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About Me

Welcome, you managed to find my page... congrats?.. I don't know. :unsure:


Anyway, I am a guy from Wales and I enjoy watching MLP, playing video games, watching YouTube, discussing topics that interest me and singing!


I mostly play Team Fortress 2 and GMOD but I'm willing to play whatever as long as I have fun while playing it derpy_emoticon1.png

If you want to add me to play games heres my names on all that shtuff :3

Steam: VG-C | Other11000

XBOX Live (XBOX ONE): other11000

PSN (PS3): webbyboy123

I usually keep to myself since in person (or on things like skype) i'm quite shy but using text i should be fine :squee:

I'm most shy when it comes to asking for things or doing something new.


I've been called good company and a good friend but I do tend to annoy people, sometimes on purpose, sometimes on accident. I also tend to be quite sarcastic with my humor :icwudt:


I also like discussions on TV or Games since I can go quite into depth but a lot of the time I work off what other people say.


I run 2 YouTube channels, there's a gaming channel which is called other11000 (video's whenever I have free time) as well as a singing one called Lyme Soundstick <--- focused channel (Same Upload scheduled)


I'm always up to talk to fellow bronies/pegisiters, play games (If I have them) or taking part in activities on the forums such as RPing, voice overs/acting (As my OC, i suck at impressions) or anything else... unless im bussy img-1369822-1-UNZJLhS.png


I'm up for either of my OCs to be used in projects :D


[My OC Lyme is pretty much a pony version of me :3]


Oh, as for my favorite of the Mane Six would either be Rainbow Dash or Applejackimg-1369822-1-UNZJLhS.png

Best pony overall either one of those two or Marble Pie :)


Taking the brony test ended with a result that I'm like all of the main 6 except Rarity.



Apparently though I'm...


Personally I don't see any of this in myself except for the not caring how my appearance (not because I'm "too cool to care" more like laziness) and standing up for my friends... sometimes.