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    Books, films, gaming, ponies, science, good talking to nice people. Are you one of them?

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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthsmas!!

  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. I didn'me work on arts a long time, but here it is. Fullsize :DA.
  5. For what publicate here skype nick, if we have nothing to talk about? Well, I am minos.ua . But if somebody would talk to me, you probably better do it here.
  6. Hello, sugarcube. Hope,you'll have nice time.
  7. Well, this is bad for games, that depend on their gameplay. Like Fallout. And for the others - why not? This is rather good, than bad.
  8. IRL I don't use english, so probably not.
  9. Loneliness, yeap.

  10. Well, I know russian and ukrainian perfectly, as my native. Studying english. Almost perfectly understand, but speaking isn't so good. Polish is same. Trying in japanese. German only a little. But want learn latin some time in future.
  11. They aren't. It's just a mem, caused by small amount of her screen time in first seasons. She really pony as nice as all the others. And beside... not everyone are really good people, you see.
  12. Good to see you. Don't you mind if I try to talk to you? I'm kinda Fluttershy in meeting people...
  13. Okay. Let me try. Name: Minos Age: well, decide yourself. Gender: Is it really important? Country: Ukraine. You may think I'm russian. Likes: Ponies, games, good music, a lot of different science stuff. If you wanna discussion - I'm person you need. Dislikes: dark stuff. Hobbies: see "Likes" I'd really like to make some friends. So you're welcome.
  14. Melancholy. In need of some frienship.
  15. Intro, unfortunatelly. It makes life harder. Can somepony give me some friendship?