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  1. Well.. my 3rd year of being here is coming up even though I haven't been online lately. :)

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      *Huggles and gives muffin* Yay! Happy Being-here-iversery party times! :derp::pinkie: 

  2. @Dynamo Pad Console laughed at his comment as she listened to him. "Bacon and egggggggs. Damn I'm hungry now. I mean I like pancakes too.. I love them with maple syrup but bacon and eggs win my heart officially!" She replied, rubbing her stomach as she thought of the delicious, heart-taking food right in front of her, ready to be devoured by her own mouth. Gosh it pains her right now to think of food right at this very moment. She shook her head from her fantasy to focus on the here and now. "Huh? eheheh.. I guess we were too tired to realise it and passed out. I mean just yesterday you asked Coconut out on a date! Today has to be the big day where you officially take her out! Unlike.. 'other' experiences you had" Console said, straightening out her bandages Just as she was about to apply her bandages Dynamo asked her about her black eye. Console looked confused at first but realised her black eye was on display. She gasped, looking around anxiously to try hide it. Alas she couldn't find anything and decided to tell him straight.. the truth about her black eye. "You want to know about my eye huh..? why it's all black? I'll tell you. When I was born.. I had a mutation with my face.. like it couldn't be genetically formed. Everything was out of place and I was suffocating from lack of breath. The doctors had to keep me in the hospital for 5 weeks to try figure out what's wrong with me until they realised it was my eye. So.. they had to do a 20 hour operation on me and finally my face was back to normal.. except my eye.. It was.. "out" there so they had to put bandages on my eye permanently until it was back in place. It wasn't until when I was 8 that I had a problem with my sclera. Meaning I had no sclera, pupils and iris at all. It was all black. This was extremely rare for my case and caused me to have some.. problems. For example remember the time when you and I went swimming? I got extremely afraid to go into the water and backed away from it. You were confused on why I didn't want to go into the water until I lied to you. Saying that I wasn't feeling too good. The truth was my eye was acting up.. now you know why and how I got my black eye.." She explained, covering her eye and getting up towards the door.
  3. Hey all! I'm back.. for my long AS hiatus! :3

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      Yay! Welcome back from the hiatus bestie! :3 

  4. Hey Meson! I heard its your birthday today! (Well for me it is) happy birthday :)

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      Thanks! Still 18 for a few more hours. :P

  5. Good morning! This week's episode was... Interesting

  6. @Dynamo Pad Console groaned softy in her sleep, not wanting her brother to disturb her peaceful slumber. It felt like forever ever since she had a great sleep like this and she doesn't want it to end. Her body unconsciously rolled over to the left side of her bed, revealing her bandage less face. Her hair was a total mess even though she just brushed it last night. It bothers her that her hair always take forever to de-tangle because of her plaits. She must really think of a different hair style if this bothers her too much. She had her pillow next to her, her wings slowly caressing it like a teddy bear. Finally after a while, a soft yawn could be heard from Console's mouth as she opened her eyes slowly. Her black eye was in full view as she looked up at her older brother. Console sniffed the air curiously to smell bacon and eggs... One of her favourite breakfast meals. Her body quickly shot up like lightning to discover the delicious scent coming from downstairs. Her wings slowly let go of the pillow that she was hugging before retreating back into their ordinary position. "W-what.. Time is it? And.. What's that amazing smell..? That smells like.. Bacon and eggs" She asked, placing her arms behind her and stretching like her brother does to release all the stress and pains from yesterday. Console sighed while starting to reach over towards her bandages casually.
  7. @@Dynamo Pad Console sat down next to her brother, a proud expression was plastered on her face. She was extremely proud of her brother for asking Coconut out. For once she felt like a parent to Dynamo. But she knew that would be impossible cause of their ages. She opened her phone to see three new text messages from her friends. She looked around to make sure no one was watch and started to reply to them "Heeeeeeeeeeey Kat!" "Oh! Heya Console!" "How are you doing?" "You know, I'm doing alright. Just busy helping my cousin with his project" "Ahhhhh cool!" "Yea- oh wait. BRB" Console sighed as she closed her phone to look out the window. Through out the entire train ride, she was completely quiet which was completely unusual. Normally she wouldn't be THIS quiet but tiredness got the best of her. All she wanted to do was go to sleep. She sighed and placed her heavy head on Dynamo's shoulder, closing her eyes in the process. So many things has happened today. Meeting gamer Luna, beating that clown guy at Naruto, Dynamo finding himself a mare friend (hopefully) and seeing under Coconut's eyepatch. She took off her bandages and placed them next to her, revealing her black eye. She has been hiding her eye ever since primary. Not one person has seen what's under her eye except for her best friend. Katelyn. Not even her parents know what's under those bandages.
  8. I haven't been on here for a LONG time.. How's it going?

