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  1. Lyme Soundstick

    Post your Desktop

    After playing Danganronpa 2 I felt it was about time for a wallpaper change
  2. Lyme Soundstick

    How many of you are YouTubers?

    I guess I'd consider myself a YouTuber... I have a channel for playing games and a channel for singing.
  3. Lyme Soundstick

    Help with Acapella

    I do covers on YouTube I really want to try acapella but I kinda fail every time and I was wondering if there were some ways that could help me do an acapella. If anyone knows a way they could help it'd be much appreciated.
  4. Lyme Soundstick


    I really liked that DB, not my favourite but it was good
  5. Lyme Soundstick


    Fair enough point I did in fact forget about that x3 Who's you vote for then?
  6. Lyme Soundstick

    General Media Digimon Fan Club

    Guess what I'll be pre-ordering soon then Also anyone here watch Death BAttle cause I think the next one in 3 weeks will interest you guys
  7. Lyme Soundstick


    Anyone excited as I am for the next Death Battle? Charizard vs Greymon! Personally I'm siding with Greymon (Maybe some personal bias, SORRY!) As much as I want Greymon to win, being the Digimon fan I am, I think as hard as it is for me to say this Charizard will win. (Since it looks like Charizard will be mega evolving... unless Greymon also digivolves then I have no clue who would win)
  8. Lyme Soundstick

    ACADECA Forum Collab Project

    The project is finished but please read this before listening... This could have been better I fully understand that and I explain why in the video's description so please read that.... Either way thank you so much for helping me pull off my first "Group Project" sort of thing, I really appreciate it If I forgot to credit you I ma#am so sorry just send me a message and I'll add you :l
  9. Lyme Soundstick

    Request Shop ~* Free Pixel Ponies! *~ {Open!}

    Thank you so much
  10. Lyme Soundstick

    ACADECA Forum Collab Project

    Will do, your MLP Forums page or just your name?
  11. Lyme Soundstick

    ACADECA Forum Collab Project

    The project is almost completed, I just need to know how each of you that took part in whatever way would like to be credited. PLease leave a reply asap
  12. Lyme Soundstick

    My very first attempt at drawing MLP

    This looks really good for your first attempt, great job
  13. Lyme Soundstick

    General Media Digimon Fan Club

    Anyone else watch Digimon Tri yet??
  14. Lyme Soundstick

    i made a new Oc!

    Looks nice, great job
  15. Lyme Soundstick

    ACADECA Forum Collab Project

    Instrumental is done. I'll be inputting the vocals over then next 2 weeks Just in case anyone wants to be up-to-date with how its going