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  1. LOL the new episode was great. Celestia especially.

  2. You're right on that last part; it won't bring dead victims back, or reverse the crime committed on them or living ones, but to me it'd provide closure knowing that the person who hurt me or my loved ones was dead.
  3. Even if we do figure out the problem, you think we could solve it? Not likely. Even if we could, you think people would allow it? There'd be all sorts of crapstorms about how we don't have the right to alter a person's brain, or how we don't have the right to lock someone away because they have some genetic or psychological marker that makes them more likely to commit violent crimes. Do we have the right to execute people? Maybe, maybe not. You're worried about the state killing people to uphold moral standards, but what about the state altering people's brains to uphold moral standards? What's stopping the state, if they start altering the brains of murderers or rapists, from altering the brains of the religious or gays? Honestly I can't see the murderer or rapist as having an "unfortunate" life. A starving child's life is unfortunate. A homeless man's life is unfortunate. A rapist's life is just wasted.
  4. Because they've demonstrated themselves to be a menace to society. Because I don't want money coming out of my taxes going to feed and house these abominable sub-humans. Because I don't believe in the "rehabilitation" process of prison. Yeah I'm just one person, so it doesn't really matter what I believe, but this is a forum of opinions. Yes, wrongful convictions occur, which is why the death penalty should only be sought with abundant, definitive evidence. I'm not some frothing-at-the-mouth paranoid nut, who thinks that anyone who is accused of committing a violent crime should be burned at the stake; I have faith in our(American) justice system. The reason why the death penalty is so expensive is because there's the 20+ years the condemned spends on death row, plus the appeals they continuously make, plus the cost of the chemicals and drugs used in the injection. Drop death row time to 5 years MAX and use cheaper alternatives like the firing squad(currently used only by the state of Utah), and the cost would drop drastically. Really the cost is immaterial to me; it's the principle of the matter. I don't want my money being used to feed and house rapists, murderers, child predators, and human traffickers.
  5. Maybe we don't have to execute murderers(I still say an eye for an eye is fair) but we should execute rapists, child molesters, and human traffickers. Those are all levels of horrendous beyond simple murder. And no, I'm not a police officer. I want to be one someday soon, though.
  6. "I'm really confused about the OC Aryanne." That was the point! She was made to be intentionally confusing to viewers! You want to like her, because she's adorable, but she represents a terrible, reprehensible political ideology, and is actively a supporter of it. It's like the hot Nazi chicks in Indiana Jones; intentionally confusing! She exists solely to breed conflicting feelings in the viewers and followers of her escapades.
  7. I think she's just too naive and ignorant for her own good. Bats!, Keep Calm and Flutter On, and now Cutie Map part one. She's just cripplingly naive and overly optimistic.
  8. Another chapter of my life finished. It was a big one, but I'm glad it's over! Now things can REALLY get started!

    1. Alpharius


      I'm pretty much getting to that stage

  9. Finally finished Fallout: Equestria(old hat, I know) last night. Excuse me while I go cry for the next two days.

  10. Same gun that goes on my hip from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed, at which point it goes on the table right next to my bed; my Ruger SR40C. Though I have been thinking of upgrading to a Glock. The SR40 is nice, don't get me wrong, but it's got too many freaking safeties(half of which I removed, because they were so stupid), and is too small.
  11. This scene can not even be described in words. The only way to properly experience it is to see it.
  12. That's not even the worst of Fluttershy's offenses. There's a reasonable case to be made that she is a selfish hypocrite who has no issue with goading and forcing her friends into difficult situations and then not reciprocating, pulling the usual "fear" victim card as a cheap excuse. The following is an excerpt from a discussion I had over this same issue 2 years ago(modified for consistency's sake, I will provide the link to the conversation unedited for validation): "One thing that still frustrates me about Fluttershy is her complete and absolute unwillingness to do things she doesn’t like to for her friends, no matter how much it means to them, but has no problem turning around and putting them into the same situation(s)." "[Green Isn't your Color is the]only time she’s been forced to do something she didn’t want to, as opposed to several instances she’s goaded her friends into doing something for her that they didn’t want to(making Dash watch the butterfly migration with her, and then not returning the favor for the dragon migration that [the other person] mentioned). Plus there are the countless occasions in which she’s tried to throw a pity-party for herself to get out of doing something. Trying to shirk out of the jousting competition because she was "scared", and trying repeatedly to ditch her friends when they went to throw out the dragon polluting their skies. Point is, Fluttershy forces her friends to do things for her that they don’t want to and then lies, cries, and violently bashes her way out of doing similar things in return(referring to dragon migration again) and then some." "And if [other person is] gonna mention the difference between partaking in something boring versus partaking in something fear-inducing then let me ask [other person] this: how many episodes have been made about Fluttershy over-coming her fears and becoming more assertive? Yeah, that’s what I thought. If you’re going to make your friends do things for you that they flat-out do not want to then you better be prepared to do the same f***ing thing in return, regardless of what pansy phobias you’ve supposedly "overcome" yet still conveniently possess for excuses’ sake." Honestly now, if we're going to read deeply into the show like it's something tangible to be debated over then Fluttershy has NO redeeming qualities outside of her looks. She is a selfish, manipulative, hypocrite. (The original conversation can be read here. Again, I have not modified this copied version other than what you have seen in the brackets, which were done for ease of following the point being made.)
  13. Yes; it's only the right thing to do in cases of convicted murderers, rapists, child molesters, and human traffickers. Plus it's a matter of principle; these are people who have committed horrible, heinous crimes; I am personally appalled that my tax dollars feed, clothe, and shelter them. The numbers that prove that it doesn't lower violent crime are really immaterial based on that principle alone, but if you really want to delve into the logical side of it then the fact that capital punishment doesn't deter violent crime is A: it takes 20+ years for the sentence to be carried out. And B: it's always quick and peaceful. Get rid of the needle and bring back the chair, gallows, or firing squad and I bet dollars to donuts the violent crime rate drops. Make it public, too. You want to know why ancient Rome had such a low violent crime rate? Because they would drop murderers and rapists into a Colosseum and force them to fight tigers and shit with just a sword, AND made it a spectator-sport kind of event where people would come to watch.
  14. Chrome. I really like it. IE is just...horrible. And Firefox is just 'meh.'
  15. Bioshock: Infinite, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Sniper Elite V2, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and Fallout 3 are all top picks for me.