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  1. Your from Georiga! I'm from Lawrenceville, Georiga. Literally an hour or so drive through Atlanta, North East of you!

  2. FlameDancer

    General Media Least Favorite Pokemon

    Greninja, while its a useful pokemon I find it creepy and weird. Unown was another weird one for me that I never found any use of.
  3. They mentioned in the movie that they were Sirens, which as shown in the end of the movie are horse/Dragon/Naga type things, as well as the beginning of the movie. They were thrown into the world by Starswirl the Bearded or whatever his name is, and its shown by the first movie that when a pony or equestrian enters the Human World they turn human. So..That rule follows with the Sirens. And yes those Gems are their source of power, allowing them to sing and collect negative energy, all of this is explained in the movie, I would suggest going back and watching in a little more detail
  4. FlameDancer

    General Media Overrated/Underrated Pokémon?

    As much as I love it, I have to say Mewtwo is way overhyped and overrated. He's strong, and good, but he's far from the strongest legendary.. Another one is probably Greninja, not that good of a pokemon imho.
  5. One time I annoyed one of my teachers so badly that they wound up telling me to get out of their god D**n classroom. It was a good day.
  6. It took me several years to care to even watch it, in fact, I didn't even turn my head at it until I heard the remix of Help Twilight Win the Crown (Equestria Girls)/Endless Possibiliies by ArcanaAaron on Youtube, I heard that roughly in January of this year, and instantly fell in love, and looked up Equestria Girls, which ended up in me going to Youtube and searching the series out. I was hooked from then on.
  7. Do you count a network that goes from a kids network to adult time television? Such as CN turning into AS?
  8. It hasn't been recent but I love it none the less... My Rara!
  9. I have returned from work! Woo!

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    2. Simcity11100


      How fun was work today?

    3. Twisted Cyclone 🚓
    4. FlameDancer


      @SimCity11100 It was about as fun as chewing on a bag of nails and screws :)


      @RainbowDash72 Thank you!

  10. FlameDancer

    Hi there everypony!

    Hi! Thank you for the welcome! Aye Aye Admiral! Thank you for having me!
  11. FlameDancer

    Hi there everypony!

    Thank you for the heartwarming welcome! And yay! Applejack! She is definitely my favorite, right behind her is Rara and Dashie! But AJ takes the cake!
  12. FlameDancer

    Hello everypony

    Welcome to the Forum new person! I'm new too! So lets be all kinds of friends!
  13. Thanks for adding me as a friend :)

    1. FlameDancer


      Thank you for having me as a friend!

    2. Twisted Cyclone 🚓
  14. FlameDancer

    Rainbow Rocks Will The Sirens Return?

    I think I'd like to read this when you are finished!
  15. Buh I'm having so much fun on the Forums, but I got work tomorrow so I need to go to bed...boo. Goodnight Everypony! I love my new friends~

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