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  1. Twilight is going to wear a belt with four stars on it. Pinkie Pie...was that forshadowing the pary cannon? Applejack will...grow to love formal attire? I don't know! I don't have all the answers.
  2. Prince Thunderflare. He's a pegasus that was adopted by King of the Breezies.
  3. No to all of those, except for the last one.
  4. Pinkie Pride, Flight to the Finish, and Hurricane Fluttershy are all great choices.
  5. Haven't thought of this since season 4 started, so here we go. Pinkie's Lament A True, True Friend This Day Aria Smile Song Bats! Becoming Popular (The Kind of Pony Everypony Should Know) Hearts Strong as Horses Apples to the Core Art of the Dress Make a Wish
  6. Just like the Wonderbolt's Accedemy wasn't brought up again. OH WAIT! It was. Season 5 will have an episode wherein Soarin' will get hurt and Rainbow Dash has replace him. This!
  7. Like Rainbow Dash will never become a Wonderbolt. Oh wait...
  8. Dragonshy was probably the episode that made me a true blue brony.
  9. Sombra was probably some unicorn that went bad durring a quest to understand the very nature of magic.
  10. Since just about everyone has been asking for the CMC to get their cutie marks, and it was part of Lauren's original vision for the show, I thought this would be a good topic to cover. Here's my thoughts on the mater: Applebloom A pony named Gearhead comes to town, saying he's an old friend of AJ's parrents and wants to help her make Sweet Apple Acres great with mechines. Applejack is not cool with the idea, and it comes to a head with her competing against the mechine and hurting herself in the prossess. Applebloom realizes that AJ is being to stubborn and somepony has to tell her off (maybe with Luna's help?). Applebloom gets Gearhead to tell AJ how he became friends with their parrents, which gives AJ context to why Gearhead thinks the way he does and accept him. Applebloom realizes that she can get ponies to work together in a way no pony else can. Sweetie Belle Sapphire Shores visits Rarity's shop and overhears Sweetie Belle singing. Seeing that Sweetie Belle has real tallent, she tries to help her shine. Rarity tries to explain that Sweetie has stage fright, but she won't listen. Sweetie Belle struggles to get away from Sapphire. Eventually, Fluttershy talks calmly to the two of them, convincing Sapphire that she overstepped her bounds and Sweetie that she needs to face her fears. You can tell where it goes from there. Scootaloo Upset to be only foal left in her class with no cutie mark, Scootaloo visits Discord for comfort. Discord offers to take her on as an apprentice, but secretly tells Scoots parrents to let her stay over with him. He puts Scootaloo through a serries of "tests" that gradually reveal to her what her true tallent is.
  11. They already are. Anyway, looks like everyone wants the CMC to get their cutie marks already. Maybe I should start a thread on that.
  12. Discord's reformation still brings tears to my eyes. "Terik tricked me into to thinking he could offer something more valuable than friendship, but there is nothing more valuable. He lied when he said this medalion was given as a sign of graditude and loyalty. But when I say it's a sign of our true friendship, I'm telling the truth." Gets me every time.
  13. Yes, how dare people express themselves through art.
  14. I don't care if she's a cartoon pony. One day she will be mine.