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  1. A most pleasant fetal transmogrification day to a kind and wonderful person.  }:D

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Happy birthday =) 

  4. A most pleasant fetal transmogrification day to a wonderful, creative and generous individual such as yourself.

    May the light of fortune shine down upon you for the rest of your days, and may it shine brightly enough to chase every last shadow away.


  5. hi how have you been ?

  6. At long last I received my Sunburst plushie made by Jillah. I'm very happy with him!
  7. Bought 2 T-shirts from teepublic today. A rainbow Dash shirt with a Graphic from "Secrets & Pies" - Evil pie-hating Rainbow Dash, and a Sunburst T. Which I've been wanting for a long time. They come in a wide range of color choices - less in the really huge sizes - and I have been happy with the Ts I have bought on that site before. Check it out! Links to the 2 shirts I bought.
  8. Just received my copy of "The Art of My Little Pony the Movie." It's fabulous! Not too much of a spoiler - good!- but plenty to feast your eyes on.
  9. I am unable to afford cable TV, so the only way I can see MLP FIM is to haunt Daily Motion, You Tube, etc. I buy the season when it comes out on disc. I would be happy to pay a reasonable fee for watching episodes on You Tube, etc. as they are issued, or to buy a season subscription for 20 bucks or so. Then I would be satisfied with waiting for episodes to air, week by week. But as it is, when I find clean copy of an an episode that I haven't seen, I download it right away. I don't care how far ahead of the US release schedule it is. It's the only way I can be sure of getting a clean copy of the episode. (Before the season is issued on disc.) I don't have much trouble avoiding spoilers if I want to - but then I don't do social media - unless you count the MLP Forums. I don't even own a cell phone, and I don't watch TV. If not seeing spoilers is important to a person, it can be done. The Internet is a world-wide phenomenon. And TV shows air in different countries at different times. That's just how it is. If you don't want to see the episodes before their release date wherever you live - then don't watch 'em! I just wish that people who put the episodes up on YouTube, etc. would put the episode up intact - minus ads. Sloppy cutting, and chopping the intro or credits is sort of - I dunno - disrespectful. Especially the closing credits. I like to look the credits over to see who the writers, voice talent, etc. are in each episode. It's a big part of why I buy the season discs each year. (And besides, if you get a charge out of the hard work of the people who make the show, you should be willing to shell out for it.) YMMV
  10. The thing for me in this episode was Luna's faces. Too funny!
  11. So cool meeting Dashie's parents! And like in last episode, the faces were the deal...
  12. It was a good story, but Rarity's faces were the thing...
  13. Heck, no! It's like Jessica Rabbit said... "I'm not really bad, I'm just drawn that way." Pinkie's dialog was written and performed loud and obnoxious. That's OK. It's one episode. Pinkie doesn't need redeeming. We've seen how considered and sensible she can be. (Of course, she was written and performed that way in those episodes, too.) When I first started watching MLP FIM I didn't like Pinkie Pie because she was loud and hyper. But over time I learned there was a lot more to her than being an obstreperous extra-extrovert. She went from being my least favorite pony to my most favorite pony. (And in that tr transition, she and Fluttershy traded rankings.) Oh, and I figure that if low-affect, undemonstrative Maud can put up with Pinkie, then she must see what is not immediately apparent to the world at large. Pinkie thinks deeply about things. But she also feels deeply about things, and her personality makes her subject to emotional outbursts. This can be grating for those of us who have a sort of Maud-type personality. But just as I have learn to tolerate, and even be amused by the egotism of Rainbow Dash, I embrace Pinkie's carryings-on. I love Pinkie, (and all the mane six), even when she makes my ears bleed.
  14. I love Pinkie. She's best pony for me, but while Maud may or may not shred guitar, Pinkie definitely shredded my eardrums this time around. That's OK. I forgive her. She pulled so many great faces and reactions that I laughed out loud half a dozen times. Polka-dot Pinkie Pie pyjamas. Re-inflating hair. Good to see Maud again.
  15. The thing I liked best about this episode was that Pinkie Pie was more organized than Twilight.