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  1. Fleur-De-Lis

    Gaming Favorite video game console?

    Thanks for the answer! If i may ask though, do you know what generation and how long you have had it? How often it is played helps too. I am really skeptical about Xbox's because my brother in law had the first Xbox that worked fine one day, then red ringed for no reason the next. Similar issues for Xbox 360, though in that case it was the black one before the elite. Honestly, they have a really bad track record to me, more so since i have seen it happen.
  2. Fleur-De-Lis

    Gaming Favorite video game console?

    Playstation 1 was my first console, so theres always a special place for it ♥ Playstation 4 just because that is my only other console aside from the good o'l ps1 On the topic of talking about consoles, do Xbox 360 (7th generation) aka the "Value pack" do those still have that hardware failure issues pretty much all Xbox seem to have? I ask the same question for the Xbox One, as i considered getting one a few years in the future. (these are questions no one seems to answer ....)
  3. So I have a Dell Inspiron 15, 5000 series (the 5555). It was a present I got a while back (Super helpful for college! its mostly going to be a work computer.) However for certain reasons (such as how my favorite game series Hyperdimension Neptunia does not work properly on my desktop and locks up; but works perfectly fine on my laptop) I plan on doing light gaming on it, however over the span of half an hour to just over an hour the laptop starts getting pretty hot (not much though), at its hottest so far at almost an hour and a half it gets comparable to the heat a PS4 outputs! Which is pretty dang hot. There have been no overheating issues thus far, but I would still like to keep it a nice cozy and cool temperature. So with that I had decided that I should invest into a laptop cooling pad, one with a fan and such. However, here is where things start getting a bit complicated. The reason I specifically mentioned the model of my laptop is so people can familiarize themselves a bit with its hardware layout to best determine which laptop cooling pad would be best suited for the job. A majority of the heat is from the upper and middle left, and on the lower right.The best images of its underside I could find was here http://laptopmedia.com/highlights/dell-inspiron-5558-15-5000-first-impressions-mid-range-multimedia-laptop/ just use the pictures as reference. (as only the layout is in common, mine is an AMD version) Since this is my first laptop, and more specifically, the first time I am buying a cooling pad for a laptop, I want some opinions on what to get since there are apparently so many different kinds of laptop cooling pads. note: all links below are from amazon. Here are two prime examples Cooler Master notepal x-slim, I am not sure what the big difference is between that the X2 and the X3. Then there are things like the tecknet last notable one I can think of us these strange 4 fan ones such as EGOGO laptop cooler So with all that story and examples out there ... anyone care to offer suggestions and feedback on which would be best? please keep the price range $30 or less, however if you really believe its a particularly good and high quality cooling pad then I guess i'll up to to $35 I am hoping for a life span of at least a year. keep the searches limited to amazon or newegg, thanks. Lastly. I would like to say I am personally leaning towards the cooler master notepal x-slim.
  4. My thoughts are either on Avast Antivirus, or Bitdefender free edition. Please cast your poll in the vote and do feel free to offer a comment or explanation on as to why you would prefer that one, as it will help me come to a decision. I would like to mention the laptop will primarily be used for work related purposes, however as gaming is my primary form of entertainment I will need an antivirus that will be video game friendly (which Avast and Bitdefender seem to boast.) I tried putting Bitdefender free edition on my dad's laptop, it didn't work out as well as I would have liked since the "Login" button never worked. It always ended up as an empty white window that never loaded or showed the fields to login. Though apparently my brother in law uses the free edition of Bitdefender just fine on 3+ different computers. But because of my experience with it I am now skeptical of it. I have been using Avast antivirus for a good many years, its like o'l reliable to me at this point, however it bothers me that they keep trying to upsell various products to you these days. It is very annoying. Due to budget constraints I am limiting to free edition (Though if anyone is feeling generous I wont say no to a gift hahaha! Question: As a serious question to people who have subscribed to the premium versions of Avast though. I would like to ask, just what are their real pricing anyways? As a long time user I have noticed long ago that they always say "on sale" or "special black Friday price" and such. However the price itself is always the same thing, a crossed out larger number with a smaller one being the real price. For example "Internet Security" version says $49.99 $29.99 So how does that really work? that is the first time buyer price and then its $49.99 a year? ... also the costs themselves are yearly? Why cant they just give it to use straight instead of these stupid and highly annoying obfisticated business practices.
  5. Fleur-De-Lis

