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  9. @Dynamo Pad Luna gave Naruto a dead-serious look on her face as to say there's no other way she would want it to be proven. She needed to see such confidence within Coconut and if she were to contain all that power and gave out her insecurities then she wouldn't be able to face the training head-on. She wished she could find another way for her but logically she needed to see the power Coconut held. Her eye may hold the answer to her solution but excuses won't be enough. The alicorn turned away from them and continued to speak. "There's no alternative. She holds such great power that could possibly be tamed with my help. If I don't get her to fight Hinata then later in the future... She will suffer the consequences. It's better to get that kind of power tamed rather than having no leash on it at all." Once Luna explained her point, her attention drew over towards Coconut and Dynamo. Her eyes widen as she realized something. Maybe Dynamo can help Coconut boost her confidence and control her eye. From the looks of it, Coconut does seem pretty calm when she's next to Dynamo. She lowered her head in thought before raising it again and turning her head towards Naruto and Hinata. "I suppose we can postpone it..." Coconut started to maintain her breathing patterns while closing her eyes from the warm embrace of the hug. Her smile eventually came back to her as she felt much safer... calmer within Dynamo's presence. A soft blush appeared on her tanned cheeks but that didn't bother her. She felt safe and that only mattered to herself. "Thank you... You know, I feel much safer with you around. I feel more confident... happy and such. You truly are my best friend and nothing will ever change that. Even if you get yourself a special someone... I'll be rooting for you, Dynamo-kun."
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  12. @Dynamo Pad Luna's face went dead serious as she listened to Naruto's question. It is quite nice knowing that Dynamo is now going to be her successor but something needs to be done about Coconut and her power. With her posture still staying the same, Luna replied to Naruto's question with her dead serious expression plastered on her face. "While it is nice to know that Dynamo is capable for the training ahead of him, I'm not too sure about Coconut. While you two were fighting, I told Coconut and Hinata that they would need to fight each other in order for Coconut to learn how to control her power from her eye. She has no choice in this. She has to fight Hinata whether she likes it or not. Then I'll truly see if she's ready for the same training Dynamo Pad will do." Hinata just shook her head, still disapproving of the idea of Coconut fighting her. She didn't want the pegasus to have such a low disadvantage within the fight and she knew the Pegasus doesn't have a lot of self-esteem. "Princess Luna... I know how much you want to see Coconut's power but I keep telling you. It's not going to work. She doesn't know how to control her power within her eye. There has to be another way!" Coconut continued to sob very quietly, clearly worried for the unicorn. She didn't want him to be in so much pain, it hurt her to see him in so much pain. These thoughts kept annoying her constantly until he woke up. She gasped, her eyes still continued to water. Her frown turned into a soft pained smile. He was okay! She wrapped her arms around the unicorn lightly and hugged him. "D-Don't scare me like that! I-I thought I lost you! T-That fight scared me and I was worried about you the entire time!"
  13. @Dynamo Pad *Before the fight/During the fight...* Coconut just stood there in shock as Naruto challenged Dynamo to a fight. She didn't know what to do. Compared to them, she was quite weak and her eye did irritate her in more ways than one. Sweat trinkets rolled down her face rapidly, her eyes shrunk to the size of peas and her body just began shaking. "OH GOD, WHAT DO I DO!? THEY'RE SERIOUSLY GOING TO FIGHT!? RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!? WHAT IF HE HURTS HIMSELF DURING THE FIGHT!? WHAT IF NARUTO GOES TOO HARD ON HIM. OH CELESTIA, WHAT DO I DO!?!?" Her mind zoomed around with unanswered questions and conclusions that could possibly bring the mare to tears. Hinata immediately noticed Coconut's panic attack and quickly rushed over towards the mare's side, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Are you okay Coconut? Are you nervous about the fight between Naruto and Dynamo? Then there's nothing to worry about. He has done this for many years and he knows his limits." Coconut looked over at Hinata with the same amount of fear still present in her eyes. Even though Hinata was right, she couldn't help but worry about Dynamo and if he was going to survive the entire battle. It's not like she could actually fight herself. Well, she could but it would be hard to control. Her best option would be to stay out of their way. "W-Well I'm worried that Dynamo might not even survive! I-I know he has power and potential to grow but isn't this a bit excessive? Even for Naruto's sake?" Luna immediately responded to Coconut's statement with a cold, harsh tone of voice... enough that would make her stay silent for the rest of the fight... For now. "If Dynamo wants to grow out his power and overcome his enemies in the near future then this is his chance to prove himself worthy to be my successor. If he can truly fight him with such confidence to be my successor then so be it. Don't think you're getting off scot-free Coconut. You will also need to prove yourself by fighting Hinata." This comment caught both Hinata and Coconut off-guard. Was she actually serious? Hinata couldn't help but stare at the princess in disbelief while Coconut... just started to panic more and more. "W-Wait... Fight Hinata? But I'm weak against her! I can't control my eye, never mind the power within it! Princess Luna, please! You have to give me more time to let me control my power before I fight her!" Coconut's words were getting more and more desperate as she tried to extend the time power to actually activate the power within her eye. She didn't know how to control it and being a pegasus, things weren't going to be easy for her. Hinata nodded along with Coconut, rubbing her arm slightly. "I agree... You even said it yourself that her power is quite uncontrollable and it would take her a while to control it. If she were to fight me, it would put her at a disadvantage and potentially lose confidence very quickly. Princess Luna, you have to understand..." Luna sighed and decided to ignore them, more interested in the fight than arguing with the two females. She could see the fight was getting intense and how determined Dynamo was to defeat Naruto. Such determination like that showed the alicorn such interest in the unicorn. If he kept this up and control his power at the same time, he could be more powerful than Naruto and herself combined. Eventually, the fight died down with the blue unicorn passing out in Naruto's arms. Hinata smiled towards her husband, knowing that he did a good job-fighting Dynamo. Luna closed her eyes briefly before finally opening her eyes up fully and sending her approval towards Naruto. Dynamo was truly ready to be Luna's successor. While this was all happening, Coconut immediately raced over towards the curled up male and sat down next to him, petting his head lightly. Tears were already forming in her eyes as she continued to pamper her best friend Dynamo. Hinata noticed this but decided to leave them alone. She didn't want to disturb their moment and Coconut was already calming down just by being next to Dynamo. Her gaze turned toward Princess Luna as she spoke up. "So Princess Luna?" "...He's ready."
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