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  1. I'm just tired and wanting to sleep honestly. Recovering from wisdom teeth removal has it's pros and cons I suppose.
  2. Where do I begin? I have a MILLION OCs outside of the MLP fandom. All ranging from Danganronpa, Yandere Simulator, FNAF... the list goes on and on. I would explain ALL of them but I'll be writing an essay by the time I'm done.
  3. Hello! How are you all doing today? :oh_golly:

  4. Aye! The new banner looks so cool! :D

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  5. ...A Hat in Time is a good game, :oh_golly:

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  6. Yes hello. You have my attention. Like what he said above, do you have something in mind for the 1x1 RP?
  7. *I leave you a muffin*

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  8. Yep! But I'll be graduating this year! In about 3 months, I'll be out of school forever. Currently I'm a senior.
  9. Why does eating ice hurt? :sealed:

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      My guess is the sensitivity to the cold that our teeth seem to generally have. Coldsitivity. :fluttershy:

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      Even if it's crushed ice?

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      Most likely. Usually we don't munch on cold stuff with our teeth (like ice cream for example, usually not munched), but ice itself is something that is crunched on, for the most part. 

  10. Hiya! It's nice to meet ya! I have a question for BOTH of you two! If you were to give up a food/dessert you enjoy for a week, what would it be and why?
  11. @Dynamo Pad Her ears perked up from his response and immediately changed her mind from her nickname. Her eyes wandered aimlessly over to his, as if a magnet was drawing her gaze towards his. Calling him senpai would be most suitable because she did look up to him a lot. But if he didn't like getting called that then she'll immediately stop calling him that. She just wanted him to be happy, that's it. She began to slightly panic, waving her hands infront of her face and stumbling upon her words. "S-S-S-Sorry!! I-I'll stop calling you t-t-that for now on! I-I'll call you Dyna-Kun for now on!! P-Please don't be disappointed in me!" Then she stopped to process his question, about that unusual world they were both in. She slowly lowered her arms, got her breathe stable, posture balanced and emotions in check before taking the time to think. The world that they were in was definitely different than the usual Equestria. For one, her idols were there and finding them in Equestria would be the equivalent of trying to confess to her crush... impossible. (well, in her mind anyways). Two, that was practically Dynamo's training ground to become the most powerful gamer in all of Equestria and three, the concept of time seemed to have vanished. As if time didn't exist in the first place. She could be thinking about this too deeply but she didn't want to disappoint him all ways possible. She wanted to impress him on this so-called "date" and one way to impress him was to actually think in the same mind set as his. She looked back at him, still looking quite puzzled and stating her reply, (while trying her best to stop stuttering) "To be honest, no. I wasn't thinking that this kind of e-event would happen honestly. But hey, I'm not c-complaining. Meeting my anime idols is like a dream come true, for one thing but actually getting trained by them? O-Only a true anime f-fan would ever dream of that! You're really lucky, D-Dyna-kun! I envy you!" She let out a soft giggle of amusement before continuing, "But besides that, I find that world v-very interesting. Something tells me we'll be entering that w-w-world a lot more often than we think."
  12. Bestieeeeeeeeeee! You're awesome. B)

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      Hmm...I think we both mad an accountable error bestie. There's a simple thing that we both can agree on that I believe is the correct answer. You and I are both superior, while also being worthy of being awesome of awesome. After all, us besties are also the goofy goobers, right? ;) 

      If that's the case, then we can both be awesome! :yay:

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  13. @Dynamo Pad Coconut could've swore she saw a light tint of pink upon his cheeks, but she shook off the thought indirectly. Maybe he was still exhausted from that huge battle he had with Naruto earlier. Such a battle like that would've drained all of his energy out of the unicorn. But it goes to show how much more powerful he was, compared to an ordinary pegasus with an eye problem. But going back to her point, if he was blushing then maybe it would be from all the teasing. She didn't know that's for sure. But like mentioned earlier, she brushed off the thought and would ask him at a later point. She listened to his response and paused for a moment. She has always called him Dyna-kun but she had never called him Dynamo-Senpai. It was quite weird of her to call him such a nickname but then again she blamed anime for teaching her the proper way of honorifics. Maybe she should go back to calling him Dyna-kun? But would he find her suspicious if she did so? Or would he even like her-!? Okay no. That'll be dumb. Coconut let out a soft awkward giggle, trying to distract her vision by staring at the uttermost useless object in the room. A drawing. While her eyes were distracted, she brought her free hand over to the back of her neck and rubbed it in such a fashion. "E-Erm-! S-Sorry! I-I'll go back to calling you Dyna-kun if it makes you uncomfortable!! I didn't mean to offend you!!" Smooth Coconut. Real Smooth.
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  15. @Dynamo Pad Meanwhile... Both Coconut and Dynamo had walked out from the portal with their fingers still intertwined. A soft sound echoed from behind them while the portal closed and vanished into the atmosphere. Everything was still the same of when they had arrived but except the sky was much more brighter than usual, probably indicating that they've been in that realm for the entire morning and it was now mid afternoon. Then something clicked into Coconut's head. She had forgotten that they had entered the portal through Luna's headquarters. She turned around to look for the portal they came out of but alas, it wasn't there anymore. All that was left is the sight of Luna's headquarters. She let out a soft sigh as she turned back and got out her phone. She clicked the small button on top of her phone and a dim light appeared on her phone. It showed a picture of Konata Izumi looking forward, overtaking the screen and making the common peace sign with both of her hands. But that wasn't important. The first thing Coconut took notice of was the time. It displayed as shown: 12:01pm Her eyes widen in shock from how fast the time flew past while they were inside the realm with Princess Luna, Naruto and Hinata. It seems as if time flew so fast they were already in the future... kinda. She clicked the small button again and the screen displaying in front of her went black, representing that she had turned off her phone. She placed her phone in her pocket and looked up at Dynamo Pad, the guy in whom she had a crush on. Her cheeks were tinted with the colour red and her facial expressions were showing quite a sign. Not to mention what Hinata whispered to her increased those expressions. But he was such a kind guy, funny too. He had everything she had wished for within a partner. Quirky personality, obsession with video games/animes, good looking, charming aura and the determination to overcome anything. She admired that within him. The mare just wished she had the confidence to actually confront him with her feelings but it would need to be at the right time, right place and correct mood. It would be completely idiotic to confess to him right here right now. She shook her head vigorously to escape these kind of feelings, not really wanting to think about it right now. As expected, the light tint upon her cheeks vanished. Breaking the silence between the two, Coconut spoke up. "So... That was certainly eventful, wasn't it, Dynamo-Senpai?" Before she could correct herself, she was kind of right to call him 'Senpai'. He was older than her, not younger. Calling him 'Dynamo-Kun' would imply that he's younger than her and she didn't want to disrespect him. After all, one wrong move and she's pretty sure that he will not like her anymore. Or worse, he'll tell her he wants to break up with her. She didn't want that. She wanted to stay by his side but she's afraid of the consequences. She tilted her head over at Dynamo, awaiting his response to her conversation starter.