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  1. Notice me senpai! :P

  2. Anyone know a good simple and secure (possibly free) app to store notes on android phones?

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    2. Stormlight


      I would prefer an app called ColorNote, it's free, simplistic and if you enjoy color coding, this is a nice app. :)

    3. Fleur-De-Lis


      I was hoping for something that would store on my device rather than online, some of it is stuff I do not want hosted online. Too personal and I feel it is sensitive for that kind of online hosting stuff.

    4. Captain Generic.

      Captain Generic.

      Cryatha +muffin. Color note does as it says on the tin

  3. I am on the road to recovery! :D Though they have me on some extremely bitter antibiotics .... X.x

    1. FancyHorse


      I'm glad you are getting better :)

  4. I am very sick, and may get sent to the hospital ... again. Wish me well :(

    1. TheRockARooster


      OMG, I'm sorry.

      I wish you all the best, my friend. :(

  5. Happy Pi day! Or should I say ... Happy Pinkie Pie day! :D

  6. Thanks for the answer! If i may ask though, do you know what generation and how long you have had it? How often it is played helps too. I am really skeptical about Xbox's because my brother in law had the first Xbox that worked fine one day, then red ringed for no reason the next. Similar issues for Xbox 360, though in that case it was the black one before the elite. Honestly, they have a really bad track record to me, more so since i have seen it happen.
  7. Playstation 1 was my first console, so theres always a special place for it ♥ Playstation 4 just because that is my only other console aside from the good o'l ps1 On the topic of talking about consoles, do Xbox 360 (7th generation) aka the "Value pack" do those still have that hardware failure issues pretty much all Xbox seem to have? I ask the same question for the Xbox One, as i considered getting one a few years in the future. (these are questions no one seems to answer ....)
  8. Its your birthday! Happy birthday~♪

    1. Fleur-De-Lis


      p.s. may it be a very pony birthday! :D

    2. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      aww thanks you so muchH =)=)=)=)=)=)=) <3<3<3

  9. Hulu is too greedy! 8 commercial breaks in a 44 minute episode, each break lasting 75 to 105 seconds! What is the point of a subscription!?

  10. Anyone know if Xbox 360 still have hardware failure issues? Just curious.

  11. The Fable series, great games for their time that no one will ever play again :(

  12. So I have a Dell Inspiron 15, 5000 series (the 5555). It was a present I got a while back (Super helpful for college! its mostly going to be a work computer.) However for certain reasons (such as how my favorite game series Hyperdimension Neptunia does not work properly on my desktop and locks up; but works perfectly fine on my laptop) I plan on doing light gaming on it, however over the span of half an hour to just over an hour the laptop starts getting pretty hot (not much though), at its hottest so far at almost an hour and a half it gets comparable to the heat a PS4 outputs! Which is pretty dang hot. There have been no overheating issues thus far, but I would still like to keep it a nice cozy and cool temperature. So with that I had decided that I should invest into a laptop cooling pad, one with a fan and such. However, here is where things start getting a bit complicated. The reason I specifically mentioned the model of my laptop is so people can familiarize themselves a bit with its hardware layout to best determine which laptop cooling pad would be best suited for the job. A majority of the heat is from the upper and middle left, and on the lower right.The best images of its underside I could find was here http://laptopmedia.com/highlights/dell-inspiron-5558-15-5000-first-impressions-mid-range-multimedia-laptop/ just use the pictures as reference. (as only the layout is in common, mine is an AMD version) Since this is my first laptop, and more specifically, the first time I am buying a cooling pad for a laptop, I want some opinions on what to get since there are apparently so many different kinds of laptop cooling pads. note: all links below are from amazon. Here are two prime examples Cooler Master notepal x-slim, I am not sure what the big difference is between that the X2 and the X3. Then there are things like the tecknet last notable one I can think of us these strange 4 fan ones such as EGOGO laptop cooler So with all that story and examples out there ... anyone care to offer suggestions and feedback on which would be best? please keep the price range $30 or less, however if you really believe its a particularly good and high quality cooling pad then I guess i'll up to to $35 I am hoping for a life span of at least a year. keep the searches limited to amazon or newegg, thanks. Lastly. I would like to say I am personally leaning towards the cooler master notepal x-slim.
  13. My thoughts are either on Avast Antivirus, or Bitdefender free edition. Please cast your poll in the vote and do feel free to offer a comment or explanation on as to why you would prefer that one, as it will help me come to a decision. I would like to mention the laptop will primarily be used for work related purposes, however as gaming is my primary form of entertainment I will need an antivirus that will be video game friendly (which Avast and Bitdefender seem to boast.) I tried putting Bitdefender free edition on my dad's laptop, it didn't work out as well as I would have liked since the "Login" button never worked. It always ended up as an empty white window that never loaded or showed the fields to login. Though apparently my brother in law uses the free edition of Bitdefender just fine on 3+ different computers. But because of my experience with it I am now skeptical of it. I have been using Avast antivirus for a good many years, its like o'l reliable to me at this point, however it bothers me that they keep trying to upsell various products to you these days. It is very annoying. Due to budget constraints I am limiting to free edition (Though if anyone is feeling generous I wont say no to a gift hahaha! Question: As a serious question to people who have subscribed to the premium versions of Avast though. I would like to ask, just what are their real pricing anyways? As a long time user I have noticed long ago that they always say "on sale" or "special black Friday price" and such. However the price itself is always the same thing, a crossed out larger number with a smaller one being the real price. For example "Internet Security" version says $49.99 $29.99 So how does that really work? that is the first time buyer price and then its $49.99 a year? ... also the costs themselves are yearly? Why cant they just give it to use straight instead of these stupid and highly annoying obfisticated business practices.
  14. Bitdefender or Avast Antivirus? I cant choose which to use on my laptop. Help me choose! (Free versions that is)

  15. Anypony play Dead Rising 2 Off the Record? I need friends to play that with!