    Technology Problems with Windows 10

    Well you could probably simply purchase Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 somewhere on the internet like Amazon or possibly Newegg, then just install all the updates and ride out the rest of their lifetime (support for the OS, at the very least the security updates) Honestly instead of Mac OS, I wold sooner recommend Linux, the most popular OS of which being Ubuntu. But hey whatever floats your boat. (Also keep in mind PC gaming is very limited for anything that is not Windows ... or Steam OS.
  6. Fleur-De-Lis

    Technology Problems with Windows 10

    Even to this date and late into the game? Sheesh what are those jackwagons at Microsoft doing. We should not be having to deal with inconceivable and seemingly unprovoked problems like this! You shouldn't have random spells of terrible internet speeds for no apparent reason, and I definitely shouldn't have to deal with my start menu randomly breaking for no readily apparent reason! These start menu problems scare me. After all, when that doesn't work, various important menus for windows 10, especially those for trying to fix it do not work, short of reformatting it from a disc or system restore (which somehow helps; and is thankfully available through the control panel). Because when the start menu (and various other functions related to it do not work) Using the start menu -> settings, and everything within that does not work, not even the personalize options (which give an error message saying files are missing; or something like that). *edit* After attempting to use the "Reset this PC" option and opt for "clean everything", time and time again, even after restarting, shutdowns and otherwise. It simply tells me "There was a problem resetting your PC No changes were made" So basically, this thing is useless, I am now going to attempt using an ISO I burned to a disc in hopes that it will be enough to FINALLY format this stupid thing and do a clean install of Windows 10. Maybe then, will the stupid thing finally work properly like it is supposed to. *Edit 2* I finished formatting things (or "resetting the PC" as Windows 10 calls it) wiping my 2Tb hard drive apparently took roughly 8 hours. It seems I did not need to install any drivers for Windows 10, even on a clean installation from ground zero. Windows 10 automatically installed the latest version (of the correct) audio driver, and it seems I did not need to install my LAN card drivers or AMD chipsets (I base this on the fact everything seems to work fine so far, and my Ethernet card works fine despite not installing the drivers for it; as after formatting and installing Windows 7 I had to install the drivers before the Ethernet card would even work.) So pretty much All I had to do after resetting the PC was install graphics card driver/s, antivirus, and personal programs (like steam, games, browsers, bookmarks, etc.) Oh and personal files like background collections and music. My old wired Xbox 360 controller works fine as a just plug in play (You used to have to install the "xbox 360 companion app" or something like that, just for it to work on Windows 7). I did have to install the Logitech Gaming Software again for my mouse and headset though, they work fine without it, but full functionality needs that app. On a similar note, I would like to mention that Windows 10 only saves (and uploads) your current wallpaper for use across all devices.
  7. Fleur-De-Lis

