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  1. I swear that promotions are much easier than when I was around x:

  2. This account is the second best thing that MLPForums has ever witnessed.

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    2. Lightwing


      It's a possibility.

      Marry me and you'll find out.

    3. hariyaMakusu2
    4. Lightwing


      Oh. That was easy. <3

  3. Happy Birthday :D (I <3 abusing this account)

  4. Your husband is too mean!

  5. I saw the most attractive pony thread and felt that this was only a natural thing to follow. Please vote for Jer... please vote for who you think is most attractive moderator in this completely unbiased poll. Personally, I vote for Jeric. But that's just my completely unbiased opinion.
  6. Oh my god! That's the picture I drew being used for the account's profile picture! That is so awesome! Someone's actually using something I drew for a profile picture!!! :D

  7. how is it goin' on with Jeric?