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  1. Hello again, I've been lurking for some time, trying to do school things. School things cost way too much energy. I believe I owe some people some boops. *boops @Alexshy, @CypherHoof, @Windchime and @The Cerberus tiredly* I think I might be in a lot of trouble here. You see, now that I've started going back to school, I create the illusion that I'm fine and that I can do things, and I can, but only a little bit. My energy quickly runs out, and then I can't do anything anymore, that hasn't changed. But because of my absence from school, I have to catch up on a million things, which costs a lot of energy. That I don't have. So in short, I have to catch up on subjects really quickly, while teachers are also yelling at me to do time consuming projects, all while I'm actually trying to slowly recover. So, uh, I'm B o n e d. Now that I think about it, I might still be just as sick as I was before, it's just that I'm not using any energy, so it looks like I'm fine. At school I only take notes, and that's easy, so that doesn't drain me of my energy. But now I need to do things, so now it becomes apparent that I'm still very much not ok at all. If this persists, I'll have to stop trusting my current doctor, and go get a second opinion. My current doctor says that I'm probably recovering, and that I'll slowly get less and less tired. My parents are going to freak out if I don't get better soon. They've been very on-edge lately about all this, and their new explanation for what's going on is a combination between my autism and not moving much in the summer-vacation, which makes 0 sense. If that was it, then I would've already been better by now. Plus, all this started 2 weeks after the summer vacation ended. Kind of a big detail to miss. ~ Holiday Agnaktor trying to muster the energy to catch up with all of his subjects on school; 2017, colourised ~ "This is the exact way I lie on my desk at school when I run out of energy" EDIT: *boops @Deae Rising Shine~, because I forgot about you. Again.*
  2. *boops @Alexshy* Welp, looks like the ride was not over. Had to go home sick again today, because I was just too tired to do anything, really. My parents have been thrown back into despair, and they're getting desperate as to what might cause all this. They don't really trust the doctors anymore, and they don't think getting a second opinion is going to do anything. I'm still going though. I don't really have a choice. Maybe this was a one time only thing. Hopefully. ~ Holiday Agnaktor being thoroughly confused as to what goes on in the lesson at school; 2017, colourised ~ "I just wanna go home and cuddle my cats"
  3. *boops @Alexshy* I'm actually recovering, I think. I'm going back to school, and I can move and think again, so that's nice. My body is still a bit sore and stiff though. So, wooooo! On the other hand, that also means that the struggle to catch up to school begins. So, uh, woooo...? ~ Holiday Agnaktor enjoying some nice juice whilst doing some light reading; 2017, colourised ~ "s'all good"
  4. *boops @Nature Tune* Yup, I'm Dutch. Woo, fellow Dutch people on the internet! *cheers in Dutch* I'd add a boop pic, but I'm on mobile, and getting new pone pics is a real hassle right now.
  5. We're Dutch, but you're still right. Oh, and my mom decided that all this is probably all between the ears anyway, so we're going to school, and we're going to be doing schoolwork at 100% in a week. Whether I can keep up or not. Of course, this means that everyone at school is going to expect me to perform normally. Hah. I have a big research I have to do now. In this state. After being exhausted at school. Plus other projects. And besides this, we're going to a 'doctor' from church who uses "bioresonance" to cure people. If he sees I have pfeiffer, since he can just look at people's blood and give positive results where the hospital gives doubtful, then he will cure pfeiffer. With "bioresonance". That method that has been scientifically found to have no effect other than placebo. So, this is going to be an interesting week, at least. *boops @Alexshy, @Deae Rising Shine~, @Windchime, and @CypherHoof*
  6. *boops @Alexshy, @Windchime, and @CypherHoof* Well, doctor says that I need to start building up again because it's not pfeiffer. So I'm going back to school even though I can't even do basic math. Nice. I have to check in again in 2 weeks to check how I'm doing. I also asked the doctor if the computer had anything to do with this. He said no. I asked if it hindered recovery in any way. He said that some things on the pc require energy, so it's good to know when to stop. So now my parents think that he said that everything on the pc requires energy and that it should still be banned. Niiiice. They also don't like me reading on the pc vs reading a real book, and think spending energy on the piano is better than regaining energy through casual reading. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. ~ Holiday Agnaktor getting really sick of his parents continuously twisting medical people's words; 2017, colourised ~ "This all is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. I'm lovin' this. Having a blast over here."
  7. Hey, stupid question, what exactly do you think you have? Is it just mental or is it more than that?

    Also, sorry to hear that you are grounded for life.

    1. Holiday Agnaktor

      Holiday Agnaktor

      It's more than likely the pfeiffer virus, and it's not for life, just for a few months, probably.

