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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. @Blitz Boom Yep, I've been doing well, life is good. I might return one day, who knows.
  3. @Blitz BoomYes, hello, I'm not actually around, I subtly left the forum some time ago, and decided to pop back in to check my notifications. Not sure why, but hey, look, relevant notification. But I'm alive, just not really alive over here.
  4. Happy Birthday! I wish you well my friend.

  5. *boops @Fluttershy Friend* That's a really cute pic!
  6. *boops back smugly* Test was smooth sailing, far easier than I had expected! I thought it was going to be horrible, but it was actually just fine. So now I'm just chilling at a school pc, waiting for my ride home. Life's good.
  7. Everyone's a dude at the core, dude. We're booping, we're just also saying things while we boop eachother repeatedly. Boop ya back btw. Ok, this one made me laugh. Brb, taking a test on the political structure of the Netherlands.
  8. That's what I thought, going into True Vault Hunter Mode with a sniper. Boy, was I wrong. quadruple health, goooo! It's even worse in Ultimate Vault Hunter mode. Running out of bullets becomes a very real threat.
  9. I never really bothered with elemental, since I always stuck with the same 4 weapons. Grog Nozzle for health recovery (30% of damage dealt or some number like that while holding it is life-steal), Rapier for melee damage (+200% melee damage, whew lad), Unkempt Harold for shooting things (2 rows of 6 exploding bullets per shot, rapid fire too), and a rocket launcher for revives. Don't fix what's not broken.
  10. I remember playing as Gaige, which meant that by not reloading, you gained stacks, which made you less accurate, but gave you a lot of extra damage. At high amounts of stacks you could shoot directly behind you with shotguns, which isn't aaaaalways helpful, but at least with rockets aiming doesn't really matter. But usually I prefer the more calculated characters.
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