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  1. GrayTyphoon

    TF2 X MLP Artworks

    Hello guys! it's been a long time since the last i visited this forum. Well, i am actually busy with other stuffs like animating, drawing, and life activities. And to be honest, i don't really follow the MLP new stories and stuffs including the movie like i used to in the past, but i still make MLP artworks tho' Here's my latest MLP artwork which is a crossover with one of my best games i have ever played, Team Fortress 2!
  2. GrayTyphoon

    You're Wrong

    No, i used Paint Tool SAI
  3. GrayTyphoon

    You're Wrong

    Scootaloo: You're wrong, Sweetie Belle!
  4. GrayTyphoon

    Running Spike

    It's been a long time since the last time i drew Spike. I'm improved on shading
  5. GrayTyphoon

    Coolin' Soarin'

    First time drew Soarin'
  6. GrayTyphoon

    Web Last YouTube video you watched?

    Stickman Fight (I am really into it, just see my avatar) XD
  7. GrayTyphoon

    Applejack in Lineless Style

    Hey everypony! it's been a long time i didn't share my artwork here. And this time, i'd like to share you my latest MLP artwork in lineless style. Here is the result
  8. GrayTyphoon

    What Am I Looking At?

    I guess she's looking at her hat stuck in a tree Again, i'm doing this in anime version
  9. GrayTyphoon

    Derpy's Sitting

    Now, who wants to hug her, me!
  10. GrayTyphoon

    Just Applebloom 7

    I really want to change my drawing style into anime style because i find better than i use now
  11. GrayTyphoon

    Another Human AJ

    Sure! BUT make sure you credit me
  12. GrayTyphoon

    Another Human AJ

    I FINALLY MADE AN ANIME (KINDA) STYLE OF APPLEJACK! I'm not usually make something in Anime Style, and i'm going to change my style to Anime style if you guys don't mind
  13. GrayTyphoon

    Rename All the Episodes

    S2E05: Sisterhooves Anti Social
  14. GrayTyphoon

    A Blue Cowboy Hat

    I Finally can draw again since i've finished my exams already Actually, the concept of this art style was different. It should be filled with rich and realistic colors and shadings, but the reality is different with the expectation. :awuh: