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  1. @Dynamo Pad Console smiled and got up while watching Celestia fly off to the infirmary with Coconut. "That's my brother I know and love! You don't want Coconut to worry about you right? So I suggest we should get going right now. So when she walks up, she'll see us there for her. Do you want to see her precious smile and hear her voice when she wakes up? Exactly. Now come on. Guards, lead us there immediately!" She said to the guards with a determined look on her face. The guard looked over at his mate before nodding nervously. "Y-Yes, of course. We shall lead you the way to the infirmary for your friend. We are terribly sorry for treating you two like local commoners. Please. Follow us." He said, making his way towards the room with Dynamo and Console behind him. The journey was quite quiet but tough. More stairs were in their presence and this wasn't helping Console keep up. Stairs were her biggest weakness and she had to face them again. Such joy was washed over her face. After a while of endless stairs, they have finally arrived at the infirmary.
  2. @Dynamo Pad The other guard looked over at the princess and gulped. "P-P-P-Princess Celestia! We were just following orders from a stallion that told us these 3 were trouble makers your highness! They have come here with a pale Pegasus and they are wanting access into the castle without your permission!" He said, making Console roll her eyes in annoyance. "Oh really? And what did this stallion say to you two hmm?" She asked him with a serious look on her face. "H-He said to not let you three in because you guys have hurted ponies that aren't evil and broke multiple laws under the highnesses name" He replied with a scared look on his face. Console facepalmed herself before hugging her brother close to her. "Hey hey.. It's okay Dynamo.. Remember.. What would Brian Boitano do in this situation? Would he be a chicken or would he have a plan and follow it?" She whispered to him with a determined look on her face. She wasn't going down without a fight and she ain't letting her brother fall into a void where he can not escape on his own.
  3. @Dynamo Pad "Coco-Cham? You mean Coconut bro? And what happened to her? She looks very pale and is that blood?! Oh my Celestia! We need to get help from the princesses as soon as possible!" She panicked, running with her older brother while watching Coconut in his arms. It seemed that he was extremely worried for her. Not because Coconut was some random mare he met, because the look on his face was more obvious to Console's point of view. There were many stairs. Too many to keep count. Her running speed slowed down dramatically the more she climbed up the stairs. How can the princesses live like this?! So many stairs and I can see so many more to go! Why do they need stairs in order to get anywhere? Can't they use their wings and horns to get into the castle. Wait. If they got rid of the stairs then it'll be impossible for earth ponies to get in but Unicorns will manage to find a way inside. Never mind me. Anyway.. I'm nearly there. Finally she arrived on top of the stairs to see a lot of guards blocking the entrance towards the palace.
  4. @Dynamo Pad Coconut winced and got up weakly. "N-No.. I-I don't think so.. I-I cant feel both of my legs.. That's just it.. Everything else is fine but my knees.. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming back for me Dynamo. How can I repay you for your loyalty?" She asked, holding onto his shoulders because her balance wasn't doing so well. She looked at him before blushing gently. H-He's.. So nice, calm, caring, charming and so brave. Am I falling for him..? No! Coconut! You need to stop thinking these things and get your head back. But wait. I can't walk properly. It'll take us forever if I had to limp all the way to the castle. Will.. Will he carry me there.. Since he's so gentle and kind to me. I wonder.. If I could make him something just to show my gratitude. Wait.. Why is everything going dark? Oh Celestia.. Help me.. "D-Dyna-Kun.." She whispered before passing out on his shoulder from the lack of blood.
