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  1. Haha... my goodness. It's interesting to me how vastly my life has changed in a year. Definitely for the better. I'm leaving California in June and taking a huge plunge and moving to Kansas where I'll have to pull up my big girl panties and juggle college, work and a new baby boy. Oh yeah... by myself too. I want to be alone. And start over. There's just too many toxic people that have hurt me too badly here. A new beginning sounds amazing. I hope all my brony friends are well <3 I hope everyone is loving themselves and enjoying life. I'm so sorry I was gone for so long... I guess I needed to take space to shake the sadness and focus a little more on feeling better. Of course more horrible things have happened (I.e. The "relationship" I had with the guy who gave me this wonderful little squish growing inside me, it wasn't Blue, I promise. He's wonderful and wouldn't hurt me, even if I deserve it.) but I can't dwell on them. I need to move on now. 

    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Hi, glad to see things are looking up for you :squee:

    2. MinunShy_Kay


      Thank you! :D yes, finally. It's been a long journey though.