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  1. Steam: Absolutely Ashamed Xbox Live: Certainly Syrix 17+ Please let me know you're from the forums. I only play on Xbox One at the moment. My main games change frequently, but currently I'm playing Far Cry 4, Dark Souls 1 and 3, Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, and some occasional Halo 5. Also, while I haven't played Doom '16 in awhile, if you ask me to play with you, I will.
  2. My first video game was Spyro the Dragon. I was about three at the time, think my uncle was showing it to me.
  3. Wait, these exist? These exist! Oh my gosh! It sounds so completely ridiculous! I want in on this! But honestly, I find this slightly better suited to finding relationships than most other dating sites. Being friends with someone who has none of the same interests is hard enough. Getting into a romantic relationship with someone like that, even harder. At least for me, I have almost no good friends and have never had a girlfriend. Maybe because of the previous statements I had just made. Admitted I had feelings for someone once and they were weirded out, didn't talk to me for a bit. Barely talks to me now, because the person is really busy with life. But I'm getting off topic. I really would like to join a brony dating site, provided it's free and isn't filled with trolls. It's easier to get along with people who like the same things. A brony and gamer dating site would be even better. Brony and gamer dating site with people who like Caravan Palace and Doom? Are there bronies that like Caravan Palace and Doom? I need to speak with them.
  4. This wasn't an essay I did for school or anything, it was meant as a critique sort of thing for a popular youtuber I watch. I dismiss most youtubers who have videos saying something like I HATE BRONIES in their uploads. But I Hate Everything, IHE, actually has some reasonable opinions in most of his videos. They're all mostly negative, but he actually thinks about what he says and has good rant etiquette. Most of the time. I just hate it when people make very general opinions on fandoms and groups of people and the like because, well, read this email I sent him and find out: I'm hoping this message provides some legitimate critique that you can use to improve your future videos, but I'm not going to lie by saying this isn't me venting or partially acting out of emotion rather than reason. I think your videos are great. They're very honest, to the point, and can provide new insights and perspectives on things that can potentially make your viewers more cynical, but substantially better informed and reasonably minded. However, I do not agree with your philosophy for ranting about fandoms, or general groups of people that you strongly dislike. I haven't seen all of your videos on fandoms, but I find the idea of making entire videos titled I HATE BRONIES or I HATE FURRIES or THE WORST FANDOMS or the like inherently flawed and a bit bigoted. I know in your video I HATE I HATE EVERYTHING you mentioned that a lot of your viewpoints or terms for expressing viewpoints are hyperbole, or simply exaggerated greatly for comedic effect. But you can forgive some of your viewers if they watch a video titled I HATE (x type of people here) and get miffed when it contains nothing but purely negative opinions. Why nowadays, when the word HATE, something that used to be used to describe an emotion of unprecedented dislike and revile towards something or someone, is spoken like just a stronger, purer term for DISLIKE, should people expect you to feel any different about your opinions than what you state they are in your titles and videos? From the way you present most of your I HATE FANDOMS videos, it seems like you truly dislike, hate, or despise those fandoms in a general sense. But I don't think you do. Say a complete stranger you see walking down the sidewalk is wearing a shirt that obviously makes it out to seem they're a brony, or a fan of Sonic. Maybe you ask them if they're really a part of one those fandoms, and they say "Yes." There is no doubt in your mind that they are. Could you say to yourself, in seriousness, that you hate that person? Could you reasonably think at that point that you just dislike that person? No, you couldn't. Making statements like that, even to yourself is extremely prejudious. Makes you seem like an [curse]. You don't know their personality, you don't know how they act, how they treat other people, you don't know much about them. Saying "Oh, but I've encountered a lot of these people and see the kind of stuff they create, they're all bad," wouldn't make it any less fair either. Even if you've seen hundreds of [curse word here] drawings or fan creations from the brony fandom, you've barely seen a fraction of everything they've created. Even if you've encountered numerous bronies that are stupid, spiteful, rude or just plain [curse word here], you haven't encountered nearly enough to say that all thousands and thousands and maybe even millions of bronies are bad people. No matter how much bad art, unoriginal videos, examples of disturbing cosplay or stupid comments you put on the screen in your videos, not just from bronies but of any fandom you are discussing, you can't cram enough pieces on the screen to show that these entire fandoms are bad. It's just way too genralized of a statement to be backed up by good evidence. I say I don't think you truly dislike these fandoms because of the way you act in your videos, and some of the statements you've made in the past. Like in your I HATE TUMBLR video, you were responding to comments saying that you should make a I HATE FEMINISM video. Your response was basically, in my eyes, "If you think that people who advocate for gender rights and equality is a bad thing, then you're a [curse word here] retard. Just because some of the feminists you've encountered are terrible people doesn't mean all are." You perceived the term 'feminist' as its base concept, for what it means. Wouldn't it be equally fair to say "If you think someone who really likes a certain show or game and participates in the community for that show or game is a terrible person, then you're a [curse word] retard. Just because most of the fans you've encountered are terrible people doesn't mean they all are." You may hate some of the fans in the fandoms you mentioned, but you seem like too smart of a guy to simply say "I HATE BRONIES" or "I HATE FURRIES". It's a bit wrong to misrepresent something and only show the bad of it to your fandoms, when there's a good side to it as well. You can probably guess by now that I'm an irritated member of one of the fandoms you apparentally hate or dislike, and yes, I am. I'm a brony. And I know for a fact that there's a large collection of artwork, animations, music and stories that bronies have made that is fantastic. Some stuff that shows how much effort a fan can truly put into something they're great at, something that they love and have a passion for. These works I've seen put the full potential of a creative medium on display. And not only that, there are some incredibly generous things bronies have done too. There are bronies who are truly kind, tolerant and caring. Some really nice people. Do I deny that there is [swear] stuff we've created or done, that there are some things that show how much of a complete [curse] we can be? No, there's plenty of that. But you need to look at both sides of the coin, maybe realize that fans are more than just a coin too. There are many sides and ups and downs to fans. It's not black and white. They're human beings There's [curse], great people and everything in between. You should show that in your videos. And I don't agree with your whole "overexposure, the stuff is everywhere" thing either. Seeing fandom stuff in your recommended section or in your searches isn't going to ruin your mood. It's easy enough to avoid. You can still find what you're looking for. I really hope I got my point across, I really do. This could be important critique that provides a new outlook on the way you view groups of people or completely useless drab from a raging fan that just wants to vent. I don't know. Please let me know if this is valuable to you at all. I appreciate you reading this far, at least. Thank you. --- And that's the whole thing. Censored the curse words because this is no place for that. Please let me know what you think.
