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  1. The best way to beat them is some kind of power armour (I suggest Remnant's armour) and something that shoot a lot of bullets really fast.
  2. I've been playing the Fallout games for nearly all my life, and every time I play I always run into that one enemy that I just couldn't beat no matter which way I fought it. What was yours? Mine was The Master, finally killed him with a plasma pistol and T-51b powered armour.
  3. Well shoot, there's a few, MLP fics (Duh) The Fallout series (Fallout, and Fallout 3 are my favs.) Music (Country and Rock) Writing Drawing Spelling (Really ticks me off when people strt tpin lke tis.) There are more, but that's all I'm gonna post.
  4. Well I've been playing a lot of Fallout recently, so I thought sure, why not.
  5. I would say I have some of the same feelings toward the game. It does make you wait FOREVER to clear any sort of trash or rock. The Parasprites are what I really hate. They waste shards and are stupid frustrating. The artwork is nice, and the mini-games are pretty fun. I really love the minecart and dance games. The gems can be difficult to obtain, but you never have to spend a dime on the game (which I love ) All-in-all it's a decent game with a few flaws.
  6. Well considering I put it on Facebook, have a R.D. patch, and have R.D. card sleeves... FLIP YES I'M OPEN ABOUT IT! Plus if anyone has a problem with that, they're more than welcome to take it up with me, because I'll defend my broniness.
  7. My I.Q. is 140 I do believe that qualifies me as a genius.

  8. Well seems to be another quiet day.

  9. Here they are, best to worst. Charlie Daniels Band: Devil Went Down to Georgia Dwight Yoakam: Crazy Little Thing Called Love Johnny Cash: The One on the Right is on the Left AC/DC: Back in Black Aerosmith: Dream on Okay. There they are. WHY ARE YOU STILL SCROLLING???????
  10. "More Than a Feeling" Boston. Don't ask why, I just have it stuck in there.
  11. Honestly, these forums accomplish nothing. They're nothing more than a form of entertainment. All though you can accomplish some things such as, meeting people, discussing political views, or amassing an army of Paladins to fight super mutants and destroy F.E.V. vats. My favorite flower is the Rose ( I never disregard questions ).
  12. Eating some roasted garlic crackers, and goofing off on da forums.
  13. Before, I liked Rainbow, (Like most everybody lol) mainly because it seemed like she couldn't lose. I didn't like Rarity mainly because she just struck me as the type who couldn't handle herself in the woods. After becoming more involved in the show, I started to lean towards A.J. because I'm a Georgia boy, so I just liked her. Still hate Rarity though, same reason to.
  14. Santa Barbara, Ca. Which faction Brotherhood of Steel or Enclave.