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  1. Hi, We currently have a room for thurs-sunday and are looking for more people
  2. Are you still looking for a room? I have space in mine
  3. Martlin


    It is full now sorry, I didn't update the post soon enough
  4. Martlin


    Hi, I just booked a room at the La Quinta directly across the street from the con with 2 double beds in it. Check in is Thursday night and checkout is Sunday morning. My flight won't land until about 10:20pm so you wouldn't be able to access the room until kinda late that day. Currently there are 2 of us in the room but it would be great to get another person to drop the price. My discord is matt#5910
  5. Would this interest you?
  6. Martlin


    Hello, I am seeking chill people to room with for Friday-Saturday night [though i am also open to Thursday night]. I am open both to joining an existing room and booking one. Since there are no rooms available at the con hotel the booked room would be at a nearby hotel. About me: I am a 23 year old male I have never attended EFNW before but I have attended Babscon for the past 4 years. I will likely cosplay I'm perfectly fine with sleeping on the floor Let me know if interested!
  7. My friend and I would like to stay with you. I'll message you my phone number. About me: I am a laid back 23 year old male. This will be my 4th consecutive babscon and I always enjoy meeting new people that I room with.
  8. I tried sending you a message on discord, not sure if it worked
  9. That sounds good to me, I'm perfectly fine with either of those
  10. I'm looking as well. When you say monday do you mean you want the room monday night or you want it through monday morning?