    Technology Problems with Windows 10

    Once again, I am suffering from CRITICAL issues involving my start menu and windows settings menus. Except this time, it wouldn't say anything was wrong, nothing would start up (not even the clock) on the system tray. None of my quick launch icons would show, the search Windows (aka Cortana) would not work, 'nor the "Task view" button. and especially not the start menu. Yet all desktop icons and file browsing would work fine, as for most menus (windows settings from the "This computer" button would not work, you could click but nothing would happen, and right clicking to "personalize" the pc would just give an error saying files are missing. The last major update was on 12/18/2015 there were no updates from windows since then. yet suddenly today at 12/21/2015 the start menu would not work, even after shutting down the computer and leaving it off for 1 minute, I tried that 5 times. System restore somehow managed to fix my start menu and taskbar, as well as the rest of windows 10 system menus, though I got an error message saying that system restore could not restore avast antivirus. On a whim, I have decided to finally create and installation disc in case of emergencies in the event I lose complete functionality of the desktop (because something dangerously close to that keeps happening.) After ensuring games, game saves, background, music collections, and work related things are backed up and up to date (as well as all necessary important drivers; especially for my Ethernet card! which still does not have a windows 10 version, but luckily the windows 7 version still works fine). *small edit* Do not forget to backup your favorite browser's bookmarks people! Speaking of which, video card, Ethernet card, motherboard (chipset?) are the only particular drivers I should be concerned about right? Granted I also have one of those 12 in 1 card readers on my desktop, but I do not recall a particular driver being necessary for it. Anyone have thoughts on bitdefender? I was thinking of trying a different antivirus program, in the event that in some obscure and weird reason that it may be causing problems with the OS (though it happens rarely, the problems are often severe; I am not implying that the antivirus is the cause, simply that it is a nearly unwarranted concern) For now, after downloading the necessary installation related things. I am going to use the windows 10 settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery -> Reset this PC. from there I will use that to basically do the "clean install" option. and hopefully that will solve all my problems. I will probably write down my windows product ID while i am at it, I would hate to lose my free windows 10 pro edition. That defer updates button seems to be getting more and more enticing to use with how horribly it seems to get set back. I should be back within a few days of attempting to do a clean install of Windows 10. On a side note, although many of you do not see me much these days, I am still around, mostly just browsing my friend's status updates daily, though I do not always respond to them.
  8. Fleur-De-Lis

    A very sad day for me :(

    Yea I have one friend whom I have argued with multiple times, sometimes quite heavily, but never have we ever deleted each other. We have temporarily blocked each other for a few days when things get too heated, we simmer down and we always go back to being friends. We have been friends now about 4 years. I went through something similar about 3 years ago. It was with a friend we played together, had laughs together in DC Universe Online (and other games) We even had complimentary steam alias's, He even offered to give me one of his two video cards when the one in my old PC gave out while I was at college (computer was neigh unusable because of that, flickering brown boxes all over the screen. Then suddenly one day he just disappeared, after a few weeks (months?) I noticed that I always seemed to just miss him. Like the last offline said "4 hours ago" or 10 minutes ago, 3 days ago, etc. Then one day ... I decided to click on his profile to see if he has just been super busy with life or something, maybe he left a message, maybe I could check to see how many hours he clocked in to see if we just somehow got on opposite schedules. Then on his profile I see he is online, and in-game .... I check my friend's list sand see "offline" .... Confounded, I try talking to one of his other friends (after attempting to add one.) I asked what was going on ... I cant remember who exactly said what, but next thing I know I am called a stalker, and I am then removed from the friend list instead of being blocked (which leaves a person on the friends list) ... I just sat there thinking ... why in the world was I called a stalker? You consider some one a good friend and they suddenly disappear, of course over time you would notice something is wrong, of course I would be aware they would be "offline" an unusual time (especially when i have them at the top of the list in a "best friends" tag .... Even to this day I am left with a mystery, but thankfully not too much on betrayed or the such ... Since I literally went approximately a year without contact, wondering how I kept missing the person (briefly; and only occasionally, with questions getting stronger as time progressed) ... New Chapter After a bad night's rest, (going to sleep after being awake about 20 hours). I woke up at 3:00 AM, I did not get my 8 hours of sleep ... Not wanting to wake up I went back to bed, woke up at 700 AM .... I hop on steam ... hoping my message was passed along, and that in some slim sliver of hope, my friend would add me again, and we would reconcile. To my happiness, there it was, a friend request my eyes had so hoped to see. Though I felt joy, there was also sadness. Because .... how can i truly be happy, with a friend who was so quick and willing to cast me aside? That act of spurn, is not something to be forgotten so easily, no matter how much I wish it never happened. Though I doubt the words can do it justice *heartfelt hug* to all my fellow ponies here at the forums, for taking the time to read my story, for sharing some of their stories, and for taking the time of being there for me, even if only briefly, and for my dear friend, who had returned to me. I know posts about sad life things or the such aren't exactly popular or the most pleasing thing to read ... but when you truly think about it, if no one heeds the call for help in times of need, where does that leave those in need? It may not be things people may want to see sometimes, but at such times, we just need the support of others. ... Though on that one note, my friend who returned to me ... I find I have an irrational fear that I was re-added not to reconcile with me ... but to do something out of anger or spite, nothing too serious, but more like an argument I do not want to have ... I can only hope for the best, and pray the fears are groundless.
  9. Fleur-De-Lis

