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  1. Hello, to all the voice actors who replied to this I'm going to be making a later post entirely for voice acting auditions at a later date, so if you have interest in that and you replied to this post I will send you a message when that time comes around. I wrote your names down in a book I'm using to keep track of everyone, so I'll contact you at that time. 

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  2. Sounds like an awesome project! I can't commit to a big project right now, even though I would love to, but if I meet any fellow bronies who can I'll direct them here.  How long do you consider full length? Will you post the finished project here? I'd love to see it. 


    Hey! I consider full length to be at least an hour long. An hour is what we're shooting for anyway. And yes, I plan to post a link here when it's finished, though the main release will be on youtube. And thanks for your interest! If you can send anybody who'd like to help over to me we'd really appreciate it!

  3. Hello! We need a wide range of Creative Bronies for a project.


    The project is called 'Fear and Loathing in Equestria'. It will be a full length pony SFM film.

    We are currently looking for a large range of volunteers. This includes Voice Actors, Script Writers, Audio Editors, 2D animators, Editors, and Musicians.


    We need quite a few Voice Actors for Extras and Background Ponies. We also need musicians who can play and arrange film scores and rock.


    If you are interested send me a message or leave a reply stating how you would like to contribute.


    We're thankful for any and all help in creating this project!  


    Please ask any questions you have.




           The Management

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  4. Thanks Tom! 


    I see what you're saying about the repetition. I'm working on writing longer scripts, or at least more drawn out notes. This first one was done mostly to see if I could do it at all, haha. But now that I have an idea and some good feed back I think I'll take a shot at making longer videos. 

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  5. Thank you! That was very constructive and I really appreciate it, and I definitely see what you're saying. I know the first vocal take I took was very quite and I had to work up some confidence to be louder. I'm sure confidence will come in time as making these becomes more natural. Also, the reference was a bit off point, and in retrospect it probably wouldn't make any sense what-so-ever to anyone who's never beat the game. Again, adding in better references will probably come in time too when I get my commentary style down and I understand more about making the scripts and videos. I guess it's kinda like playing an instrument or drawing, the more you do it the more natural it becomes. And again, thanks for the feedback! Its really helpful : )

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