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  1. I literally would rather do anything but study for finals. Two more days...

  2. I am not talking about the porn. More power to the cloppers. They can do whatever they want to if it makes them happy. I'm talking about the ones who repeatedly promote racist, sexist, and otherwise prejudiced (and even dangerous) ideas (such as the idea that rape and sexual assault is funny). You can't change someone's fetish, to my knowledge; it's just another aspect of their sexuality, and so long as they are not harming others, that is okay. (Although, we can help by making sure that the porn images we post are properly tagged or stored so that they do not show up in google safe search.) However, you CAN change someone's prejudices, or help someone unlearn social conventions that result in harm or a hostile environment for others. I've seen it happen. We can change that part of the fandom. But first, we have to want to. It has to be a group effort. (okay for srs tho I have finals to study for if anybody sees me back in this thread for the next two days please yell at me)
  3. See, this is where I would start talking about how jokes don't exist in a vacuum and are actually extremely important vehicles of social change and/or perpetuation, and also add personal experiences of how my female friends have been treated at brony photoshoots if you refuse to see the problem that Princess Molestia is a side effect of, but I feel like we have gotten way too off topic here. My original point: There are two reasons why the brony fandom is greatly stigmatized, or "not accepted". 1. Femininity is seen as inferior, and therefore men who show public interest in a female-aimed show are seen to be "downgrading" (throw in the fact that it's a show aimed at little girls, and that only men are seen as pedophiles for much the same sexist reasons, and you've got people everywhere seeing bronies as evil or something) 2. Standard gore and porn aside, there is some extremely disgusting stuff that comes from the most verbose members of the fandom, which is then ignored and otherwise allowed to continue by the rest of the fandom (and this conversation is a perfect example). This gives the fandom an understandably bad reputation, which can only be fixed once we clean up our act as a group by letting the members who are giving us that bad reputation know that what they are doing is not okay at all, let alone the fact that it is not in line with the morals of the show that they claim to love. Thus, in order to be accepted, we must work towards a better image: both by making others on the outside see change and encouraging them to be more tolerant of nontraditional interests and expressions, and by collectively improving our own behavior as a fandom. Since I've summarized my point, I'm withdrawing from this topic for fear of derailing it further. Since I tend to do that. :T Whoopsie
  4. No. But it shouldn't exist in the first place. That is the problem here. The fact that it (and an abysmally large amount of material like it) exists points to a serious issue. Parodying a character can take place without making light of rape and sexual assault. Even making a specifically extremely sexual parody of a character can take place without making light of rape and sexual assault. It's not that hard.
  5. Parodying a character is fine. THIS is not: youtube . com/watch?v=FdQvj6bNS-Y (breaking the link because even though nothing in that is explicitly vulgar I am not sure that the theme of rape is allowed) I already retracted what I said about Stellar Eclipse. My problem is not that NSFW art exists, that is unavoidable for literally anything in existence. Rule 34 and all that. My problem is when pornographic material is introduced into supposedly safe spaces because that's what SOME bronies think the fandom is about. My problem specifically with Stellar Eclipse was that I was under the impression that more pornographic art was made than other characters within the same time frame, simply to send a "we can do what we want" message. This has since been proven wrong.
  6. I apologize and retract my statement, then. But that was merely one example among many. One example of a meme that I know for a fact is undeniably very much in the eyes of outsiders of the fandom which misrepresents us horribly: "Princess Molestia". (this is not to say that the brony fandom at large supports things such as rape and pedophilia. The problem here is simply that the fans who DO are disproportionally represented, and thus it is understandable as to why some people would not have a good view of the fandom because of them.)
  7. This is another important point to consider. A lot of people I know don't have any problems with men who like feminine things (in fact, they applaud them), but they dislike the brony fandom specifically because some of its loudest members are sexist, racist, and generally gross. There is a bad habit among the loudest members of the brony fandom to somehow make themselves seem more acceptable not by fighting the oppressive system which sees them as inferior or strange, but by "masculinifying" the show (and actively putting down femininity in the process) in order to conform to the traditional ideal (in other words, "have their cake and eat it too"). For example: "I don't see the mane six as female characters. They're genderless to me!" or "Hasbro is ignoring their target audience! MLP isn't meant for little girls!" This creates an unfriendly atmosphere where some bronies feel entitled to the show, rather than privileged to enjoy it, to the point where they are specifically hostile towards the idea that the show was created originally for little girls and that little girls still enjoy it. A perfect example: When Stellar Eclipse was introduced, since he is a Make a Wish pony, the creators of the show kindly asked that the fandom refrain from making porn of just this one pony, since it was the wish of a kid with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type III. How does the fandom respond? By immediately making creating porn of this character a game of some kind. It's sickening. I think that, with work, the part of the fandom that actually represents its morals - Friendship, honesty, generosity, loyalty, kindness, ect - will be accepted someday. But the part of the fandom that feels so entitled to the show that they warp it so as to make the fandom hostile to other members and disgusting to outsiders? Never. And they never should be accepted.
  8. Since three people brohoofed my post, apparently that means it is a "popular" opinion. I apologize for posting it here.
  9. Depends. It's never going to be acceptable for men (or male-bodied individuals) to openly have feminine interests or express themselves as feminine in any way until we, as a society, realize that femininity is not inferior and does not threaten masculinity or make men lesser somehow. Basically, I highly doubt that it will be acceptable for a man to openly state that they are a huge fan of a show called "my little pony" to anyone in society until the ridiculous amount of hate crimes against other heteronormativity-transgressing individuals such as gay men and transwomen cease and the fear surrounding potential threats to general manly manhood goes away. However, I do believe it's possible for it to be accepted by parts or most of society soon, with work.
  10. "Unpopular opinion" threads are entirely useless. They're always filled with a small handful of people posting over and over again and patting each other on the back. Most of the things I'm seeing in this thread are things that I hear every day in real life. If your opinion was really unpopular, then people should probably... oh, I dunno... disagree with you. Instead of giving you a chorus of agreement after the obligatory "there, I said it! haters gunna hate!" variation to seal the deal. That's probably an indication that your opinion is not actually unpopular. Plus, how are we defining popularity in this case? To which group of people is this popular or unpopular? Are we talking only about forum members? A certain area? A certain demographic? The world at large? Your opinion's popularity changes completely depending on context. To support the point I am making, I actually have no idea how "popular" or "unpopular" this is. I could spout off a list of opinions that I have, and I would be just as in the dark for every one of them as I am with this one. Without statistics popularity is unmeasurable, and without context, discussions about popularity are meaningless.
  11. You've gone too far when you violate someone's personal autonomy because of your personal beliefs, do not view someone or a group of people as equal to you, do not respect consent, or completely refuse to listen to someone when they point out that what you say or do is harmful to them or others I think that pretty much sums up every bad thing that happens anywhere ever
  12. So hey, I'm new and stuff... Not new to MLP, but I haven't exactly been deep into the fandom in the couple of years I've been a fan. Kinda shied away from it because of all the sexist/racist/generally bad stuff I saw, to be honest. But that's really not fair and I'm sure there's like a bazillion people (yes, exactly one whole bazillion) who are actually super cool in this fandom and I feel like maybe I could have fun here so I'm giving it an official shot? Yeah My profile is kind of hastily put together but I think it sums me up on a surface level pretty well so if you're curious there it is. But anyway, hope to meet nice people here and have fun and stuff! Probably won't be getting my cutie mark any time soon though, since it is finals week and I'm stressed like nobody's business
  13. Welcome to the show. :3

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