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      Good to see you back. I woke up a bit ago so my day hasn't been much thus far. Not sure what I have planned. 

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  9. I'm back... FINALLY!! Sorry for so much inactivity, I've been down lately about internals

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  10. @Dynamo Pad Coconut felt like squealing like a little girl but she decided to play it cool. She didn't wanted to act like an idiot infront of her crush. Yet again she didn't want to let too much of her love out towards him. "Awesome! I can't wait to hear from you tomorrow. I know this might be weird hearing me saying this but.. I can't wait to hang out with you again Dynamo Pad." She said, a soft blush was spreading across her face. Suddenly she was given a piece of paper with some unusual numbers on it. What could this be? Her mind slapped herself as she realised it was Dynamo's phone number. Right now she felt like fainting from all the excitement she's experiencing. She had never been on a date before and this was going to be awesome! As she was talking to herself about the plans, his arms were wrapping around her as she pulled into his embrace. She couldn't believe it. She got asked on a date, given his phone number and now getting a hug from him. Is this a fantasy? She felt herself getting comfortable in his arms. She yearned for longer but with small time she had, it wasn't possible. After the hug parted, Coco gave him a small smile and waved once again. "See you tomorrow Dyna-Kun! I can't wait for the date tomorrow!" She replied before walking away. Console squealed as she heard her brother coming back and picking her up all excited like. "You did it! You did it! I saw the whole thing from a mile away! You actually got a date with Coconjt! Mom and Dad will be so proud of you!!! Now all we need to do is get to that train before it chugs away into the night!" She said, flying among side him and making her away towards the train station. Once she arrived, she got out her ticket and landed on the platform with a soft *klonk*.
  11. @Dynamo Pad Console's eyes grew small as he replied to her statement. Never in her life has she seen her brother so worked up over a mare. Not to mention he was getting so embarrassed just by being with her. She sighed as she watched her brother raced off in a hurry. Signs were getting extremely clear that Dynamo liked Coconut but Console could see he was nervous. Ever since she was with him, she could see he didn't like anyone in a love like way. Today might be the first day to ever see that. All she had to do is be there for him and hopefully things will turn out better in the end. "A-Alright! Get back here after you have dealt with her! It's nearly pitch dark and I don't want to be lost in Canterlot!" She shouted out towards the unicorn before turning her attention away to sit back down at their table and grab out her phone. Coconut stopped so suddenly to see Dynamo right in front of her. Her mind started filling up with unexplainable questions as in why Dynamo came here. Her expression was gaining a worried look on her face before letting herself relax towards his words. "D-Dyna-Kun.. I know tonight has been an amazing night. Even for your sister. I'm sorry for departing with you so soo-" She stopped. What is this? A proposal? Did he actually ask Coconut out onto a date. No, that can't be. Her face was starting to redden as she imagined herself with him on a romantic date. Candles everywhere, the stars above them, laughter and smiles are being shared. And hopefully a small... Kiss. Her face redden even more. What could she say? She doesn't want to make herself look like a fool. Yes or no? No or yes? Maybe? She let herself inhale some oxygen slowly, the blushing fading away, before replying to him with a simple yet understandable "Yes!"
  12. Anyone heard of Haiyore Nyaruko-San?

  13. @Dynamo Pad Coconut looked at the time and her eyes widen as she realised she needed to get back home. She got up and grabbed her bags that were next to her, adjusting it onto her back nice and tight. Once sorted, her attention was immediately back onto them. "Sorry to call this night short but I have to get back home right about now. I have the landlord coming over straight away. Console, Dyna-Kun. It's been fun while it lasted.. Will I ever see you two around? I hope so cause.... you both are very interesting ponies and way more fun than anypony around here. I wish I could come along with you but unfortunately I can't.. Well..I'll see you two around. Also tell your parents that I say hi, tell me their responses tomorrow" She said, glancing at them one last time before walking out of the store quickly to try get back home before 6pm. It was hurting her heart to leave her crush alone but she had no choice. She needed to be back home at her apartment overwise she's done for. Console's eyes widen as she witnessed Coconut walking off so unexpectedly. But she can understand why she had to go. Her brother and herself had to go back home before they get in trouble by their parents. She sighed and waved her off before getting up. "Should we get going bro? Our train is leaving in an hour and we don't want to miss the train. But what do we do? You seem quite.. What's the particular word that I'm looking for..? No.. Not displeased. Oh! Heart broken! Are you okay bro?" She asked, placing a caring hand on his shoulder.
  14. ATTEMPT 2!

    I haven't been so active on the forums that it's making me scream!