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  1. After playing Danganronpa 2 I felt it was about time for a wallpaper change
  2. Started playing Sonic & All-Starts Racing Transformed a lot... really fun :D

    1. Kyoshi


      I have heard many great things about those games. :o

    2. Lyme Soundstick

      Lyme Soundstick

      Only problem I'd say is the air controls are very sensitive on PC

  3. I guess I'd consider myself a YouTuber... I have a channel for playing games and a channel for singing.
  4. New favorite anime, Danganronpa

  5. PLaying so much Speedrunners lately, so much fun! :D

  6. Merry Christmas everyone!!

    1. Kyoshi


      Thank you, to you as well! ^_^

  7. I do covers on YouTube I really want to try acapella but I kinda fail every time and I was wondering if there were some ways that could help me do an acapella. If anyone knows a way they could help it'd be much appreciated.
  8. Christmas break has began... time to crank out those videos! :D

  9. ElfYourslef is back!! Im so happy XD

  10. I've been listening to NateWantsToBattle's Bonetrousle acapella waaaay too much... but I cant help it x3

  11. I really liked that DB, not my favourite but it was good
  12. I think I'm in love with Undertale's soundtrack :D

    1. Lex Destrosio

      Lex Destrosio

      Yeah, its a really good Soundtrack^^My favorite would be Sans battle theme.

    2. Lyme Soundstick

      Lyme Soundstick

      That fight took me so long. My personal favourite song is Muffet's theme :3

    3. Lex Destrosio

      Lex Destrosio

      Yep, thats also a good one^^

  13. What causes a video to not be viewable in some countries? Could an instrumental with backing vocals cause this?

  14. Fair enough point I did in fact forget about that x3 Who's you vote for then?