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  1. Sometimes I wonder what humanity would do if Corona didn't exist. Would it still be ruining our Earth?

  2. @Dynamo Pad Her heart is pounding almost out of her chest right now from that sudden eye connection. When their eyes met, she felt a sense of completion and belonging. Just something about those orange eyes made her think wonders and set off a fire upon her heart; a burning fire that she can never tame no matter how hard she tried. In a sense, it's both a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing because it means her feelings are confirmed true and she would have to tell him how she felt in a few days. However, the bad thing is that she won't be able to stop thinking her future with Dynamo would be and will she ever be something more than just a friend to him. Who knows? She might as well end up being his wife if things escalate- Okay no. That's jumping the gun a bit too much. She sighed with defeat, getting back up to her feet again and approaching the male unicorn. She leaned down to him and held out her hand, trying to not look at him directly. She didn't want to accidentally kiss him right there in the hallway, that's way too soon. From Dynamo's perspective, he could see her cheeks was much darker than usual. The mare then spoke up with an awkward giggle. "I guess we have to wait and see for the future, huh? W-Who knows? Y-You could j-just be a lonely gamer/weeb in the f-f-future and I'll b-be that crazy cat lady adopting t-ten cats a day! A-Anyways, let's get s-some free air. I t-think the atmosphere of the c-castle is affecting us. B-Besides, don't we have plans today?" If it wasn't for her looking away from Dynamo's eyes, she would've kissed him right there in the castle halls.
  3. @Dynamo Pad Coconut's face grew more darker as she listened to his answer. That's exactly what she had always wanted in terms of a partner. Someone understanding, nice, game addict, a big anime fan, patient, protective and frankly someone that'll accept her no matter the weather. If she thinks that the male she is thinking about has those traits, she's more than ready to become their girlfriend at any time. Not to mention, he's single! He confirmed that he was looking for a mare he can call his own and that doesn't really come out of a taken person's mouth... unless they're in an open relationship then that's different. She then looked up at the ceiling again with a gentle yet peaceful look on her face, practically daydreaming. "You know... t-that wouldn't be so bad, honestly. F-Finding the perfect mare would be d-difficult to say the l-least but there's always s-someone who wants to spend t-the rest of their l-life with you... S-Someone that is w-willing to be your player two..." To emphasize her point, her eyes drifted over to the unicorn among the words of 'player two'. Was this a sign? Maybe. But she immediately drifted back to the ceiling after a few seconds of glancing at him. She didn't want to confess that early right there in the castle, it had to be special and not to mention perfect. Not somewhere darkly lit. Although, she was a big fan of kissing in the dark... gosh, she's a full on romantic.
  4. For the first time in years, I finally cleaned out my laptop and it runs so much faster now. I'm so happy.

    1. EpicEnergy


      I'm glad your laptop has improved! :eager:

