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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Twisted Tea is pretty good. Redd's Wicked Apple Ale is also good. But vodka and ginger ale have a special place in my heart.
  3. I've a slew of "problems" that I always wanted to tackle head-on one at a time, but no way of keeping track of them. Maybe if I made clear objectives and made them semi-public, that'll motivate me to follow through. Maybe I want to vent but I don't wanna clog up Life Advice and force my problems onto anyone. A blog seems like good neutral ground. Anyways, on to the first entry! Let's get caught up to speed. I quit my job a few months ago. A job that, while the work itself was incredibly isolating and repetitive, there still was no chance for me to socialize on breaks or before work, as most of the people there spoke very little English, and most of the people there were elderly. Not that that's their fault or anything. I suspect they run a refugee program and I think that's pretty rad. My new job, while almost exactly the same as the last, pays more, has us working less, and is laid out in a way where bumping into others is almost inevitable. We work in a tightly-knit group where everyone is friends with everyone, and I love that. And while this job is making me feel hopeful for once in my adult life, I feel like I'm hitting some bumps trying to integrate into my work-family. Thus, the point of this blog. Before switching jobs, the few people who did interact with me always talked friendly, but sort of condescendingly. I've read this as them assuming I'm special needs when I'm not, and ever since then and up to now, it's hit me pretty hard. It's pretty much shattered what little confidence I've had to the point where I'm considering that maybe I am intellectually disabled. Honestly, I think all of this started literally just because I'm fat and I buzz my hair. Nobody has ever talked to me this way when I was skinny and had long hair. Long story short, this has had a stranglehold on my confidence and my ability to open up to people and it's still showing. Every once in a while, peers will walk up to me and try to get me to open up (and I'm incredibly grateful for that) and I'll let little bits and pieces and jokes come out. But I'm still hesitant to initiate, or to talk about myself in-depth. What can I do? I can add one of them on Steam or Discord and start talking. Opening up to one person will make opening up to several easier. And I've done the first half of this. I need to follow through. Expanding on the first point, I present androgynous and people keep asking what my identity is, what pronouns I use, what names I use, etc. While, it makes me feel really happy to be working in a very diverse company that cares, and that I'm safe and welcomed in my workplace, my automatic response is to just go, "I don't really mind either way." And I'm trying to figure out if that's actually true, or if I put other people's comfort before my own. I've been raised as a doormat and it's biting me in the ass. Before I tackle this question further, I really need to work on my assertiveness. What can I do? I'm... not quite sure to be honest. Role-play? T-pose? Start being the one to occasionally greet others first? Start asking more questions? Thems the first two problems I'm going to focus on for now. I'm really thankful for my new job and new coworkers, and they all seem to understand I'm struggling but still trying. I'm doing way better than I was mere months ago and I am doing lightyears better than I was a few years back. But there's still improvement to be made!
  4. Not many things these days make me angry. Except if something happens in my menial, physical-intensive job, be it a person getting on my nerves or the actual materials I'm handling hurting me. And I usually take my anger out by working harder.
  5. All of them. Maybe not all of them at once, but I ain't picky (except olives, olives are the devil) I used to custom order a chicken, spinach, and feta pizza every time I ordered. Bacon chicken barbecue is pretty good.
  6. I feel like I'm the same exact person I was in high school, except My sweet tooth is gone- I can't eat sweets like I used to. I don't have time for video games or hobbies anymore- but with my very new job schedule, this may change. Due to how things have played out, I'm no longer afraid to call out red flags and cut off from toxic people. I don't act like a frickin fool trying to look quirky and interesting. I cringe hard thinking back to how I used to act.
  7. In real life, face-to-face, I normally won't talk much at all. And if I do, I try to keep the conversation as far away from my personal life as much as possible. But on here, I feel like I seem to focus on answering topics asking about myself. I think some if it is because I loved writing prompts in school and now that I'm out, there's no other reason for me to write. Some of it is because I want to open up more, and make online acquaintances, but I don't seem to follow through with actually interacting with others, and it's a shame. I do lurk around a lot and see what other people have to say about things, though.
  8. Too many jellybeans :scoots:

  9. I love Undertale and Deltarune. Even though it's not finished though, I like Deltarune more than Undertale. My friends who introduced me to Undertale ruined the experience by telling me to go pacifist my first run. After that, any other route is hard to bring myself to do. So I've only done pacifist. Favorite character from Undertale? That'll have to be a tie between Alphys and Sans. Favorite character from Deltarune so far? Kris.
  10. I've seen some of the series a long while ago, and it was alright. I liked the movie more than the Netflix series, but now that I remember that the Netflix series exists, I'm likely going to rewatch/catch up on it!
  11. I've decided I couldn't stand penguinz0 any longer. I discovered him when his QWOP video was featured on =3 back in the day. Back then, his humor was great. He'd focus on commentating on games, using... colorful vocabulary, non-nonchalantly, in monotone. He later uploaded a video I believe, and it was talking about his mental health and how he struggled putting himself out there. He had a good deal of anonymity, but he wanted to be more of an open person and his friends encouraged him to do so. Knowing this, it was really inspiring once he did start showing his face more. He began making infomercial parodies, which I loved. But then he started making "reaction videos". Which, started out mediocre, but it's gotten to the point where he now reacts to various YouTube videos on his Twitch, and then re-uploads them on YouTube. Some videos he reacts to are very talk-heavy, and he just talks over it, without pausing. Since he's doing it live, now, he no longer takes the time to make proper jokes/shots at the material. When he isn't "reacting" to other people's content, he's swinging fleshlights around. He still makes infomercial parodies from time to time, but they're hardly funny anymore. His whole channel has gone down the toilet.
  12. From what height? If dropped from far enough up, the impact of the water itself will be enough to kill, or at least knock me unconscious. If this is the case, I'd go with this one over the intersection drop, because at least my death won't be as much as a public safety hazard. But if the intention is to drown while aware, as it probably is, then I'll take the latter.
  13. I'd probably have a better survival rate in a car crash on land than in a plane. I'd have plenty more options available to avoid or minimize damage, as the driver. In a plane, there's not much you can do as a passenger. But I'd much rather die in a plane crash than in a car crash underwater.
  14. I never really experienced anything wrong with Hulu Plus, besides the UI's layout, specifically in their PS3 app. Their menus are irritating to try and navigate.
  15. I like the idea of ghosts, and I'd like to believe in them. I sometimes choose to believe that loved ones who've passed are watching over me. But it just doesn't make sense to me how that would work, spatially. Like, assuming there's no final resting place, and everyone who's died in the history of forever has to float around us on earth, wouldn't it be crowded? Overpopulated to the point that every house is haunted? Shouldn't paranormal activities be more rampant, and more spectacular, especially considering the temperament of a good chunk of people?