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  1. The bullet from Dark Stars gun sped straight into Gabriel's shoulder, instantly dislocating it. The blood that exploded from the wound made the rooftop slippy, causing Gabriel to fall down from the roof and break 3 ribs as he slammed onto the stone road, the only sounds heard are that of the fall itself, and Gabriel attempting to speak. (OOC: Isn't Dark Star part of the feather pub gang with Gabriel?)
  2. After his sword clattered on the road below him, Gabriel saw the three ponys gather in the centre of the junction. They had obviously heard his sword land on the ground because the green eyed mare nodded toward it lying on the road below him. "Oh god, don't look up, don't look up"
  3. Gabriel was silently watching the entire scene play out below him as he clung to a smoke-billowing chimney. The sounds of gunfire still rang in his ears, his wife and kids probably suffered the same fate. Gabriel didn't notice his retractable sword slipping out of his pocket, he had to sneak in and steal that sword from the wealthy district, suddenly Gabriel's sword fell out of his pocket and fell to the ground, right next to Dark Star making an extremely loud clattering sound on the stone roadway. The only thing Gabriel could do was stand there and wait for his death to come.
  4. Stuck in English with an annoying squeaker

  5. Dude, count me in. I created this OC for this RP specially. His name is Gabriel, he was a wealthy pony before the plague, until his wife and kids died. Then he turned to illegal actions and joined the Feather Pub Gang. (Thought I'd give a bit of backstory) Character sheet: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/gabriel-r7840 Can he be in the Feather pub faction His main weapon will be a retractable short sword. (Basicly Corvos knife)
  6. Well guys. Noponys joining up anymore so I am going to try to think of another Idea, with less spaces so we can get going faster. I'll post a link in this thread once I have set it up.
  7. It did happen again about 3 days ago, lasting for 2 days
  8. I suppose I could give it a shot. I am male but I haven't actually tried a romance RP yet. Plus I like Sunset Shimmer soooo.
  9. It has started to go on and off with my e-mails. I am receiving notifications one week or month and not receiving them the next.
  10. I would like to take part as my OC (Blaze Chaser) I created him specially for this RP Name: Blaze Chaser Age: Stallion Personality: Usually Kind and forgiving, but don't get on his nerves. (He knows how to make fire out of nothing using his magic) Species: Unicorn Complete OC Form: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/blaze-chaser-r7768
  11. It started a while back when I woke up one morning, went onto my e-mails and nothing was there. There is always a post in the welcoming plaza every night. Why won't it work?
  12. Luckily I managed to think of a way to keep it from sounding too sudden
  13. SilencedBrony123

    Open Prisoner Transport

    Bloodshot Flash notices something as he is overlooking the train cabin and immedieatly informs Shining Armour. "Sir, one of the Changelings are missing! I don't know how he got out but he's not here!" Now all of Chains friends begin to panic. "What should we do?"
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