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  1. Open

    @Windchime Light Rain followed the editor...manager, maybe? She wasn't sure. She entered what looked like a fancy interview room of some sort. It looked really fancy, marble and wood all over the place. She sat down on the couch, letting herself relax a bit after all this stress. Apparently everything was still fine, and she wasn't about to get thrown in jail. The manager (still not sure on that one) looked friendly, which calmed Rain down a bit more. She took one of the cups of tea, and gently blew on it to cool it down. "Well, I've calmed down a lot now, since the situation wasn't as bad as I thought," Light Rain said, "My name is Light Rain, and I came here to find out how the situation with all those changelings works. I got most of my answers, so that's nice." She took a small sip of her tea, which was cool enough for her now. It tasted nice, a bit like some fruit...? She reminded herself to go buy some more pony-food some time, because she didn't know all of the flavours yet. In the Hive she never actually ate. They fed on love, and that was it. They didn't actually need physical food, so there was no purpose to eating other than entertainment, which wasn't a thing in the Hive. In her short time in Equestria, she didn't actually have money or a home, so she just didn't eat. Light Rain needed to get a job somewhere. Maybe Benny had something with that changeling program? She'd have to ask him. Oh yeah, she was talking to somepony. She should pay more attention to that.
  2. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Windchime Light Rain responded to Printrose with a nod. Still a bit subdued from all that information that she had just gotten from Benny talking. So...they were trying to help changelings be more integrated into society...? But Chrysalis had always told everyone that ponies weren't... well now she felt stupid. She never really let go of what Chrysalis had told everyone, even though it was obviously all lies. Well, mostly lies. Ponies were still quick to judge, but they weren't the heartless monsters that Chrysalis had told everyone that they were. While she realised this, Benny also told everyone that he had bought an engagement ring, which made Rain feel extra dumb. He hadn't put up defenses, he was just madly in love and she couldn't handle that much. Well then. She kind of owed everyone an apology, except for the fact that they probably didn't even know that she did anything in the first place. Fantastic. As a result of all this, she looked a bit annoyed, yet happy at the same time. Mostly annoyed. She was going to have to talk to Benny after all this interview stuff had ended. This cause that he had been talking about, to help changelings be more accepted, sounded like a good one, and maybe she could help in some way. She was going to talk a bit with him first to try to see how he thought about changelings before doing anything that could possibly get her in trouble. But first, tea-time with ms. Printrose.
  3. I have a new profile picture now.

    It's a Holiday Pariapuria.

    I drew the hat myself.