  8. *boops @Alexshy and @Windchime by weakly throwing an old mobile phone at them* You thought I was gone, but it was I, MOBILE PHONE! My mom allows me to use my phone to read stories on it, and that means that I can still come on here, although my phone makes it a bit more difficult. (It's reaaaaally old.) Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to the doctor, and I'm going to try to get him to explain that you're not supposed to start building up in recovery immediately. Because that's what my family is pushing me to do, and my body and mind do not agree with any of this. My body and mind really want to collapse in bed instead, maybe read some silly stories instead. I just hope the doc can talk some sense into my parents. (I hope this way of uploading images still works on my phone.) ~ Holiday Agnaktor getting himself some milk because he's thirsty and apparently drinking a lot of milk instead of water helps you gain weight; 2017, colourised ~ "Well, I don't FEEL underweight, don't look like it either. Ok, the way you can see all those wires in my hand because lack of fat is kinda freaky, I'll give you that."
  9. *boops @Alexshy and @Windchime* Well, looks like my entire family thinks I'm addicted to the computer now, and that the computer is the sole cause of my disease. I've tried reasoning with them, but that just makes them say "oh that means that you're really addicted after all". I've tried asking them to first see the doctor to see if this can even cause an illness like this, but they say that "the doctor doesn't know everything" and that we should take action ourselves. So that action is to take away all of my technology. No technology at all for a week. Because I'm addicted and it's the cause of my illness. So no games (already couldn't play those anymore), no tv, no reading (I read online) and no chatting with friends. Fantastic. I can see that this is going to help me immensely. So the only things that remain is going to school (hah, I wish), playing piano until my arms hurt (I wish that was a joke, my arms hurt really quickly now), reading books about science, and sleeping. I can't wait.
  10. *boops @Alexshy and @Windchime* Wooo, the test results of the second blood tests are in. Everything is fine, except for the pfeiffer test. They're not 100% sure, again. Wooooo. We're going to the doctor next monday to see what's up. I'm hella tired and my head hurts. G'night. ~ Holiday Agnaktor wishing all of you lovely people the best of nights; 2017, colourised ~ "I wish I had a fast-forward button for evenings. Just press a button and you wake up in the next morning. Evenings are agony right now." EDIT: I hope noone minds me posting the tsad tales of my existence here. Dunno if it's bad manners or something.
  11. My mom did actually give me chocolate afterwards. I ate all of it. I just hope that school won't push me too hard, since they're already asking when I'm going to go back to school. Actually, let me mail my mentor and tell him what's what right now. ~ Holiday Agnaktor sitting in class; 2017, colourised" "No mom, I'm not 'never going to recover if I don't go to school', that's not how viruses work"
  12. *boops @Alexshy and dings @Windchime* I went to get my blood drawn today, and it was, uh, interesting. When the doctor put the needle in my arm, they missed. The doctor m i s s e d my vein. My veins stand out on my skin like azure mountain-ranges, inverse rivers of liquid lapis, heckin' giant blue veins. So of course the doctor wiggled the needle to position it better. W i g g l e d T h e N e e d l e . She didn't take it out and stab better, she kept wiggling to position it properly for each of the 4 tubes. While it was literally inside of my arm. So, uh, that was fun. Also my mom still doesn't get that "getting started again" should happen when I'm getting better, not when I'm still definitely too sick to do anything at school. And the problem here is, that she told the relevant teachers at school what's what. AKA that I'm fine and that I should start going to school again slowly now. Even after yesterday, where I just sort of collapsed on my table at school in every single lesson. ~ Holiday Agnaktor being really tired, as per usual; 2017, colourised ~ "No mom, 'you're not sleeping so you're fine' isn't true"
  13. *boops @Alexshy* I went to the doctor today, and turns out that they're not sure if I have Pfeiffer or not, so they're going to have to test my blood again. So tomorrow I'll go to the hospital for testing again. The doctor did say that if it is indeed Pfeiffer, I'll have to start building up again at some point, start doing one lesson a day, slowly crank it up 'till I can do whole days again. I also went to school today because my mom insisted. It, uh, resulted in a whole lot of napping around and not being able to do anything. So now my mom wants me to go to school every day, already start with doing a few hours a day at school, even though I tried that today at school, and I just sorta flopped. She's kinda angry at me for not going now. Keeps saying that if I don't go to school that I'll never recover. ~ Holiday Agnaktor sleeping during chemistry (actually during all subjects, nvm); 2017, colourised ~ "No mom, going to school and "pushing through" won't magically cure me"
  14. *boops @Alexshy musically, somehow* Sorry I haven't been around, I've been busy, uh, being tired and lying in bed? Something like that. Went to the doctor today to get the results of the blood tests, but as it turns out, my mom remembered the time for the appointment wrong, so we were late. Now the next appointment is next monday. In better news, I have a great idea for a project to get me going again, and I'm going to do that tomorrow! I'm going to record me playing piano, sample it, and make some music out of it. I already know what to play, so this is going to be fun, hopefully. I just hope I'll have energy tomorrow for this. ~ Holiday Agnaktor getting excited over music; 2017, colourised ~ "Just adding a 7th and a 9th to a chord just makes it sound so chill! I love it!"
  15. *boops @Alexshy* Woo! Work is done! My guide on the dash mechanic in Brawlhalla is now rendering, and after that I only have to upload it, so my work is pretty much done now. Normally I edit far more heavily, and for longer periods of time, but this was far more exhausting than normal. I guess I'm still sick. At least I finished the guide, so I can make some people on the internet happy. ~ Holiday Agnaktor in the aftermath of his work; 2017, colourised ~ "Pretty sure this shouldn't be this exhausting"