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  1. Hello everypony! Happy Sunday to you all! ^_^

    Just finishing up here at work, then hopefully a quick commute home. One perk of working Sundays is the absence of any traffic. :dash:

    How are the rest of you set for the evening? :BrightMacContent:

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    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Getting nervous about work. I lost $100 out of my drawer Friday and I don’t think they found it.

    3. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      @Stone Cold Steve Tuna Oof. I know those feels. I've had almost €1000 unaccounted for one time that was only found almost a week later. Thankfully just turned out to be an issue with our card machine, but I know how nerve-wrecking it can be. >.>

    4. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      One of my coworkers is missing $1000. These are bad times for us.

  2. Finally made it to my weekend~! Couldn't have come soon enough. This week has tuckered me out. :scoots:

    Think this calls for a little tune, courtesy of @Splashee! :mlp_icwudt:

    Splashee - Saffron Shadow's Theme (Full).wav




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    2. Splashee


      Just a fun fact, Saffron bread is yellow, so it would fit to have s Super Saffron form (yellow hair) :squee:


      I never do commission, I usually do art for free. But I am currently busy working on a secret project. And my art doesn't have that "shading" that commission art usually have.

      I have seen @Dynamo Pad's Super Saiyan Blue art that was drawn by @Lord Valtasar, and it was quite good!

    3. Rikifive


      @Dark Horse Thank you! vZJiciE.png


      Oh yeah. I work a rotating shift so my days change every week. I guess it keeps the weeks varied, but good luck trying to plan anything consistently. :scoots:

      Lucky you. :P I think that's better than having afternoon shifts all the way. Nothing can be done after work, not much can be done before it. :mlp_icwudt:


      Finally I can achieve my dream of having a background theme wherever I go in life! Not like it could ever become obnoxiously tiresome. EDQ7xNk.png

      Hmmm EqE4vfd.png Now that you said that, having that in real life sounds even better! HJrej9k.png Get one of these bluetooth speakers and make it keep playing the theme. I'm pretty sure Darth Vader totally did something similar EDQ7xNk.png

    4. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      Early weekends are the best!

  3. *Yawns* Ugh. I feel suddenly overtaken by an urge to fall into bed. Guess my body's telling me I should sleep. :scoots:

    G'night forum folk! Pleasant dreams, and see you all in the morn'.


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    2. CatCat



    3. EpicEnergy


      Goodnight! Rest well! :fluttershy:

    4. RaraLover


      Good night, my friend! Sleep well. :kindness:

  4. Morning, friends. Happy Tuesday. This pone hasn't had his coffee yet.

    'Tis a slooooow morning.


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    2. EpicEnergy


      Good morning, my friend! I hope you enjoy your day! :fluttershy:

    3. RaraLover


      Good morning! :kirin: I hope your day is going well! :adorkable:

    4. Sparklefan1234
  5. Yeah.. I think I may have a problem when it comes to using emoticons. I guess I just like to have a way of expressing my emotions in a sentence more clearly. I often feel that words alone can be easily misinterpreted, particularly if you're just joking around or being ironic.
  6. Hi @Odyssey! Are you still taking orders right now? I was thinking about grabbing a flat colour from you.
  7. I'd have to actually try tacos before I can answer this.
  8. If I'm being honest, I really don't like to rate myself by way of an arbitrarily assigned number. That means nothing to me, nor would it reflect what I expect anyone else to think. I will say that I think of myself highly in each of these categories. Not because I feel that I am a perfect example of any, far from it. It's simply because I like being who I am, and that means accepting wherever I stand in things like physical attractiveness or mental ability. I don't really have any "template" which I would think to try model these attributes off of, I just want them to be my own. So what would I rate them by?
  9. @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ Great work! He looks handsomely suave.
  10. Wet mane Saffron, courtesy of @Bakugou Is My Man ❤.

    Gotta say, I think it's a good look! :ButtercupLaugh:




    1. Splashee


      Sure is! :bedeyes:

  11. On my way back to the airport after an enjoyable few days with a friend overseas. You don't feel the time pass. :adorkable:

    Now to sIt around for 3 hours waiting for my flight whilst being tempted to buy junk I don't need. :yeahno:

    How has everyone's week been? ^_^

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    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      @SolarFlare13 Oooh~ Hope it's a comfy one! :yay:

      A collector, eh? Guess thst's something we share in common, then. I tend to collect various bits and bobs from my travels to display in my room. I've had to dial it back a bit, though. Based simply on the fact that I'm running out of room for everything! :awwthanks:

      I'm not too bad! As I said, I'm just passing the time at the airport right now. Looking forward to getting back into my own bed again tonight. :rarity:

    3. SolarFlare13


      Yeah, I have the exact same problem :D behind my laptop, it's FULL of MLP merchandise :mlp_icwudt: Not only that, I had to put ALL my diecasts in another room, 'cuz there's just NO space in my room. at all. :muffins: ...and I keep buying them. I can't help it XP + I only got so much to spend this year, so I'm ONLY gonna buy the stuff I REALLY want :ticking:


      That sounds like a good idea :laugh: hope you have a good nights rest when you get back :catface:

    4. EpicEnergy


      Half of my week has been good and the other half hasn't been that good. I hope your week has been great! :fluttershy:

