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  1. Ponelove1234

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    It's been Hero of Rhyme by Starbomb for weeks! And It's awesome that way. The song is freaking amazing!
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H3kJhYLFYs Moblins? No problem. Octerocks don't know poppycock. I've gotta get that Triforce tomorrow but first I gotta do my pop and lock When I see an Iron Knuckle I'mma buckle up my pants, Because those b*tches don't f*ck around when I kick on my Z-Target dance!
  3. l love Starbomb! Their music is so good! It's catchy, funny, and makes me feel really nostalgic at that. I can remember the first time I played a Sonic game, so Sonic's Best Pal is awesome to me! I can remember the first time I played Animal Crossing, so The Book of Nook is freaking AMAZING! I just think their music is awesome, that's it. For me, I don't think Starbomb will ever suck.
  4. My favorite movie is the 2009 movie The Incredible Hulk. It's really hard to make a Hulk movie because you can either have too much Hulk, leading to no story whatsoever, or you can have too much story, leading to very little Hulk. I feel that they really balanced out the Hulk scenes while also having a good story in the movie. And I think Edward Norton totally rocked at being Bruce Banner. He was just so convincing. I could see him being a scientist hiding inner rage that, when unleashed, will demolish the city.
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