  5. @Dynamo Pad Coconut nodded in agreement, thinking of all the days she spent watching TheRunawayGuys every time she would come home from college when she was either having a great day or a horrible one. No matter, she would still watch it because back then that was filling the giant void of her uneventful life. Heck, even when she gets insulted of her eye, she would still watch TheRunawayGuys with tears in her eyes because she felt safe, secure and not in danger. But that was her college days. Now here we are in the present with her new friend, Dynamo, and she hopes he'll be able to fill the void of her uneventful life yet again... or better yet, be that special someone she has dreamed of ever since she was a young filly. But love at first sight is just a joke. There's no way he'll be the one. He might as well have a girlfriend and he hasn't told her anything about it. But she hoped not. She really liked him and becoming an item would really make her the happiest mare on the planet. Snapping back to reality, Coconut placed her right hand upon her right cheek and leaned upon it with a content expression displayed. She then spoke up. "I did forget that L-Lucah and Jon did get married... b-but they were such a cute c-couple! Honestly! I would a-a-absolutely love t-to have a gaming male a-as my partner! T-Think of all the g-games! S-Stuff like Mario Kart 8, P-Paper Mario, W-Wheel of Fortune, Banjo K-Kazooie and more! I-It would be heaven! Just imagining it right now is making me k-kinda excited for the f-future. D-Do you think you want t-to accomplish that dream a-as well? To find a-a mare you really like a-and game until the s-sun goes down and the moon rises, d-displaying all the wonderful stars in the s-sky... Just t-to kiss her a-among that beautiful display..." Coconut is pretty much a confirmed romantic at this point. Just thinking about her future is making her blush quite a lot. She had someone in mind in which she wants to confess too but she needs to make sure that it's at the right time, right place and the right atmosphere. Meanwhile Luna is overhearing the conversation and could only smile at Coconut's romantic ramblings. Hearing those thoughts were quite common for a mare her age but in front of her destined partner? That takes guts. Luna cannot remember if she ever had feelings for someone before but if she did, that would've been thousands of years ago. With a simple chuckle, Luna leaned upon the doorway and spoke to herself quietly. "I see those red strings weren't just a joke, just merely a reminder that they are destined to become a couple. Their relationship will be tested, no doubt, but I can see it blossoming into something magnificent. I wonder what my dear sister will think of this..."
  6. @Dynamo Pad Holy Celestia- FIVE HIT KNOCKOUT! There's no way she'll be able to top that. Sure her four hit did some serious damage but hearing five come out of his mouth is enough to wave the white flag. She raises her hands high, as if she's getting apprehended by security and shook them, indicating that she surrenders. "O-O-Okay! Okay! L-Let's call it a tie! I-It's obvious that we can't beat each other when it comes to p-puns!" She exclaimed with another fit of laughter coming out of her mouth. A few more minutes have passed and Coconut was now leaning against a wall, wiping her eyes with her wing while glancing over to the unicorn that was now sitting down. Thankfully she wasn't having another laughing fit or struggling to breathe because of too much laughter. Instead she placed a hand over her heart general area and started doing some breathing exercises to calm herself down. While she has that on standby, she spoke up once again. "O-Ohhh... My bad. I-I f-forgot that Chuggaaconroy, P-ProtonJon and NintendoCapriSun a-all run TheRunawayGuys... I-I watched a lot of t-their content a-and I still adore their p-playthrough of Little B-Big Planet with Luchajin collaborating o-o-on the side." Meanwhile, Luna had just came out of her room when he spied the two making puns and generally talking to each other. On one hand it was hilarious but on the other, they were acting like fillies. She pinches the bridge of her nose as she realized what she's getting herself into. Also while doing so, she closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh. Thankfully, she wasn't in their eye view for the time being.
  7. @Dynamo Pad Coconut was still trying to control herself from the fits of laughter thanks to Dynamo one upping her little comment about their relationship. Her breathing was now thrown out of the window because of how much laughter erupted from her mouth. She then wiped a single tear away from her left eye with her wind while still giggling like a school girl crushing on a boy they like. With some of her breathing trying to recover back and her mind was still at a stable condition for now, she started to think of a clever comeback for his stupid remark. It had to be smart, something witty, something he would never expect- ... A large smirk appeared on her face as she took a few moments to control her fits of laughter. Those words that Dynamo said were going to be his laugh. With holding herself back even more to not start laughing again, Coconut pitched in. "Aww, come on Dyna-kun! With their connectivity and their e-electrifying personalities, it doesn't take a big b-brain to know t-t-they would make a spark between t-them! I-I swear! You must have a charge b-b-because I'm finding myself very attracted to y-you!" Four hit knock out! There's no way Dynamo could possibly overcome her four hit attack that easily. It takes one to know one to overcome their challenge, after all. But now Coconut was howling in laughter and just now collapsed onto her knees, pounding the ground with her hand to try steady herself. She hasn't laughed like this ever since watching Pop Team Epic for the first time. Maybe he has heard of Pop Team Epic? It's a possibility she'll dwell on later. She's a bit too busy trying to recover herself from her laughing fit. Besides, what she didn't realize is that she made a pick up line to him. It just came to her in the heat of the moment. If Dynamo tells her after she has calmed down, boy will her face will be red. "A-A-Also! C-Chuggaaconroy is one o-of my favourite y-youtubers! I watched him play Little Big Planet!" She replied to his earlier comment in between gasps of air. Yeah, she ain't going to get over this laughing fit for a while.
  8. @Dynamo Pad Coconut frantically nodded her head, trying to shake off the obvious blush on her face. This male was pretty much screaming, 'be my girlfriend' right now and she had no idea how to respond to it. As soon as he mentioned if she wasn't feeling well, she frantically waved her hands in front of her face as her way to reassure him that she hasn't caught a cold. "Nononono! I'm perfectly fine! I'm j-j-just hot! That's all-" As soon as he started talking about his sister's ships, that almost flipped a switch in her mind to her serious and informative mode. Her blush vanished as she folded her arms in a playful way, thinking about the ships she liked. Well, she did like Deku x Uraraka, Momo x Todoroki, Froppy x Tokoyami and Denki x Jiro a lot... but to here him say that Console liked Deku x Todoroki made her laugh in amusement. Oh the poor, innocent filly. She gave Dynamo a mischievous smirk before speaking up yet again, this time sounding a lot more confident than earlier... With a very fake posh accent. "Oh the poor filly doesn't know what she's getting herself into! Personally, I love the pairing of Deku and Uraraka because their chemistry was already confirmed within the seasons. Not to mention Denki and Jiro also make quite the... shocking pair... between each other. Oh hoh hoh hoh~!" Her fake posh accent actually got her to make her start laughing her flank off, holding onto her sides to try stable herself from falling over. "Ahahaha! O-Oh my Celestia! I-I am such a filly for m-making jokes like these! Ahahahaha!"
  9. @Dynamo Pad Coconut's face couldn't get anymore redder by the second from what he said. Is he actually flirting with her? Is this a sign of true love or is wanting to tease her? Her mind could be imagined as tiny versions of her running around, waving their arms around as fire surrounds them all. Little office papers were scattered all across the room, sirens were going off and none of the Coconuts could be calmed down. In a way, they're screaming for help. This was only on the inside. But on the outside, Coconut was basically covering her face with her hands and crouching down to try make her tomato like face not so visible to Dynamo... but frankly, that wasn't working. Oh god oh god oh god... What do I do!? What do I say!? If I say something completely dumb then there's no way that he'll ever want to date a mare like me! But if I don't say anything, he'll think I'm going insane just because he didn't realize what he said! Oh dear Celestia pLEASE SAVE ME- (mind talk) She finally snapped back to reality in a very awkward fashion, getting back up onto her two legs and laughing awkwardly to try change the topic. She was feeling quite awkward... "U-Um! Haha! Yeah! W-We'll bring Console-Chan along with u-us! I-I bet she likes Naruto and Hinata! Nothing too wrong with that!" Oh goodness she's a train wreck right now.
  10. I see that green dot bestie :Daydreaming:

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  12. I'm just tired and wanting to sleep honestly. Recovering from wisdom teeth removal has it's pros and cons I suppose.
  13. Where do I begin? I have a MILLION OCs outside of the MLP fandom. All ranging from Danganronpa, Yandere Simulator, FNAF... the list goes on and on. I would explain ALL of them but I'll be writing an essay by the time I'm done.
  14. Hello! How are you all doing today? :oh_golly: