forum), but I've built up a healthy stack of both pony and non-pony OC's overtime. Feel free to approach me regarding any Roleplay related topics! :mlp_yeehaa:


Appreciate you taking the time to visit my page. Thank you even more-so for reading this hastily put-together profile. I hope it was to your satisfaction~


But maybe next time, bring cookies... plz



Until next time! ;)


DISCLAIMER: While I admit that I do frequently roast my toast as I happen to have a particular fondness for it crispy, I would like to take this opportunity to advise you that I respect and cherish all electrical appliances, especially those of the "Toaster" variety, and I certainly do not view any Toaster as 'lesser' than another.*


*This does not apply to toasters with only a single bread slot. Why do such things even exist?