    A very sad day for me :(

    I sincerely hope you take the time to read through all this. I just felt the need to talk about it, to have some one listen, and hopefully. to make a true friend. Well I will try to keep this respectably vague for the person, but at the same time. I cannot help but want to talk about it. Some one who was very near and dear to me. Some one whom I cherished as a friend so much so, I wished them well before logging off steam and heading out for the night. I would even go as far as to tell them "Goodnight and sweet dreams ______" We were friends for over 2 years. What had happened After about 4 to 5 days, They finally logged onto Wildstar to add me as friends. Hung around for at least an hour, mostly just being away from keyboard, I did my own thing while they did their own thing (it was one person). Then suddenly in Zone chat, I saw what i felt was bad advice, about selling ore straight to vendors since it would amount to more money than what players were paying for in the commodity exchange, especially when adding the broker exchange. I did not pay attention to who said it, but I had simply said that it was not true, and that the advice should be taken with a grain of salt. I then continued to state how platinum ore was going for 20 silver each about 4 or 5 days ago though was now down to 12 silver each, I did some math and discovered it would have otherwise been 2 silver each from the vendor. This was only but a T3 resource (out of 5). The first two which can be mined/gathered from almost anyone who just started the game, so it makes sense those would be going for dirt cheap. But this blog post isn't about explaining circumstances. I will admit that how it was likely phrased a bit more rude than how I recited it in this blog post. I honestly cannot recall how it was structured when I said it in game, though I am certain it was not that bad, but the reaction was excessively bad. I was removed from friends. both from Wildstar and even steam (I checked after exiting the game half an hour later.) I am deeply saddened by this. As I imagine anyone would be if it happened with some one they held quite dear. I spoke with a mutual friend (with no response) and told that person to pass along a message for me which was simply "I cared for _____ deeply as a friend, we were friends for years. I am sorry i upset you, I wished you well every night and even said goodnight. But I guess you did not think of me as highly." A message I sincerely hope was passed on. For those who may wonder, wishing a person well, to me, was telling them to have a great day, or a good night, in some cases even to have a wonderful day or a fabulous day, and of course meaning it rather than being empty words. Epilogue All in all, I will not try to re-add my friend ... to respect their decision, but at the same time, I wonder if I mattered to them at all for such friendship to have been so nonchalantly tossed aside.I find myself saddened especially by the fact it ended because of such a minor scuffle. Though I doubt the thought has crossed their mind, or maybe in some faint way it had, I simply find myself thinking ... why would you do this to me? In some way, I hope they forgive my mistake, and will add me again, hopefully soon before I am forgotten. I never wanted to upset or offend anyone, but that is what happened. Like some sort of cruel irony that what you least wanted to happen, had happened. I do not know what I want from this blog post, though perhaps the closest thing I can find to an answer, is a friend who I can always talk with, maybe about life stuff once in a while, play some games together occasionally, I am even fine with rarely since I understand life doesn't always allow the time to play non-casual games. As I think about it, maybe I would even like re-assurances that its not my fault, that I did not do something wrong. I guess regret is funny that way, thinking "If only I paid more attention" or maybe something more along the lines of, if only I knew .... though I do not blame the other person, I cherished them too much for that. I do not know what to think, not after all this sadness. I now head to bed, feeling weak and hungry, and saddened over the loss of a person whom I considered a good friend ... I may remedy hunger before going to bed ... Goodnight everypony, and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this tale of woe.
  10. Fleur-De-Lis

