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  1. Hey V, you still have discord?

    1. VinylWubs


      Yeah I do


    2. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      I'm a bit more active there, if you want to talk ever.

  2. Give the user above you a motto/catchphrase!

    (I love you for referencing that) Like my halloween costume? I'm half a pony and a changling!
  3. Give the user above you a motto/catchphrase!

    I haven't seen sunlight in 40 years yet I'm handsome as ever!
  4. The Journey Towards the Soul

    @Dynamo Pad Coconut smiled and nodded at him. "Yeah. While posh ponies hate the idea of video games and want it erased from existence, fillies and colts alike would spend hours just playing video games at this game centre. Games like Smash Brothers, Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wind, Minecraft, Fortnite, Overwatch, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 4 and so much more. Name a video game and I'm certain they have it." She explained, softly giggled before nodding at his comment. "I agree. I feel like someone is controlling me to do all of this. To walk, talk, jump, eat and sooner later.. fall in love." Her voice got a bit quiet as she phrased her last words. Her face got even redder than before and was quite noticeable from Dynamo's vision. She shook her head to try get the blush off her cheek. "Eheheh.. Sorry.. I got carried away. A-Anyways! I think your sister will enjoy the arcade here! It's called "Gamer's Paradise". It's really easy to spot-" Speak of the devil. The arcade was literally 3 blocks away yet it was so tall, it could be a giant sky scraper. "Holy Celestia.. when I said it was really easy to spot, I guess I did tell the future." She laughed, forgetting about her blush that was slowly disappearing from her face. All of a sudden, a chariot appeared in front of them (from your previous post) with a guard informing them about taking them to Princess Luna. Coconut got a little startled about it, trying to believe if it actually came from the castle or heaven. Either way, this chariot will take them to Luna. "Talk about air travel.." She whispered to Dynamo before thanking the guard and getting into the chariot. Luna didn't flench at Naruto's outburst and sighed, shaking her head. "Naruto Uzumaki.. I will tell them but it's not the right time. I don't want to get them scared about the future yet. Just be grateful that Dynamo has found a special somepony and nothing bad has happened to Console YET." She replied, giving Naruto a small glare before letting out a frustrated sigh and turned towards Hinata (who has been quiet for some time now). "Hinata Hyūga? Do you have anything to say about all this?" The alicorn asked, a small shake from the girl is her only reply. "Not really.. I-I just hope everything goes according to plan. I know you have a plan for them Princess Luna and I trust you.. I'm just worried if it might backfire. I'm not saying it as a bad thing but still... what happens if all else fails?" Luna just smiled at the woman and turned towards Naruto. "Then you both will teach them how to release their powers from the depths of their souls.."
  5. That moment when you think you have school but it's the weekend. XD

    1. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      I think that happened to me once when I was in grade school. XD

  6. Gaming Doki Doki Literature Club Club

    God I love Doki Doki literature club! I played it at least 20 times and got all the endings (Yes even the "quick" ending)
  7. The Journey Towards the Soul

    @Dynamo Pad Coco smiled and held his hand back, starting to push through the crowds while still holding onto Dynamo's hand. Many ponies were such in a rush that they managed to trip over Coco at least twice. She grunted, struggling to keep a firm grip on his hand. Was this nightmare going to end? Mostly likely no. Finally after a few minutes, Coco and Dynamo were out of the swarming ponies. "Finally.. we're out of there. You have no idea how bad that crowd was! And it wasn't like this last year. Must because of the gaming centres that opened." She said to him with an awkward chuckle, rubbing her neck awkwardly. When he complimented her, her cheeks went bright red in embarrassment. "O-Oh thank you! I-I know it's kinda fancy but.. I kinda wanted to make a good first impression! ... I-I mean it's our first date after all." The pegasus replied, looking away from him in total embarrassment. "It seems so but I can sense a great future for both of them, excluding his sister because all I can see is meeting a business pony and getting involved in a club.. I don't want to go into detail." She shivered, seeing that Naruto's attention has turned to her. Hinata wanted to ask her something but decided to keep her mouth shut. She wasn't that experienced like Naruto is and yet she is more of the silent type. She finally made her decision to let Luna and Naruto talk.
  8. My goodness.. It's been too long!