  12. @Deerie Aww, thank you so much~! He looks terrific. Great job! Love that sly looking wink. He knows how to ruffle the wings of other Pegasi. Thanks again! A super job.
  13. Well hey, sometimes just seeing those little updates from a friend is enough to bring a smile to my face. Don't always need to hear of them getting up to some fantastic adventures; just a little slice-of-life story can be good to hear now and again.
  14. Good morning, Fillies and Gentlecolts! While you're out and about today, remember to spare a hug for your nearest amazing technicolor Buggo! @~C. Discord~ is an especially good target. Feed him lots of love! :wub:

    As for myself, I've just come back from my annual clothes shopping for the year. Got some pretty good bargains in the January sales, including a new bathrobe that is ridiculously warm and soft. Even better for providing great hugs! :muffins:

    Also looking at booking tickets to go and see the movie "1917" which is set to release here next week. Saw a trailer for it a while back and I'm super intrigued by its singular shot cinematography style. Hopefully that along with its historical WWI setting will make it a good movie to go see in the iMax. :dash:

    How are the rest of you keeping this Tuesday morning/afternoon? :BrightMacContent:

    1. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      Good morning Mr. Horse! I accept your challenging quest, I'll find a buggo to hug. :muffins:

    2. Dark Horse
    3. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      Found one! *snuggles it* :yay:

  15. Birbs 'n' Bats! :kirin:

    1. Bakugou Is My Man ❤

      Bakugou Is My Man ❤

      Birbs truly are one of the best animals. You seeing them is God bringing us a little dose of his mercy.




    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      That's a perfect way of putting it. They truly are gifts from Heaven. :BrightMacContent:

  16. Time to put the lights out on another night. Enjoy the rest of your evening and sleep tight! Tomorrow is another day. ^_^


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    2. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      If you insist. :love:


      "Big Book of Stories and Legends of Equestria". I'm jealous, I want that book. ^_^



    3. Sparklefan1234



      (The Second one.) She's trying to BECOME Twilight. :okiedokieloki:

    4. Deerie


      okay those artworks are too cute

  17. Hi @Deerie! Glad to see you open up requests. Here is my form: Character's name: Nova Nightstar Character's reference: (Linked below) Cutiemark: (Linked below) Other: something I should know about your character > things they like: Nova is a little cocky and arrogant. He is a Wonderbolt who dreams of being the best flyer and is very driven by this ambition. Once he's in the heat of a race or competition, though, he becomes very serious and focused.
  18. So, while rushing out of my house to catch a bus this morning, I accidentally caught my headphones in a door and completely severed its cable. A great start to my day... :worry:

    So I guess now I'll need to look for new headphones. Any good suggestions you guys might recommend?

    1. Splashee


      I wish. Finding headphones that don't hurt my ears is kinda difficult. :(

    2. Tropical Melody

      Tropical Melody

      Any possibility it might be soldered back together?


    3. Splashee


      Maybe electric tape it back together? (that kind of fix only works for a while, especially when used on public transportation)

  19. Bed looks particularly appealing tonight. I really should listen to my body more often...

    Nighty night, Forum Friends~ See you all on the other side of Luna's realm. :bedeyes:


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    2. EpicEnergy


      Goodnight! I hope you get a lot of rest! :grin:

    3. Brony Number 42

      Brony Number 42

      Bodies have been known to lie.

    4. Derpy Pon-3

      Derpy Pon-3

      May Luna guide you as embark on your journey to the dream realm

  20. Now those are some nice sketches! They certainly bring a smile to my face~ You have something going for you, for sure. Keep it up!
  21. Thrilled to finally get this piece of gaming history delivered to me today. I had a lot of fun with this series growing up, and I still consider its art direction and presentation among some of the most unique and intriguing of any game franchise.

    Yet another book to keep me awake at night. :please:^_^


    1. Snow


      Got game when it as free on humble bundle or something, it's weird and really hard lmao

    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      @Snow You're too young to understand. :umad:

    3. Snow


      You are aren't that much older than me you goof :confused:

  22. Overall, though there were some difficult moments to contend with throughout the year, I'm going to look back at 2019 fondly. This year saw me make some great personal achivements. First and foremost, I completed my honours degree in college, something I would have never dreamed to be possible for me just a few short years ago. I also made big gains in my professional career and feel like I'm in a pretty good place with it. I also had some great trips, including getting myself to the last BronyCon and meeting a whole load of the community. That was something truly special. There were difficult times too, including the death of my Grandmother, which was hard on all of us in my family. But we've moved on stronger, and I truly do feel that we've made some great personal gains this year, so I'm keeping optimistic about the immediate future.
  23. Morning, 2020ers. I hope the new decade is treating you all well thus far? :dash:

    If you're anything like me, then you know that today is a day of chill and relaxation. What better way to enjoy that than a roaring fire, a cup of tea and a good book? :D

    I think Saffron looks good in blue. :sunbutt:



    Thanks to @MidnightFire1222!

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    2. PiratePony


      @CypherHoof How dare you?


    3. CypherHoof


      <hisses and makes Elder Sign to ward off the Evil>

    4. MidnightFire1222


      @PiratePony Isn't he Irish though? Not sure that joke holds the same merit.

  24. Hi Everypony! So, we're nearly into the new decade! Any New Year's Resolutions from you all?