    Movie Night Events Thread - MLP Episode 19

    Looks like quite the lineup! The popcorn shall be prepared, the beverage shall be on hold. AND THE MOMENT OF TRUTH SHALL ARRIVE!
  11. Fleur-De-Lis

    Lets play Wildstar together!

    Well its free, so really its just downloading the game and hopping on when you have time No real commitment to having to pay a subscription or anything.
  12. Fleur-De-Lis

    Lets play Wildstar together!

    Wildstar went Free-to-Play My story: So the Wildstar thread on mlpforums is pretty much dead, I posted in it with the new Free-to-play update in hopes of seeing more of my dear friends from here at the forums to join me in the game! Play together, enjoy housing, all that good stuff. I post status updates about Wldstar, and they go unnoticed (which seem like my status updates in general, which is sad). The EQD guild Space Ponies is pretty much dead. as about 90% of all members have not logged on in 1 year. Even steam friends that expressed interest in playing together (and even got into the Wildstar Free to Play rush). It is saddening when anypony and everpony you know will not even give you the time of day It gets to be exceptionally disheartening. </3 mlpforums thread here But enough about that ... for now I guess. I want to play Wildstar, I wish to invite people to the brony guild Space Ponies (founded by Sethisto, who sadly has not logged on in over a year.) I want to be able to enjoy Wildstar, the fantastic game it is, and talk pony with my pony friends. I play both Exile and Dominion (however I just re-started my Dominion characters since my old ones were deleted in the character cleaning. Wildstar is Awesome!! There is so very much I want to talk about, so much to explain why the game is worth your time, but I will have to leave that to their promotional videos. Which I will tell you that the trailers live up to the kind of game Wildstar is.even with the free-to-play transition. Which I would like to add, are among the LEAST money hungry companies I have ever seen. They are such wonderful people those developers. Everything in the shop (excluding ONE item; which are gypsy fortune key things) can be bought just by playing the game! Even premium membership! They have a thing called the cosmic rewards program (awesome; good rewards for reasonable ranges just for supporting the game!). And did i mention everything is reasonably priced? Im talking to the point where its quite cheap to just about EVERY other F2P game. Personal bank terminal, use one anyone you are to access your bank! you can buy that with like 30 omnibits ... you can earn like 130 a WEEK, and they are relatively easy to come by since you get them from killing mobs, completing quests, etc. the NC coin (premium currency) prices are quite cheap too! $5 gets you 400, some things are as cheap as 30 or 40, etc. I havent been following all the prices much but overall its quite reasonable. But all things in all, they are great people, and for all that they deserve the money all the more. Especially with how they aren't gauging people for money. Free-to-Play currencies done right! Platinum/Gold/Silver/Copper are the normal currency earned just from playing the game Renown is a currency earned just by playing with people, be it a dugneon, expedition, raid, questing, or even just killing normal monsters together. Prestige is a currency earned from pvp Omnibits are the currency earned by various means from playing the game (killing monsters, doing quests, etc.) NC Coins are the premium currency bought with real life money Service Tokens are the currency earned from login rewards, omni bits, and NC Coins, like they are actually only used for convenience (dye clothes, use teleport before their normal cooldown, etc.) C.R.E.D.D are redeemable tokens that give 1 month "signature service" which is basically the premium membership of the game. They can be bought using platinum/gold/silver copper through the C.R.E.D.D exchange in-game Cosmic Points are earned from spending money on the game, which ranges from purchasing NC Coins, purchasing signature service, and in the spirit of not leaving Free to play players out of the mix, you earn 1,000 Cosmic Points just for redeeming C.R.E.D.D while the person who purchased the C.R.E.D.D with real money earn 4,000 just for buying it. The ratio is 3,000 per the $5 USD, this does not include bonus points for things such as purchasing 3 month+ signature service. There are more that do not directly relate to real money, such as crafting vouchers, elder gem points, prestige (pvp currency), and renown, but those are used for different things etc. So yea, if your interested just post here or in the Wildstar thread, and show your interest. I would certainly appreciate it, and i sincerely look forward to playing together I strongly recommend you watch a few videos from the two playlists listed below to see what Wildstar is about! Wildstar System Requirements I recommend especially checking out paths, combat, and housing videos. All my characters are on the PvE server Entity!
  13. Fleur-De-Lis