  5. Name: Hot Minute A.K.A. Red Type: Unicorn Gender: Female Appearance: Bright red fur with short, half shaven brown mane that forms a sharp bang (as in hair bangs) over the side of her face. Red's eyes are hazel colored, and her general body build is rather short and skinny. She has a very short swirly tail. She is often seen wearing a leather bomber style jacket and sometimes a special flight mask. Her upper right leg is cybernetic, as well as the large Omnidirectional Artificial Wing and Grappling Propulsion System (or Jet Grapple, as she calls it) permanently attached to her back. Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is a flaming pocket watch, she has obtained for being "One hundred percent on time, most of the time" according to her. Hobbies: Working as the only Pony courier/scout/slave in the Human Space Navy. Being the only Pony that the Humans have encountered and captured makes her valuable, as cloning her is nearly impossible, but also expendable, as she's not a Human and cloning her is still possible. Additional Details: Red is very sarcastic, cheerful, and well humored, despite the terrible abuse she has suffered in the past. However, she still secretly wishes to be free from captivity to her masters, and has formulated a plan that has a small chance of getting her out of the spacefaring life.
  6. Spies vs Mercs on Splinter Cell: Blacklist on the 360. Found a group to play with, it's effin brilliant. I just made a thread about it too, go check it out if you're interested. Also a bit of Doom and Thief.
  7. Do you remember the PvP in Splinter Cell? Probably not. There wasn't much continued support for it any one of the games, there hasn't been a new Splinter Cell game for awhile, and the PvP was pretty obscure to begin with. But it was still awesome: A team of two to four heavily armed mercenaries defend terminals from a team of sneaky, agile spies. First person combat goes up against third person stealth. Warrior against thief, brawns versus brains. It's an unforgettably nail biting experience. And to date, my favorite PvP in a video game ever. I created this thread in hopes of finding somebody that still cared about this, or to possibly start a small discussion. I'm saddened by the fact that there probably won't be another Splinter Cell game for a long time, and I hope that Spies vs Mercs will be revived in some way or another.
  8. Sorcerer Dave. Even though I don't keep up to date with most of his let's plays, especially his New Vegas one (I really, really hate Sir Crumpington) the time I spent watching his Oblivion and Skyrim let's plays was not wasted. He's starting to do flight sims much more, and although I'm not a fan of that genre, I still watch him because he's so damn entertaining. It may be a bit of a cop out because I don't watch his YouTube let's plays, only his Twitch ones, but I also really like Gopher. He's a fine chap.
  9. Anybody ever tried Hideous Destructor? http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=12973 It's a tactical realism mod for Doom. Been looking for a co-op partner to try it with, since it recommends co-op. I also really like GMOTA (Go Medieval on their Butts), a mod with lots of new enemies and music based around two weapons: A sword, and a gauntlet. That would also be good fun to play in co-op, especially since it supports Zandronum. And one last mod I recommend is Satanic Redux with the Ambience Pack. Hard to explain, so much so that I highly recommend reading through the manual. Same goes with Hideous Destructor, to an extent. I've got more mods to recommend, so many more. I'll post about them another time though.
  10. In Bodycount, I'd give it a longer story mode with more variety, have a health bar instead of B-B-B-BLOODY SCREEN SO REAL, maybe use a medkit system, and make the enemies less tanky. In Brutal Doom, I'd add literally anything other than flipping enemies off, make the weapons more satisfying, make the enemies have less hitscanny attacks, remove nades, remove the marines in place of anything, even harmful pickups, remove iron sights in place of a slight zoom in, bring back the ability to shoot corpses, make dodge rolls a quick double tap that doesn't put you in third person, add flashier gore, revamp the chainsaw, give Doomguy more lines of dialogue, and make fatalities much faster. I don't like Brutal Doom that much.
  11. WET. One of the best games ever that nobody liked. Two things I need to do in this lifetime: Get a good PC, and become a game dev to make a spiritual successor to WET.
  12. I'm playing Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition for The Bone. If anybody else has it on Xbone, for the love of god add me. I want a co-op partner so badly.
  13. I don't understand why all my friends are saying Blops 3 is the best Call of Duty since 4. It just seems like a significantly inferior version of Advanced Warfare.
  14. TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY Getting Fallout 4 on THE BONE! Come and see my friend Vault Tech become super jealous and perform such amazing feats such as reaching halfway across the country to punch me IN THE FACE! It's gonna be KILLER!
  15. Xbox: Certainly Syrix Steam: Certainly Syrix Add me brah!