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  1. It's been way to long since I last logged in! I've missed you all!

    1. IvoryDreamer
    2. Jonny Music

      Jonny Music

      I'd like to see you back soon.

  2. I miss you guys!

  3. DrReprise

    Diamond Tiara Fan Club

    Wooo our fan club just passed 100 posts! DT would be proud!
  4. I would be happiest if Twilight looked after me, with Pinkie Pie as a close second.
  5. Ugg the Flu sucks! Been out of work for 5 days :( wash your hands often everyone! Don't suffer like me this year!

  6. DrReprise

    Gimli and Legolas

    You neeeed to make moar! This is fantastic!
  7. Lol John C. Reilly would be awesome as a voice actor for a pony haha
  8. I think it's great! And no you didn't do anything wrong; that's not possible with art.
  9. DrReprise


    That's an awesome drawing Lol and a huge bullet.
  10. Thanks lol, hopefully someday I will have access to a better recording solution.
  11. In-N-Out has the best fries by far! 5 guys has good fries too but nothing compares to in-n-out
  12. Fantastic original idea! For a style of music out of your comfort zone it turned out great!
  13. Yea Diamond Tiara! Definitely best filly. Great sketch!
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