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  1. Hey there, Vinyl! Do you remember me? It's nice to see you're still active here. :oh_golly:

  2. Yo! I'm still alive!

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    2. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      It's true and I'd never lie to my bestie! :D 

      Also, I'm a little tired, but I'm doing okay. Went through a bad storm last night that knocked down a power line from a telephone pole and a few tree branches fell in my backyard. Other than that, I'm okay. How are you doing?

    3. VinylWubs


      Oh jeez, I'm glad you're alright.

      And I'm pretty eh, had a bit of a bad day yesterday but I'm find thank you.

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      Dynamo Pad

      Thanks bestie and I'm glad everything is okay at the moment. I might have to clean up some of the mess from the storm in my backyard later. I think there's someone who will fix the cable line later. Since it's partially on my dad's rearview mirror of his car.

      I'm sorry to hear you had a bad day. If you ever want to talk about it, then I'm here for you bestie *hugs* I'm glad you're doing fine and you're welcome. 

  3. Well, keep in mind that they are PONIES and not humans. Their digestive system is much different to ours since they're herbivores. You might have a point on too much apples might be harmful for them but keep in mind this is an animated show (originally meant for kids) and not a documentary. After all, do YOU see a pony making dresses? Or making cupcakes? My point being, this is a show about colorful, talking ponies. So they can do whatever they want. I'm not trying to be mean by the way. =[
  4. Imagine going outside and being with your friends. Can't be me.

  5. Hippity Hoppity, your best pony is now my property

  6. This soooong! AHH- I love Ace Attorney so much. <3

  7. Well it took me a while but I got the hang of riding a bike when I was 6 years old... It's been a dozen years ever since I last rode my bike.
  8. @Dynamo Pad Luna's eyes widen in shock, realizing that also Naruto could see the thin red thread between them. Thank god she wasn't going crazy. Her pupils slowly shrunk back down to normal as she glanced over to the Hokage. "That red thread... I've never seen something like this before. Especially on citizens of Canterlot. Maybe it could mean a resemblance on their relationship? For example, they have already "tied the knot" so to speak." Both Luna and Naruto weren't the only ones who noticed the red thread. Hinata also did notice as well and boy did that bring back some memories. Her eyes started to appear glassy and a proud smile was slowly making it's way to her face. She held her hands together and held them around where her heart would be. That red thread definitely reminded her of the red scarf she made for her husband before she confessed to him. That moment would be something that Hinata would never forget in her life, ever. Now it applied to this very moment between Dynamo and Coconut who were nearly out of their sight. A tear rolled down her pale cheek as she whispered to herself. "Good luck, Dynamo Pad, Coconut Crescent. I know you two will do wonderful things together..." She slowly closed her eyes and lowered her head once the two were out of their sight. All while doing so, she had a smile on her face. Meanwhile, Luna turned away from the portal and took a few steps forward to gather her words. "I'll watch over their date, just to be sure that this is all true and not a lie. This week will get very busy so I hope you two are ready."
  9. @Dynamo Pad While Dynamo and Naruto were talking, Hinata took some time to observe Coconut's facial expressions and her current mood. She had a very pale smile with a hint of uncertainty mixed in. But among all that, a light pink blush was easily making it's way to the mare's face. For a moment this caught Hinata offguard, wondering if she's okay before glancing down at the couple's intertwined hands. This is definitely a sign of some sort. Perhaps she had feelings for the unicorn? No matter. All she could do was smile at the pegasus. Unfortunately that caught Coconut's attention with how observant Hinata is. Her eyes and head trailed over to the female, gathering the confidence to speak up. "Um... Hinata? Why are you staring at me like that? I-Is there something wrong with how I look or how I'm standing close to Dyna-Kun?" This caught the female in a panic as she frantically shook her head in denial, covering up for her supposed creepy stare. "Oh nononononononono!! I-I apologise! I-I wasn't trying to do anything of the sort! I-I just... noticed how close you are with Dynamo Pad, seeing how you two are holding hands... and between you and me..." She leaned into the mare's ear and whispered, cupping her mouth with her hands so the males wouldn't be able to hear anything. "I think you should tell him your true feelings before it's too late..." Hearing such a comment made Coconut's face match a tomato's colour and cover her face in embarrassment. Hinata could do nothing but laugh lightly, rubbing her back reassuringly. When it was time to leave, the couple farewelled them both and started heading towards the exit. Luna watched them leave with a serious expression on her face, imagining how powerful they could be together once they unlock their full potential through tough training. Although something caught the moon princess off. From her eyes, she could see a thin red thread tied between Dynamo's and Coconut's fingers. What's even more odd is that they were connected between the two. Is this somehow a sign? A calling? Luna didn't know but the conclusion she could draw up was maybe they were destined to become something special together.
  10. Hey bestie, I have a question. Who is your best friend? :dash:


    1. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      I have a lot of best friends. :ButtercupLaugh: Although, I know my best friend is definitely my bestie, @VinylWubs! :yay:

  11. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  12. Merry Birthiversary! 

  13. @Dynamo Pad Coconut finally let all of her tense muscles relax within his embrace, the back rubbing was also very soothing for the pegasus as she listened to him. Although the special somepony part did bother her. She definitely had a love interest in Dynamo Pad but she couldn't bring herself out to actually confess to him. There's no way she's that confident to actually admit their true feelings to a talented unicorn like him. But the more she thought about it, the more she had to face reality and admit that he would find someone more special and enjoy to settle down. She softly shook her head to rid her head as the male rose up from his sitting position and offered her a hand. All she could do was kindly accept his offer, slowly getting up from her position and squeezing his hand lightly. "Thank you, Dynamo-Kun... I guess we left them hanging, huh? When you're ready, we'll go." She replied, tilting her head slightly while a kind smile spread across her tender face. Once they were ready only then they made their way to the Lunar princess and the two idols. Luna was a little disappointed to postpone the training because she wanted Coconut to actually take a grasp at her strengths/weaknesses but seeing how emotionally unstable she is without Dynamo would make things a lot harder for the alicorn than it already is. She let out a defeated sigh, closing her eyes for a moment to think of her next course of actions... that is until the sound of feet approaching the princess caught her attention. She opened her eyes to glance over at the couple, who were in front of her, before finally speaking up. "I've discussed it with Hinata and Naruto. Everything will go according to plan with your training and to see how much you've improved over the time spent with me and the others. For now, we can take a break from this training and let you two have the rest of the afternoon off. I wouldn't be fair if I kept you two in here for longer now would I? Not to mention my royal duties are coming soon so this is a good stopping point."
  14. Happy Birthday @VinylWubs! I hope you have and continue to have an amazing day bestie!! :yay:

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      Thank you bestie!!! :D


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      Dynamo Pad

      @VinylWubs You’re welcome bestie!!! *hugs* :D