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  4. Too far, man, too far. Though probably true, I never owned a Wii, and I prefer buttons over pointing. Some say that @WiiGuy2014 plays Super Smash Brothers in tournaments using only a Wiimote. I've actually used a Wiimote to play Smash once, and that didn't end well.
  5. Some guy told me that @WiiGuy2014 didn't secure the straps on the Wiimote before playing. Such a dangerous person.
  6. Actually, in videogames they're alright. For people wondering, Nerscylla is a monster from Monster Hunter. It's a big ol' spooder. Like far bigger than you. By a long shot. Also they wear the skin of their enemies Here's a picture:
  7. My friend knows that I absolutely hate spiders, so he sometimes sends me posts from a subreddit called r/spiderbro. The stuff on there is absolutely terrifying man.
  8. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Windchime Light Rain took flight, following Benny in the air as fast as she could, which wasn't very fast. At least she wasn't held up by ponies because she was flying. She would hate to push people aside like that, just to get there faster. They went through a couple of streets, and after a few corners they arrived at what she assumed was the office of the Enquirer. She only just glimpsed Benny walking inside when she rounded the final corner. She rushed over, landed, and entered the building. "Hi... *wheeze* I'm h-here...too..." Light Rain mumbled upon entering, still out of breath from flying that fast, "I was... was... part of it. H-hold on lemme catch my breath." She wheezed for a few seconds, and got some of her composure back. " Benny said, this p-place looks nice," Light Rain added, with a slight wheeze still remaining. She really needed to work on her stamina. She quickly thought of what she came here to do, and added "But don't pay any a-attention to me p-please, I'm just here for the mumblemumble" She would now pay attention and try to find out the motives of everyone in the room, trying to see what exactly was going to happen. She was ready to sprint out the door at any moment though. She was not going to get trapped.
  9. "Slime molds eat decaying vegetation, bacteria, fungi, and even other slime molds." Huh. Cannibalism.
  10. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Windchime Light Rain was relieved when the conversation steered away from her. She could finally calm down, but only a little bit. She was still very much in trouble, but at least she could collect her thoughts now, before the next 'assault' would happen. So at this moment it was safe to assume that the dragon knew about her being a changeling. The reporter was probably also in on it, though she wasn't 100% sure of that one. The reporter would probably prove to be a fierce opponent in close combat, because of his horns, and the dragon would be even more scary, since he could probably out-run, out-fly, and out-fight her. Even if she managed to escape somehow, the dragon could probably just sniff her down. He had already proven that disguises don't mean anything to him. The only thing that Rain wasn't sure of, was their intentions. Were they going to try to arrest her soon? Were they going to outright fight her? Something else? She didn't know. These people were masters at hiding their true intentions. The dragon even put up a love-barrier. Who does that?! Normally changelings just dig right through that stuff, but he knew that Light Rain wouldn't be able to do that. Somehow he knew. Light Rain was torn from her thoughts when suddenly the reporter said something about "stop the publication right now, else this won't end well", and just ran off through the crowd. The dragon soon followed him, but only after leaving her with a veiled threat. "I'm sure the changeling situation will be sorted, and hopefully without any violence as part of it." he had basically told her, to sit still and not resist whatever was going to happen next. Light Rain's brain raced at a million billion miles an hour. What did the dragon mean? What was coming? Then she saw it. The reporter ran off, saying something about stopping the publication. The publication would ruin her somehow, but how? Wait... They were going to reveal her true identity in the newspapers! She could not let that happen! Her mouth agape in horror, she took flight, following the dragon as fast as she could, which wasn't very fast. She was never a fast flyer. Her specialties were in staying hidden in society for long amounts of time, not actually doing active combat. She had been one of the drones sent to Canterlot to infiltrate the place, and lay in wait until the main forces broke through the barrier. Not that she liked doing that, she didn't really have a choice in the matter. Light Rain didn't know what she was going to do once she caught up with them, but she had to do something. She wasn't about to let her calm and peaceful life get ruined.
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    @Blitz Boom @Windchime When Benny started sniffing in Light Rain's direction she just about had a heart-attack. He K n e w. He pretended that he didn't, but Rain could see through his lies, or rather, taste through them. She quickly flicked her tongue out again, and again, instead of any emotions pointing at her being discovered, she tasted only love. She didn't really listen to what Benny said while her mind raced at a bazillion miles an hour. What was that wall of love? Was it a way to be un-readable to changelings? If so, this dragon was really good at what he did. But Rain didn't put it past him. He was a dragon, after all. Dragons were mysterious and powerful and they could sniff straight through her disguise no matter how well made. And then, to make it all worse, Benny suddenly released a concentrated wave of love without warning, catching Light Rain completely by surprise. After feeding only on ambient love for a few weeks, having pure concentrated love practically shoved in her face was almost too much for poor Rain. She quickly pulled back her tongue to prevent her from over-charging herself. She never had been able to deal well with sudden love-waves. When she got love thrown at her like this, she usually had to discharge it, which basically meant changing forms forcibly, which in this situation would immediately give herself away, since normal ponies aren't enveloped in green flames or rapidly changing colour and shape. To prevent this from happening, she closed her eyes and changed her eye-colour as fast as she could, burning through some of the love that Benny had accidentally (or intentionally) pumped into her. Using that, she could only juuust keep the love under control. After a second or two, she regained her composure a little bit. She did look a bit shaken, but who wouldn't be? She recovered just in time to notice Benny asking her if she had any questions. Light Rain blinked twice, and responded. "Um... dear Chrys-...elestia that was intense Well, I g-got a question, how are un-disguised changelings looked at? L-like, how do ponies think about them? Not the shiny ones, I mean the o-original ones." If they were accepted in society like Benny had said, then she still had a chance. If not, then she would have to stick with this disguise for the rest of her life, which she didn't mind that much. She liked it. Gave her a bit of individuality, which she could never enjoy in the hive. Chrysalis wasn't too happy about individuality. And "You can trust the Royal Guards". No, she couldn't trust this dragon. He sniffed her out, blocked his emotions with a love-shield, and used the same shield to almost make her expose herself. This dragon really knew what he was doing.
  12. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Windchime Light Rain's attention was grabbed by a voice coming from behind her. She turned around only to be met with a dragon. On the outside she nervously smiled, but on the inside she was screaming. A dragon here was baaaaad news. Even more bad than it already was. Dragons could probably smell through her disguise, or something, and they definitely had enough speed to chase her down once they saw through her disguise. She wasn't sure about the smelling part, but she wouldn't be surprised if they were capable of it. This was some A-tier mess she found herself in. The dragon also wore armour with the signs of the Royal Guard on it, which meant that the A-tier mess just got bumped up to S-tier. Scratch that, SS+-tier. At least he was mostly looking at the reporter called Striking Detail, so he was probably not aware of her disguise yet. He also mentioned something of changelings being allowed, as long as they didn't impersonate...? This needed more research. Light Rain flicked out her tongue a little, letting her taste the emotions of the dragon. She was not taking any risks with this one. But instead of tasting suspicion, or any scary emotions, she And a bunch of it too. This was...exceptional? But at least it was a bit of good news for a change. People in love didn't do as much angry things, so that was a plus, and this also meant that he could double as a healthy snack, but Rain quickly put those thoughts out of her mind. No eating people's love directly, that was a no no. The dragon also introduced himself as Benny, the chief blacksmith for the Guards, which brought Light Rain's heart from a whine back to a purr. At least she wouldn't be directly thrown in jail in the next few minutes. He did mention that "taking over appearances are still outlawed, and cause for imprisonment." which meant that Light Rain was pretty much boned if they found her out. She was in a proper mess now. No longer SS+-tier, but still a solid S. And Benny also talked about the new changelings that were there. Apparently they were sparkly now...? And Queen Chrysalis was overthrown?! This King Thorax he mentioned sounded like the absolute most scary threat out there. If she was caught by his army, she would be finished. She would still look like a supporter of Chrysalis, even though she wasn't, or she would look like a member from a different hive, which she was now, technically. She didn't have a hive. In one conversation, Light Rain's life went from scary to absolutely terrifying. And then it got even worse when Benny actually asked her questions. "Uh, well," Light Rain stammered, "uh... well I don't know... I mean, I-I'm new here, I don't know a n y t h i n g about these new c-crimes you talk about. N-nope, I don't k-know... ANYTHING. ...Just making sure you know." The stress was really getting to her. She was effectively being grilled by two different parties, and being scared to death by the thought of a third, incredibly mighty party. Today was not a good day, and it was starting to become visible.
  13. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Windchime Light Rain listened to the reporter talk, becoming increasingly uncomfortable as he went on. Apparently there had been quite a lot of changelings around here, which meant nothing good. Those changelings were probably still part of the hive, and the hive doesn't take kindly to deserters. Light Rain didn't really want to meet those changelings. Secondly, if there were more changelings, that would also mean that ponies would be on the lookout for changeling activity, which could get her caught. But hey, at least not all was bad. He didn't mention ambient feeding anywhere, so they probably didn't know that that was a thing. Almost no changelings do ambient feeding, since it's not really efficient. It's far more rewarding to impersonate and feed on love straight from the source, instead of getting it second. A bit like comparing a buffet and dry toast. But you can survive on dry toast just fine, it's just not the most tasty thing in the universe. The reporter then introduced himself as Striking Detail. It didn't look as if he knew that she was a changeling, so she was going to have to get info out of him. This new situation sounded like bad news for her, so she was going to play along with him, and try to see what he knew. "M-my name is Light Rain, I've recently moved into this town. Nice to meet you too," Light said, trying to put a cheerful smile on her face, "So do you have any questions? I may be able to answer some of them for you."
  14. Open

    @Windchime @Blitz Boom It was a day like usual. Nebuli, or rather, Light Rain, as she was called these days, trotted around Manehattan, looking for some spare love to feed on. It wasn't particularly exciting, but it filled her belly. It was also a bit more moral than taking somepony's place and feeding on the love meant for them. Light Rain's days of doing that were long gone. No impersonating, just absorbing ambient love. Light Rain was a relatively small female pegasus with a teal-coloured coat. She had her manes in a ponytail, with part of her hair still in front of her face, slightly obscuring her left eye. Her manes were a gradient of light blue to green, green at the tip of her fringe and darker blue at the tip of her tail. She also had bright green eyes. This all made her stand out a little bit, but she didn't mind. She liked how she looked. She made this disguise specifically to look like what she wanted to look like as if she was a normal pony. Plus, it wasn't as if standing out aroused much suspicion of her being a changeling or anything. Light Rain spotted a couple sitting at a cafe not too far off, and she started trotting in their direction, hoping to siphon some of the left-over love in the air around them. This was what she did every day. Walk the streets in search of couples in love, siphon what she could without affecting the 'hosts', and move on. That was the plan this time as well, except that this time, she got interrupted. "Hey, excuse me!" Light heard a male call from behind her, just as she was about to start siphoning. She turned around, hoping that whoever said that didn't say that because he saw her absorbing love. Light saw who called out to her. He was a brown earth pony, holding a notepad and having a pencil ready in his muzzle. She stared for a second at the ram horns that sprouted from his temples, and concluded that some ponies had a weird sense of fashion. She was more interested in his questions. Apparently he was a reporter for the Equestrian Enquirer, which she knew, of course. She read that paper every day, to check if there wasn't any changeling related news. She wanted to be on top of the rumour-mill when it came to changelings, just in case that she needed to move out of town. From what she had read, the Enquirer was a relatively trustworthy news-source, so this stallion was probably not going to harass her for some mundane reason. And of all things he could've asked about, he asked about rumours on changelings. This meant one of two things. Either he didn't know that she was a changeling, or he knew, and he was just toying with her. Whatever the reason was, running away would end badly, so Light decided to stay and answer his questions. She didn't really have much of a choice here. "Well, eh," Light began hesitantly, "I h-haven't really heard anything about c-changelings. to fill me in?" Maybe now she could get a little more information on what this reporter knew, and act accordingly. If he knew, she would have to make a break for it, and if he didn't know, she would try to get the most info out of him as possible. If there were rumours about changelings, that could end very badly for her if she didn't know exactly what was up.
  15. That's a bag of candy and other goodies. Don't you dare touch it. I would probably set him lightly aflame, so the snuggles would be a bit more comfy. For me at least. Not sure how fire-resistant slimes are.