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  1. I have just a few questions: Why did they have a whole toy line with different cutie marks and that cooking poster hasbro made, once again with different cutie marks? Do you think they will change and do you want the cutie marks to change? 2) Why does sweetie belles have a note in the middle of her cutie mark when she didn't realise that was her talent? 3) Why did they fly up with the aura and all that, it must mean they are special but more special than the mane six? As we know that never happened to them. Sorry for boring post, what do you guys think about the cmc's new cutie marks?! I loved this episode XD
  2. i am looking for the same thing! Please tell me if you find anything
  3. Hi! Sorry I'm new so I'm not sure if this is in the right area of the forums :S, anyway I as wondering if I could make sliders in flash, you know pony creator where you can change the size of the iris etc, I wanted to know if I could someway do that in flash (or even adobe after effects!) Also.... Could anyone make tutorials on how to animate in adobe after effects like 2snacks does (the person who makes two best sisters play) Thank you!