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  1. Sekr Gray

    Lamia Ponies Fan Club

    Oh wow, never expected this thread to show up again. @BlueBook I was already watching the thread, actually x3 Might as well submit my own Lamia OC which I totally blame Mesme for getting me interested in making.
  2. Sekr Gray

    Summer Sings ^~^

    And yet another perfectly good example of how amazing your voice is *adds to my personal music collection*
  3. Sekr Gray

    Food Foods you've RECENTLY begun to love

    I've recently decided to try and finally try and eat healthier and exercise some of my excess bodyweight off, starting with learning about nutrition. With that in mind, I've really fallen in love with yogurt and protein/granola bars, sometimes together for breakfast. They make an awesome snack too, and I can kinda offset the higher calories given to me at supper.
  4. Sekr Gray

    General Anyone here can't drive?

    I can't drive, but my case is the very boring and mundane reason of simply not having a license yet
  5. Sekr Gray

    What flavor of ice cream/frozen treat is the user above you?

    A vanilla snowcone. @@Artimis Whooves, heh, glad to be back ^~*
  6. Sekr Gray

    What flavor of ice cream/frozen treat is the user above you?

    I'm thinking grape, perhaps with a small raspberry twist? @@Artimis Whooves, Aye, took a break from online activities to focus on college/depression management. Missed this place
  7. Sekr Gray

    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word