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  1. VinylWubs

    The Journey Towards the Soul

    @Dynamo Pad Luna closed her eyes slowly and thought about her response. She could either tell him a segment of the truth or the entire truth. But, she didn't want to explain too much to him, in fear that Coconut might be too dangerous for Dynamo to handle. She opened her eyes and spoke up. "Coconut's magic is very... complicated to explain. Her magic is more complex than an average unicorn. Because of the cross of her eye, her emotions set out a certain type of magic that Coconut has no control over. It is far too dangerous for equestria to handle. Not even my dear sister can try to understand this type of magic. Our parents would of known this type of magic but we know so little that we have to keep it contained. For the sake of everyone's lives and our protection over equestria. If we can train her to control her magic, then she'll become no threat to outsiders. Even I don't understand it fully but yet... I still wonder how an odd condition became something so life threatening." "I know that you two have full potential and I know that you two can achieve such great heights with your strengths combined together. Kinda like Sasuke and Naruto~Kun for example. I won't go into detail about that, you would already know his story." Hinata replied, winking at Naruto with a small giggle. She returns to her calm manner and nodded her head at Naruto's explanation. "I'm sorry. I wish I could explain more but we fear that it'll be too much for you two to handle. Naruto and I have been informed about all of this from Luna and we would know about your futures. For now, this is the only logical explanation you two are getting." She looked away, wanting to tell them more. After a while of silence, she squeezed Naruto's hand and looked back at them, smiling. Coconut's face went bright red. "R-R-R-Relationship!? A-Are... you implying something?" She shook her head, hoping that the blush on her face would vanish. "U-Um... Yeah, I really look forward for our *friendship* to continue onwards as well!" She replied, suddenly getting lost into his golden eyes. She couldn't help it, those golden eyes help vanish all of her worries away and make her feel special. Coco did really like Dynamo a lot but... she was a bit too scared to tell him. It felt too soon and she didn't want to feel like she's rushing the relationship too much.
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  4. VinylWubs

    The Journey Towards the Soul

    @Dynamo Pad Luna let out a sadden smile, looking over at her student Dynamo with a look of concerned. "Dynamo... Firstly you must understand what's going on with Coconut. Yes, she isn't a unicorn yet there is hidden potential inside of her. Just like Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack and Fluttershy. They weren't unicorns yet they have magic potential inside of them. Well, Coconut is just like that but in a more... Complex perspective." Luna took a deep breath in and out before facing Dynamo again. "She will have to train along with you to control her powers. Because of her eye, it makes her emotions uncontrollable and that eyepatch seemed to cover her hidden talent to the public. But if this is untreated, I fear a great power ruining Equestria. Which is why, I have decided to help you two simultaneously. So that Coconut won't feel scared while controlling her power and you wouldn't feel lonely." She explained, nodding over to the two anime characters. Hinata approached them, smiling. "But just to get you started... Naruto~Kun and I will help you two get started. I know Princess Luna would like to train you two but she feels as if we need to explain things in easier terms. There is going to be a lot of obstacles in your training and Luna doesn't want to explain them just yet. She feels it's too soon to tell you two about the future... Right Naruto~Kun?" Poor Coconut just sat there, confused... unstable, dizzy and sore. She couldn't believe what they were saying. Herself had powers and needed to train with Dynamo? "W-What...? I don't understand... W-Why... M-My eye is... My eye. Is that the main reason why my eye gets so swollen easily when looking at battles?"
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    Coconut Crescent

    Coconut Crescent
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    General Do you consider yourself sensitive/strong?

    I'm merely the same as you but I'm extremely fragile to a lot of things. Like insults, arguments, shouting, hitting, slapping..heck even missing out important meetings. I would defend myself for most of the time but mainly, I would start crying because of there's nothing I can do. So don't worry, I'm more on the sensitive side as well. I'm just more of a crybaby.
  11. VinylWubs

    The Journey Towards the Soul

    @Dynamo Pad Hinata let out a soft giggle, seeing Dynamo hug her husband. It was adorable to see them getting along like long lost brothers who were separated at birth. Once Dynamo was finished talking to Naruto, her attention was caught off guard by how much Dynamo loved her. A soft blush appeared on her face but her smile stayed the same. "T-Thank you Dynamo. But I am rather surprised that you had a crush on me, considering that I'm from my husband's own anime. But still, thank you for liking me. Back then, I was quite naive about a lot of things. Including love for a fact but because of Naruto Kun.. I have finally released the power of love. Maybe you will find love one day." Hinata explained, petting his head lightly with a soft chuckle. Coconut teared up, lifting up her eyepatch to fully see the two couple. She raced over toward Hinata and hugged her, trying her best not to sob in happiness. Hinata was taken back a little from the forced hug but glad returned the hug back. "I-I can't believe it.. you're real. Y-You were one of my favourite characters and I loved it when you had that first kiss with Naruto. I-I couldn't stop squealing for weeks on edge. But you also helped me to ignore those who bully me because of my eye. You and Naruto truly are my idols." She whispered, the same bright flash came from her eye again. Hinata was going to reply to her until she noticed the flash within Coconut's eye. She looked at Luna with a concerned expression on her face. "Princess Luna? Coconut's eye is glowing." "... Then she must be ready to advance with her powers."
  12. VinylWubs

