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  1. It's been Hero of Rhyme by Starbomb for weeks! And It's awesome that way. The song is freaking amazing!
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H3kJhYLFYs Moblins? No problem. Octerocks don't know poppycock. I've gotta get that Triforce tomorrow but first I gotta do my pop and lock When I see an Iron Knuckle I'mma buckle up my pants, Because those b*tches don't f*ck around when I kick on my Z-Target dance!
  3. l love Starbomb! Their music is so good! It's catchy, funny, and makes me feel really nostalgic at that. I can remember the first time I played a Sonic game, so Sonic's Best Pal is awesome to me! I can remember the first time I played Animal Crossing, so The Book of Nook is freaking AMAZING! I just think their music is awesome, that's it. For me, I don't think Starbomb will ever suck.
  4. My favorite movie is the 2009 movie The Incredible Hulk. It's really hard to make a Hulk movie because you can either have too much Hulk, leading to no story whatsoever, or you can have too much story, leading to very little Hulk. I feel that they really balanced out the Hulk scenes while also having a good story in the movie. And I think Edward Norton totally rocked at being Bruce Banner. He was just so convincing. I could see him being a scientist hiding inner rage that, when unleashed, will demolish the city.