    Gaming Wildstar

    Yup yup! I also managed to snag one of those mmorpg mounts for registering ...I already forgot its name ... the razorblade? Its a motorcycle. It is only redeemable on one character though sadly. I also used one of my extra emails because apparently mmorpg can be spammy ... I also promptly regret even bothering but hey free mount right? Also, i figured out that my character is on Entity ... I plan on making that Cassian also on entity
  14. Fleur-De-Lis

    Gaming Wildstar

    Wildstar is now Free to Play as of September 29th, 2015 so it is the perfect time to bring this thread back and get some conversations going! Meet some friends, and spend some well deserved $$ on Wildstar! I always loved Wildstar, though I only played it for about 3 months, but had to stop since I did not have the time to play it and make the monthly subscription worthwhile, though the game itself, and the company that developed it certainly deserves the revenue for what they do. From what I learned the game population went way down than from its launch (it had 8+ PvE servers and they were still jam packed, but over time they lowered to one "mega server" for PvE and another for PvP a few months ago). This is going to get a bit like a salespitch, but I hope this shows my enthusiasm towards this. These people are so awesome to their customers, that even though the game went free to play, those who bought the game before still have all of their old benefits to be the same experience as before the free to play transition! That is a huge plus to me. Now with this new Free to Play transition (which does not inhibit game content! its mostly just for cosmetics and convenience so far). I feel they deserve money more than ever, especially with how good to their customers they seem to be! (They even have an account-wide reward system through something they call "Cosmic points" which are obtained as you spend money on Wildstar. Oh but it gets better! Just about EVERYTHING in the cash shop ... can be bought without spending $$! even the premium membership! Just using a currency called "omnibits" earned through playing (quests, bosses, dungeons, adventures, expeditions, etc.), premium membership can be bought just by spending normal game currency too, through the "CREDD" exchange" system. But I will stop rambling on about how awesome I think carbine, NCSoft, and Wildstar is. It is free to play! Go out there and see how wonderful this game is yourself And for those interested, I play an Aurin Exile (Esper class). I plan on making a Cassian Dominion down the line, it seems my old one got wiped (it was a low level character probably in the tutorial.) I forgot the name of the server. But basically I plan on staying on the original megaserver. (they made a -2 temp megaserver to help with the new HUGE influx of players.) By the way, some people say the game is kind of laggy or something, honestly I haven't seen ANY of that, though I wouldn't be surprised with how many people are hopping back into the game with waiting lines sometimes reaching 1000+ (though at launch it wasn't surprising to reach 3000+) *edit* Equestria Daily has a guild in Wildstar named "Space Ponies" though it has many inactive players still returning to the game, so it is getting new life breathed into it ... some one tell Sethisto about that
  15. Fleur-De-Lis

    Technology Problems with Windows 10

    Already done with Cortana, also my computer does not use WiFi so that does not pertain to me. Though I am aware of the Wi-Fi password nonsense that Windows 10 uses. I think the person that thought up that feature is an idiot. We already have an easy feature to have guests connect wo Wi-fi networks. its called Aoss. One push of a button and a device waiting to connect to the router and tada!