    The Journey Towards the Soul

    @Dynamo Pad Coco looked at the portal, feeling a little nervous about what's going to happen on the other side. Were they in trouble? Did they do something offensive? Many thoughts were racing through her minds until Dynamo squeezed her hand reassuring. From then, all the worries just simply swept away and made her focus on the present. She glanced over at Dynamo and smiled gently, squeezing his hand back reassuringly. "Ready as you are." She replied, entering the portal. Luna noticed the couple walking in. She smiled and greeted them. "Greetings, Dynamo and Coconut. You arrived here just on time. I'm glad you two are here because.. a particular couple wants to talk to you two." She said, pointing over at Naruto and Hinata. Hinata smiled at them sweetly, noticing Coconut's eyepatch. "Hello Dynamo and Coconut. We've been expecting you two for a while now. While we hadn't have the chance to talk you two personally, now we can because of Princess Luna. You may already know who I am, don't you? As long with my husband." Coco's eyes went wide as soon as her vision focused onto Naruto and Hinata. She already felt like a fan girl to meet her favourite couple and characters from the anime but meeting them personally? That'll take a lot to believe it. "I-I don't believe it.. Y-You two.. are actually real?!"
  13. VinylWubs

    The Journey Towards the Soul

    @Dynamo Pad She sighed before hearing Dynamo asking if she was okay, giving a nod frantically. "O-Of course I'm okay! It's just a little sore from being behind this eyepatch all the time. It does this all the time so it'll wear off eventually. Don't worry about it Dynamo Kun, I'll be okay." She lied, trying to give him a confident smile to prove her point correct. On the inside, she hated lying to Dynamo about what's happening to her but if it means keeping her powers a secret to him.. it's one that she had to get along with. The bright flash faded away after a period of time has passed. She was quite relieved about this. Now she couldn't worry about her eye acting up again and continue on like nothing had happened to her. Coco really wanted to tell Dynamo the whole truth about her eye and how it came to be but since they were merely nothing more than close friends, she wasn't ready to tell him. She had to keep it secret. The guards finally approached Luna's headquarters. "What you are about to see may shock you both but Princess Luna has called you two here for a reason." One of the guards explained, opening the door and revealing a portal within her room saying "Please walk into the portal. You two may see some one very familiar." "They're here. Hinata and Naruto. Whatever you do, don't tell them that they need to become a couple. That's up to them to decide." Luna explained towards the couple, noticing a nod from Hinata. Looks like she had got the message well and clear. She stood there, holding Naruto's hand and smiling at Luna. "Naruto, are you ready to see Dynamo Pad and Coconut Crescent?"
  14. VinylWubs

    The Journey Towards the Soul

    @Dynamo Pad Coco rubbed her head awkwardly, giggling at his comment. "This ain't an airplane Dynamo. This is a chariot from the princesses themselves. Only those wo are requested or are extremely lucky will get to sit in these. But I'm surprised they didn't give me such a strange look at my eyepatch, despite it being out in the open." She replied, looking out the chariot and smiling at the view of Canterlot. It really did feel like she was on top of the world. She let out a relaxed smile, looking up at Dynamo and how he's keeping her close to him. She didn't complain, it felt nice to be held like this. It really does feel like they're a couple... not literally. Once they arrived at the castle and with the help of Dynamo, she got off the chariot and smiled at the guards. a strange light flashed from within her eyepatch but she didn't realise this until she saw the light. Coco unfolded her wing and covered her glowing eyepatch until it stopped. What the hell is going on with her? Who knows? "Shall we head over towards Princess Luna's room Dynamo?" She asked, noticing some guards starting to escort them towards Luna's room. "Yeah Luna.. how powerful are they?" (I can't remember the colour) "Too powerful. If they tried to control it, they'll turn into something terrifying that scares even me. Dynamo's power is matching yours Naruto. It's almost like there's a spirit animal inside him." Hinata gasped, realising what she meant. "It's just like when Naruto summoned the nine tailed kitsune!"
  15. VinylWubs

    Give the user above you a motto/catchphrase!

    (I love you for referencing that) Like my halloween costume? I'm half a pony and a changling!