  5. @Dynamo Pad Console let go of the hug before wrapping a wing around her. "Yea, you're right bro! Cosmic would love to ruin her life and use her as a toy! Let's go get it back!" She said as she was helping Coconut put on her bag. Once sorted, they began running with Dynamo. True they were Pegasuses but they couldn't be bothered flying all the way to the castle. Coconut sniffled as she ran and ran behind them. "I'm so worried for my figure! I just hope Princess Luna has my figure from that stallion. He wasn't the kindest pony around here but I don't want anything of mine broken or lost." Coconut said while running. Suddenly she tripped over and face planted onto the concrete. She winced gently at the friction and tried to call out for Dynamo and Console. Nothing. She looked at her knee to see it was bleeding.
  6. Oh hey, I got summoned. Awesome! @Digital Blitz come here and make me proud!
  7. @Dynamo Pad Coconut looked over at her bag and checked her bag. "Yep.. Yep.. Got that,, got my poster.. My money.. My manga.. My phone.. My Kon- Wait. Where is she?! Oh Celestia! Please don't tell me I lost her! She cost me $350!!" She panicked, looking through her bag for her precious Konata. Nothing. Everything else was there but not her figure. "Noooooooo! I lost her! She's not in here! I lost my last piece for my Lucky Star collection! I had all the characters and I needed Konata! But now I can't find her! Oh I'm hoping somepony didn't throw it away and treat it as trash!" She said with a worried tone in her voice. Console looked around and hugged Coconut, making the yellow mare jump a little before relaxing in the hug. She hugged Console back before starting to cry gently, her hair was covering her left eye as she continued to sob.
  8. @Dynamo Pad Console groaned, rubbing her head gently as she got up from the ground. "I thought that taxi was.. That bakery guy.. Didn't you remember..? Ughhhhhhhh my head.." She said, shaking her head just to get her mind clear. "Okay.. I think I'm good for now.. Head is still working and I can still see. Means that I'm still able to work properly. But damn that idiot.. He makes me so angry I just want to!!" The Pegasus said, jumping up and down in anger like a child that is throwing a temper tantrum over nothing at all. Coconut rubbed her head before nodding calmly. "I'm fine thank you.. Head still feels wozey but it'll come back to me eventually.." She said as she supported herself onto the floor with a short groan. "Are you okay? You got pushed pretty hard by him and I would hate for you to be hurt badly"
  9. @Dynamo Pad Console rolled her eyes in annoyance. "See? You're doing it again. All bark but no attack. That method is getting pretty boring, isn't it? Also me? Feisty? HA! Feisty for what? Your heart? Pffffffft. I have you know under these bandages are your nightmares. You're lucky I was in a happy mood earlier. Otherwise I would of punched you all the way to Yakyakistan! And you jerk.. You NEVER use a mare just for others pain. That's not on. Why would you dare use him?! And call me sweetheart again and i will make sure you won't see the light of day ever again. Especially princess. You have been warned Mr.. Just stay away from me.. My brother and that mare and we will go along as we never saw you here today.." Suddenly the yellow Pegasus came back to see them arguing. "H-Hey! W-what's going on? I can hear you three from a mile away. Wait.. You're that stallion that winked at me.." She said, walking over to Cosmic. She tilted her head curiously before looking at Console and Dynamo. "What's going o-""Stay back from him! He's a dirty liar and he wants to use you for his own personal needs! I recommend you back away from him right now or you'll get hurt badly by him Coconut.." Console said with a serious look in her eye, making Coconut back away from Cosmic quickly.
  10. So what would Brian Boitano do?

