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  1. @Dynamo Pad Coconut felt like squealing like a little girl but she decided to play it cool. She didn't wanted to act like an idiot infront of her crush. Yet again she didn't want to let too much of her love out towards him. "Awesome! I can't wait to hear from you tomorrow. I know this might be weird hearing me saying this but.. I can't wait to hang out with you again Dynamo Pad." She said, a soft blush was spreading across her face. Suddenly she was given a piece of paper with some unusual numbers on it. What could this be? Her mind slapped herself as she realised it was Dynamo's phone number. Right now she felt like fainting from all the excitement she's experiencing. She had never been on a date before and this was going to be awesome! As she was talking to herself about the plans, his arms were wrapping around her as she pulled into his embrace. She couldn't believe it. She got asked on a date, given his phone number and now getting a hug from him. Is this a fantasy? She felt herself getting comfortable in his arms. She yearned for longer but with small time she had, it wasn't possible. After the hug parted, Coco gave him a small smile and waved once again. "See you tomorrow Dyna-Kun! I can't wait for the date tomorrow!" She replied before walking away. Console squealed as she heard her brother coming back and picking her up all excited like. "You did it! You did it! I saw the whole thing from a mile away! You actually got a date with Coconjt! Mom and Dad will be so proud of you!!! Now all we need to do is get to that train before it chugs away into the night!" She said, flying among side him and making her away towards the train station. Once she arrived, she got out her ticket and landed on the platform with a soft *klonk*.
  2. @Dynamo Pad Console's eyes grew small as he replied to her statement. Never in her life has she seen her brother so worked up over a mare. Not to mention he was getting so embarrassed just by being with her. She sighed as she watched her brother raced off in a hurry. Signs were getting extremely clear that Dynamo liked Coconut but Console could see he was nervous. Ever since she was with him, she could see he didn't like anyone in a love like way. Today might be the first day to ever see that. All she had to do is be there for him and hopefully things will turn out better in the end. "A-Alright! Get back here after you have dealt with her! It's nearly pitch dark and I don't want to be lost in Canterlot!" She shouted out towards the unicorn before turning her attention away to sit back down at their table and grab out her phone. Coconut stopped so suddenly to see Dynamo right in front of her. Her mind started filling up with unexplainable questions as in why Dynamo came here. Her expression was gaining a worried look on her face before letting herself relax towards his words. "D-Dyna-Kun.. I know tonight has been an amazing night. Even for your sister. I'm sorry for departing with you so soo-" She stopped. What is this? A proposal? Did he actually ask Coconut out onto a date. No, that can't be. Her face was starting to redden as she imagined herself with him on a romantic date. Candles everywhere, the stars above them, laughter and smiles are being shared. And hopefully a small... Kiss. Her face redden even more. What could she say? She doesn't want to make herself look like a fool. Yes or no? No or yes? Maybe? She let herself inhale some oxygen slowly, the blushing fading away, before replying to him with a simple yet understandable "Yes!"
  3. Anyone heard of Haiyore Nyaruko-San?

  4. @Dynamo Pad Coconut looked at the time and her eyes widen as she realised she needed to get back home. She got up and grabbed her bags that were next to her, adjusting it onto her back nice and tight. Once sorted, her attention was immediately back onto them. "Sorry to call this night short but I have to get back home right about now. I have the landlord coming over straight away. Console, Dyna-Kun. It's been fun while it lasted.. Will I ever see you two around? I hope so cause.... you both are very interesting ponies and way more fun than anypony around here. I wish I could come along with you but unfortunately I can't.. Well..I'll see you two around. Also tell your parents that I say hi, tell me their responses tomorrow" She said, glancing at them one last time before walking out of the store quickly to try get back home before 6pm. It was hurting her heart to leave her crush alone but she had no choice. She needed to be back home at her apartment overwise she's done for. Console's eyes widen as she witnessed Coconut walking off so unexpectedly. But she can understand why she had to go. Her brother and herself had to go back home before they get in trouble by their parents. She sighed and waved her off before getting up. "Should we get going bro? Our train is leaving in an hour and we don't want to miss the train. But what do we do? You seem quite.. What's the particular word that I'm looking for..? No.. Not displeased. Oh! Heart broken! Are you okay bro?" She asked, placing a caring hand on his shoulder.
  5. ATTEMPT 2!

    I haven't been so active on the forums that it's making me scream! 