    1. Pvt. Cerberus

      Pvt. Cerberus

      It really has been a while, welcome back :) 

    2. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      Hey Vinyl! Missed you! *showers her with pies* x3

  9. Happy Birthday VinylWubs! 

  10. So.. 3 years and 2-3 days ago, I joined this welcoming family called MLPforums. I'm so happy that I have been part of this community for a long time.. Even if I don't get on to check anymore. Eheheheheh.. But thank you all and I love you guys. You guys are my second family and a huge impact on my life. :)

  11. The Journey Towards the Soul

    @Dynamo Pad Coconut looked around the train station for any sight of Dynamo or the train he's on. Suddenly a chugging noise approached the station, screeching to slow down very slowly. The noise of clopping can be heard from ponies around. It looks like the train has just arrived yet there is so many ponies here. The carriage's doors open, releasing all the ponies inside. One by one, more pones came out of the train to meet up with their friends, families, loved ones or business partners. Many of which were already bustling out to meet up with ponies alike. Coconut smiled, feeling confident that she'll find Dynamo. She noticed her phone buzz but didn't bother to reply to him back. What's the point of texting someone if you are about to meet up with them in a minute? Damn it Coco! Why can't you find him. He should be extremely easy to spot. Hmm.. he's wearing his gamer jacket.. that should be obvious.. A-and he is light blue with a curved horn. I haven't met anyone with a curved horn before. Heck I think 10% of unicorns in Equestria have curved horns. I must ask him where he got his curved horn from. AGH! Now's not the time to think about curved horns Coco!! You need to look for Dynam-! Suddenly her train of thought was interrupted when she heard a familiar voice call out. It sounded a lot like Dynamo's voice! She started walking towards where the voice was coming from. Along the way, she accidently bumped into ponies that weren't too friendly with her. She had to apologise before continuing to find Dynamo. Man, why is Canterlot so busy around this time of year? Yesterday wasn't THIS bad and last year was 30% smaller than this. Jeez, maybe taking a plane to fly over to Ponyville will be less crowded than Canterlot station. After a while, she found the stallion with the curved horn, light blue skin, wearing a gamer jacket and matches the voice to Dynamo. Who else wouldn't it be? It was Dynamo Pad himself! "Dynamo!" She called out, running over to him and hugging him. Luna closed her eyes and nodded gently. "Yes, Coconut seemed to be in Dynamo's future. I can see great power in them. Powers.. like yours Naruto and Hinata. But Coconut seems to be hiding her true self towards Dynamo.. the 6 plus eye is quite most the most deadly form that Coconut can gain. It's so powerful, it could kill nearly millions of ponies in the speed of light.. even herself if she can't control it.. without our help. While she may be adjusting to her life through her eyepatch, she has to take it off to reveal all of her powers to Dynamo." Luna explains towards Hinata and Naruto, leaving Hinata speechless.
  12. ..... 2 weeks until Christmas!

    1. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      2 weeks? More like 4... maybe time passes differently down there. :P

  13. Huh.. So Christmas is in 5 weeks... START THE COUNTDOWN FOLKS!!!

    1. CoffeeHoof


      meh; stores started THAT countdown while the nightmare night goods were still on clearance :)

    2. PuddingPonyPal


      I'm hoping to make thread for Christmas hype stuff. Should I make it now?

    3. CoffeeHoof


      I have noticed the movie stuff is ramping up NOW, rather than during the main run itself. That could just be the lag for UK vs US, but could also be positioning for the xmas market. It's a shame they couldn't get the DVD out for xmas too.

  14. The Journey Towards the Soul

    @Dynamo Pad Console waved as she watched her older brother leave the house. She smiled, feeling so proud of her brother that she started to tear up a bit. No, she couldn't let Dynamo know that she was crying.. She had to be tough. For both him and herself. She wiped the tears away from her eyes and smiled happily. While she was walking towards the train station, Coco walked towards a mirror in a shop to see how she looked. She was wearing a blue dress that went to her knees, a purple jersey that is 3 sizes bigger than her and some white shoes. She giggled at the sight of herself, spinning in a circle before nodding. Once satisfied with herself, she continued making her way towards Canterlot station. It was quite busy today. Ponies rushing around, fillies that were playing tag, sounds of chatter filled the air and so much more. While she hated being in crowds, she had no choice but join the crowd as well. Suddenly her phone buzzed. She took out her phone and smiled seeing his response. While waiting for him, she replied. Coco: "I'm still quite curious about those silhouettes as well. They reminded me of an anime I watched when I was younger because of their familiar appearances. Then again I could be bluffing. Also awwwwwww! Dynamo! It's very sweet of you to ask me on a date, even though we just met yesterday. But I get the feeling that it's been longer than that, don't cha think? Also oh my Celestia.. You watch 'him' too?! He's hilarious! Just his rage makes me want to roll onto the floor and laugh like an idiot. He's my favourite to watch. Anyways.. Thanks for the offer but I think I might be fine with my games.. I mean, I nearly finished that South Park game! Mitch Conner is really hard to beat!!! >-< Seya soon Dynamo!" Meanwhile Hinata nodded, still feeling nervous on what will happen. "I know, he surely does have great power when it came to gaming. I mean he snapped when he realised that clown was cheating just to become Luna's apprentice and possibly take over the gaming world.. That'll be terrible if 'he' won and Dynamo lost." She replied, looking up at her lover before giving him a soft yet calming smile. "I hope so Naruto kun. I can see such great power inside Dynamo. Don't you see it? It's trapped in his soul and it wants to come out. All Luna has to do is train him so he can control it without weakening himself"