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  1. @Blitz Boom Yep, I've been doing well, life is good. I might return one day, who knows.
  2. @Blitz BoomYes, hello, I'm not actually around, I subtly left the forum some time ago, and decided to pop back in to check my notifications. Not sure why, but hey, look, relevant notification. But I'm alive, just not really alive over here.
  3. *boops @Fluttershy Friend* That's a really cute pic!
  4. *boops back smugly* Test was smooth sailing, far easier than I had expected! I thought it was going to be horrible, but it was actually just fine. So now I'm just chilling at a school pc, waiting for my ride home. Life's good.
  5. Everyone's a dude at the core, dude. We're booping, we're just also saying things while we boop eachother repeatedly. Boop ya back btw. Ok, this one made me laugh. Brb, taking a test on the political structure of the Netherlands.
  6. That's what I thought, going into True Vault Hunter Mode with a sniper. Boy, was I wrong. quadruple health, goooo! It's even worse in Ultimate Vault Hunter mode. Running out of bullets becomes a very real threat.
  7. I never really bothered with elemental, since I always stuck with the same 4 weapons. Grog Nozzle for health recovery (30% of damage dealt or some number like that while holding it is life-steal), Rapier for melee damage (+200% melee damage, whew lad), Unkempt Harold for shooting things (2 rows of 6 exploding bullets per shot, rapid fire too), and a rocket launcher for revives. Don't fix what's not broken.
  8. I remember playing as Gaige, which meant that by not reloading, you gained stacks, which made you less accurate, but gave you a lot of extra damage. At high amounts of stacks you could shoot directly behind you with shotguns, which isn't aaaaalways helpful, but at least with rockets aiming doesn't really matter. But usually I prefer the more calculated characters.
  9. *boops back @Lunalicious Alexshy excitedly* I used to sink all my hours in Borderlands 2, also using almost only snipers! Well, I had to stop using them later on, because of health-regen reasons. When enemies start doing 60% of your hp in one shot, you kinda need to be able to regen all of it instantly, which is close-range only from what I know. So close-ranged, explody-gun wieldin', grog-nozzle stabbin', invisible jumpy ninja man, goooo! Maaan, I should replay Borderlands 2 some day, when I run out of games to play again.
  10. *boops @Fluttershy Friend, @CypherHoof, and @Lunalicious Alexshy whilst trying not to cough on them* There's nothing quite like being sick in a test week. Eyay. cough. At least I can still do my tests mostly like normal, since coughing and sneezing doesn't affect your brain. I am pretty tired tho, but that's not that bad. Also begun playing Warframe, which is pretty neat. I always love games where you can jump and fly all over the place, even better if they allow you to shoot stuff in the face while doing so. ~ Holiday Agnaktor trying hard not to sneeze and probably failing
  11. *boops @CypherHoof and @Fluttershy Friend back* I'm still among the living! Hahaaah! You know nothing! It's never not Christmas! I'll wear Santa hats for the rest of my liiiiiiiiiiiiife! *gives boops to @Lunalicious Alexshy too* I've got an exam week coming up, so I've been studying lately. Dutch literature, man. Postmodernism, existentialism, the full whammy. Loadsa names that I can't remember. ~ What Holiday Agnaktor should be dong ~ ~ What Holiday Agnaktor is actually doing ~ "Yes, I mean all 4 of 'em, being grumpy, sleeping, just sitting aro
  12. *boops @Lunalicious Alexshy back* I might be lurking now, but I'm not going to be lurking for long, since I'm going to play video games angrily at a friend's house soon. Hurray! ~ Holiday Agnaktor getting destroyed by friend's Bowser tactics; 2017, colourised ~ "Is it just me, or do those wings look pretty weird"
  13. *boops @CypherHoof, @Nightfallicious Gloamiscus and @Lunalicious Alexshy back* Thanks for the welcome back. I'm sorry for being gone for so long, I just wasn't really feeling it. I'm still not really feeling it, but I guess some contact with other people will only be good for me. In other news, I found out the secret to having long hair which doesn't fuzz, which is nice.