  6. @Dynamo Pad Console just giggled at her brother's response before letting out a soft yet amused sigh. She may be extremely immature and oblivious at her brother at times like these but.. When it comes to dating, her personality changes exactly 360. From a nice, immature mare into a dating expert.. Console still can't believe it as well. But there was one thing for certain. Dynamo has a crush on Coconut and if it means risking her life to get them together then that's what she's doing. She leaned back into his ear and whispered, "Come on.. Ask her out! You gotta take a risk here and there bro! You'll regret it in the end if you don't! Okay okay.. So she likes most games you like, she watches anime that you like.. She's pretty much the perfect gal for your love life!" Console then gave him a sneak nudge on the shoulder to shel she was being absolutely serious and not joking around just for fun. "Heh, I can relate. It's annoying to keep your wig on when in total it'll fall off, ending up to be humiliated by cosplayers alike. But that's just me talking. But it's interesting you cosplay as well! We should totally cosplay together.. If you want that is" Coconut said, a wide blush appearing on her face. Never in her life has she asked anyone to cosplay with her. It felt like if she was asking him to go on a date with her. Would she care if he said yes? Not really. "Woah! Most of the things you just listed out are things that I enjoy watching or playing as well! It's ridiculous! But would I care if we became instant besties? Naaaaaaaaaaaah. Cause we would get along extremely well." She stopped to try and hear correctly what he was trying to say. Naruto and Hinata? The married couple? In the hidden leaf village? No way. That can't be. That can't be true.. Is it? She suddenly realised that earlier she saw Naruto in Dynamo's eyes. Could this mean something in particular or is it a myth? So many questions were running through her mind yet answers were nearly impossible to think for. "Now that you mention it.. I did see two figures standing next to each other. They definitely did look like Naruto and Hinata! But.. What does it mean? It must mean something for the married couple to appear out of no way.. Is it.. A sign?"
  7. @Dynamo Pad Coconut smiled and shook her head softly. "Heh don't worry. They didn't realize I was cosplaying until I showed them my mane colour. Then they ran off like cheetahs. Seriously, in under one minute they disappeared into the crowd. But anyway.. Animes I like?" She scratched her chin for a moment before replying to her crush and Console. "I like Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, Naruto, Sailor Moon, My Love Story, Kill la Kill, Baka and Test, Lucky Star, One Piece, No Game No life and.. Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" She listed out, trying to rememeber Her favourite Animes that she loves to watch in her spare time. "I know it doesn't sound like a lot but I can't remember my other half of Animes that I enjoy. Seriously. You have no idea how much anime I watch when I'm at home. It feels like a marathon. All day and all nighter marathons with short intervals in between cause my legs get all iffy at times. Oh! And games I like? Well there is Overwatch, Nekopara, that Naruto tournament, Naruto online, GTA, WoW and Yandere Simulator" Console smirked and leaned over towards her brother and whispered into his ear. "Ask her oooooooooooooooooout Dynamoooooooooo. She's perfect for you! I mean she likes most things that you enjoy and she loves Naruto! Just like you bro! You really need to act tough and ask this mare to be your date! She's pretty much your future wife!" She teased, poking out her tongue at him before leaning away from Dynamo. She always loved to be a pain to him just for fun. Whenever it was beating him in a game or just beating him in general, she would laugh at his reaction. But as time flew on, the effect started to take place on Console and she ended up losing to him because of her weak skills of gaming
  8. @Dynamo Pad Coconut eyes widen as she got asked a question. Utterly surprised from the question, she shook her head out of wonderland to reply towards Dynamo. "O-Oh! Right! I love to read, swim, watch anime, joke around, flying around Cloudsdale, traveling, sleeping is a big one.. Hmm.. Sometimes I love to cosplay as different characters. Like for example Hinata. I've actually cosplayed as her once.. It was pretty fun except all.. And I mean ALL the Naruto cosplayers kept on hitting me. I looked exactly like her except in pony version." She said, letting out a soft laugh in amusement. Then her mind made her snap back to reality as soon as she thought of another thing she loves. "Oh! And I love to game. Big time. Even though I'm horrible at it. I put my best hoof forward and hope for the best for an achievement level" The Pegasus added, nodding her head as in a way to say she was finished speaking. "What about you two? Is there anything you two want to tell me? I told you pretty much everything that I like and such" Console smiled as she got asked the question from Coconut. "Well.. I love to bake a lot, even though it's annoying to get flour stuck in my mane from time to time. I guess that's the consequences of baking delicious yet mouth drooling pastries. Seriously, I make some mean Apple Fritters and Chocolate pie. Anyway! I love to watch anime just like you said. There's so many anime series I love! Like Boku no Hero, Attack on Titan, Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, Love Live, Black Butler, Lucky Star and so on! Gaaaaaaaah I'm rambling again! I do love to ramble though. That's fun. Hmm.. I do enjoy cosplay as well but I do mostly boy cosplays like Ciel from Black Bulter. Don't ask why. Aaaaaaanyway I love to dance a lot.. I love to hang out with my brother a lot cause he's so fun to be with! Hmmm.. I do like to paint even know they look like a filly would draw them. Oh! I love to sing nearly allllllllllllllllllllll the time! And.. My brother and I are the Dynamic Duo together and we make random references together. Even when we are confused. I mean who wouldn't want to get lost? Other than Dynamo" She laughed, finishing off her reference that she couldn't quite remember where she got it from.
  9. UGH! Apparently a "friend" of mine thinks I'm immature! And I pissed her off! For what? Telling the truth?! That's not fair

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  10. Does anyone want their OC involved in a huge picture I'm planning to draw?

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      Here's my OC for reference:


      And his cutie mark, in case needed:


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      I'm down if you want to put Meson in. :grin:

  11. Damn okay.. Little question that have been bothering me all this time. How long would it take to completely drain out the earth's water using ONLY 1 bucket?
  12. You guys know about mood swings? I'm having one right now. Yay

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  13. Heya! I don't really know you well but judging from your art.. it's amazing! So.. two questions that I normally ask (if you get to them) 1. Do you like pie? 2. How long have you been drawing for?
  14. *Leaves you a Cup of Coffee* 

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