    1. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      He would make a plan and he would follow through. Because that's what Brian Boitano would do.

    2. VinylWubs


      Yay! Thanks bestie!

    3. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      Your welcome bestie! :D

  11. @Dynamo Pad Comsole growled. "Oh ha ha ha. Nice joke there Dogsmic. No wait, you don't getting called Dogsmic. Hmm.. What's a better way to call you? Mocksmic, Clodmic? I personally thinks Dogsmic is a good name for you since you all you do is bark and no attack. Hmph.. I would never fall in love with a cockroach like you. You can go kiss a cactus for all I care. You deserve something more dangerous than innocent. But who am I kidding? You won't find love. All you'll do is be a big wimp about it and come crawling to us like if we hurt your precious little feelings. I'm so sorry life isn't treating you so good. Maybe you need to go take a hike and.. Oh I don't know.. Jump off a cliff? That'll teach you a lesson." She said with a cocky laugh, looking straight into Cosmic's eyes with a hint of "I want you to leave now" in her eyes. She suddenly gasps about him mentioning Coconut. "Don't you dare get into her way! Or I swear to Celestia, you can kiss your life good bye. She doesn't want anything to do with you and I suggest you live it as that. Besides, what happened with that girl you flirted with 2 years ago? What was her name? Khloe I think? She was the perfect match for you. Unless you dropped her just so you can use other ponies like Coconut? Listen here buddy. I know your tricks, I know your lies and I want NONE of that- Wait.. You got a letter from Princess Luna as well? My Celestia.. Well.. All I'm going to tell you is.. You're going to get your precious flank kicked into space. Why? Oh, it's nothing special but my brother is the video game master around here!" The Pegasus said, trying her hardest not to punch him in the face.
  12. @Dynamo Pad Console smiled before squeezing his hand back happily. "We'll see about that bro. I mean, she didn't look like she was seeing anyone at the moment. Maybe we could catch up to her later once our business with Princess Luna is complete." She replied before holding her older brother close to her happily. "Who knows? You can start calling her cute names if you two flirt with each other but I doubt that'll happen anytime some. Besides, you just need to avoid Cosmic's ways and hopefully we can carry on with our lives. And you're right. Ice cream has a special place in my heart. I would eat it every day if I had the chance too but oh well. It'll get me sick and possibly vomit from too much ice cream. Haha. Would I care? Properly not." She said happily before hearing a booming voice behind her. She turned around to see.. Him.. Her least favourite pony and enemy in the entire world. Why on earth would he come onto the same train as them and suddenly mock them like good old days? Her mind was asking so many questions yet not one answer was in sight. "Oh hello Dogsmic.. Fancy seeing you around here. I was just speaking about you. I thought you had changed since last time but you still have this bad boy attitude? Hmph, what have you been up to this time? Using ponies as your weapon and trying to make ponies fall in love with you? Please. No one would ever love a liar like you Dogsmic.." She growled, suppressing her anger just so she wouldn't attack him right there on the spot.
  13. I really need fan art of some OCs I ship :/

    1. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      I know that feeling very well, bestie. 

  14. @Dynamo Pad Console smiled as she watched the mare wave to them before leaving with a gentle hum. "See? You two have a lot in common! And I knew you would man up your game and talk to her properly. I'm so proud of you! And nice pun Dynamo. It did make me a softee after a while. I wish we could of got one before we left but oh well. You owe me an icecream when we get back home bro. Anyway. I think she was.. If she described any neon green unicorn that glared at us then that's Cosmic.. Dang! I thought we lost him for good! Ugh! Now I'm pissed! I thought had had changed and became a nice man but nooooooooo he's still his usual self! Come on, we're leaving the train immediately before trouble comes apon us!" She growled, grabbing him by the hand and walking towards the door with a pissed off face
  15. @Dynamo Pad Console nods before looking over at her brother with a clear smile. "don't worry! You're letting those small things pop into your brain. You have grown up since then and you need to show him you're the boss around here. Anyway. I wonder too what's under her eye. Oh well, it must be a mystery that we don't know how to solve. And I remember that day clearly.. One pony twisted my hooves on purpose all because he was greedy for that manga. You took me to the ice cream truck and ordered a strawberry and chocolate icecream. You always know how to cheer me up bro. And I am grateful since then." "Oh yes! The creator and I have been friends ever since primary so we know each other pretty well. It's amazing to see the art work improve day by day but at least I don't have to suffer long queues of violent ponies.. Eheheheheh.. No offence if you two were in that nut case. And you have no idea. It's difficult to try keep all of the spoilers to myself even though I want to share it with so many ponies. It's saddening but true. Wait. Did you say you love anime and manga? Same here! I've been a fan ever since I started watching Naruto. It's an amazing anime and I recommend it to you if you haven't seen it. Oh right! It's nice to meet you Dynamo. My name is Coconut Crescent. Though you can call me Coconut. Will I see you around? Also, that unicorn was glaring at you and your sister if I'm right. He doesn't look safe.. Well.. Seya!" She said, trotting off happily with her bags and manga.