  14. *boops @Lunalicious Alexshy, @Fluttershy Friend and @CypherHoof* Hey hey again, it's, uh, been some time since I've done anything on the forums, but I still exist. I've been pretty busy with things, and with that I mean hobbies. But, uh, I still exist. So that's nice.
  15. *walks into the room with ice in hair, boops @Alexshy, @Fluttershy Friend and @CypherHoof with freezing hooves* It's snowing over here, and I live 10 km from school. So coming back from school was torture. I really hope all this snow is going away soon... ~ Livestream of Holiday Agnaktor hating snow from the comfort and warmth of his own room; 2017, colourised ~ "My reddit name is "I hate winter a lot" for a reason"
  16. *enters the room, giving careful boops to @Alexshy, @Fluttershy Friend and @CypherHoof* Because my parents are gone for the weekend, I had to cook dinner by myself. I'm decently sure I gave myself food poisoning. At least it didn't taste bad per se, just... not tasty? At least most of the vegetables weren't raw. ~ Holiday Agnaktor in action; 2017, colourised ~ "I followed the steps, so I dunno what went wrong"
  17. That might be a good idea. I could do with some cheering up. It doesn't help that I have to read a book for school right now about all sorts of depressing things.
  18. Yeah, I have close to 0 stress right now though. School is easy, I can knock out any of the coming assignments in a day each, and nothing else is happening really. I'm just not in the mood for anything.
  19. Wait, this is a booping thread, I forgot about those. *boops @Alexshy, @CypherHoof, @Fluttershy Friend and @Windchime* There ye go, Boops.
  20. Hey, it's not my fault! Though it actually totally is... I'm just busy, and not really feeling like doing things, and that includes making forums posts, sadly. My productivity has hit an all-time low! Woooo! I'm not even gaming anymore. Guess it's just one of those weeks. ~ Holiday Agnaktor wishing all of you a merr crimah; 2017, colourised ~ "This coming weekend will be a weekend of fun, if it's not I'll report back"
  21. *boops @Fluttershy Friend back* ...d-do you need some help? HaHAH! You thought you ate a fish, but It was just a decoy!
  22. I didn't draw this, I get all my pics from derpibooru. I wish I could draw that well.
  23. *prances around, bringing cheerful Holiday boops to @Alexshy, @Windchime, @Mirage, @CypherHoof and @Fluttershy Friend* Man, I'm really not posting here frequently anymore. Should change that. The last few days I've been making a new excel sheet to calculate certain stats for Brawlhalla, and it has been simultaneously the most fun I've had, and the most despair I've felt in ages. There's nothing quite as scary and exciting at the same time as finding a massive flaw in your code and noticing that there is no easy way to fix it. FeelsGoodMan. ~ Holiday Agnaktor spreading the h
  24. @Windchime ~ Holiday Agnaktor unleashing sweet justice; 2017, colourised ~ "Th̿̅̒͋ͪ̐oͧ̐ͦͥ̎ͯu̓͒̌ͬ͐̍̚ ̌̏̐̐͊̉h͛̊̔͐ͩ̋̎ǎ̓ͥ̐͌ͫšͤ̇̓̿t ̋͆͂ͯͭ̐cͩo̔͐mm̓iͧ̀t̊ẗ̍͐ͨͫ̓̊eͯͮ͊ͮd̈͒͒ ̋̆̑̄͛̓si̋̄n̈́ T̹̫̫̬̺͕h̦̣̟͚o̺u̞ ͕̥̪͓sh͇̱̘a̫l̹̤͍t͚̹͉̼ͅ ͍r̘̘e͍̻̳̯͈͎̩p̬͎̖̪̠̫e̜̼̙͚͎̙̦n̳̲̟̗̯͔͔t̹̠͉̳̻"
  25. Man, feels like it's been forever since I made a post here, even though it has only been a day or two? Minds are weird. *brings Moon Boops™ to both @Alexshy and @Mirage, a Speed Boop to @CypherHoof, a soft sneaky boop to @Fluttershy Friend, and an ethereal boop to @Windchime* My friend is visiting me tomorrow for some gaming, so that's nice, even though that means that I will once again have no time for working on my story. Oh well. At least I'll practice more Brawlhalla. ~ Holiday Agnaktor trying to space down-air on axe properly for once under the watchful eye of Mr Gems
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