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Status Updates posted by FirstPonySpectre

  1. I'm back after like, a year or something! Sorry for any inconvenience my sudden disappearance might've caused. >_<

  2. Wow. It's been like, a year since I've been here last. I had to stop coming on due to personal issues but I thought that now since everything has been sorted out in my life I can finally go back to doing things that make me happy so. I'm back!

    1. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      OMG I was always wondering why you suddenly stopped coming on. I think I still have the RP XD

  3. After three days I finished my new OC's backstory. T_T

    1. Demonic Soulz
    2. remove p l e a s e ?

      remove p l e a s e ?

      I actually like your OC's design. Can I just say it looks cute?

  4. Working on the backstory for my new OC on a google docs. It's four pages long. -_- Such carried away. Wow

  5. How you know I'm white. I listen to dub-step on the loudest volume in the middle of class... while the teacher gave us homework time. And I already finished the homework during the lesson. White life too strong

  6. Checking MLP Forum in middle of school. no fear.

    1. Twisted Cyclone 🚓

      Twisted Cyclone 🚓

      Me too though the people at my school seem like they could care less.

    2. FirstPonySpectre


      It's the opposite for me. It's not that other people don't care. I just don't care. Also the fact that since the banner at the top of the screen doesn't have Rarity on it anymore, or any ponies for that matter, no one could really figure out it's an MLP forum unless they looked really closely.

    3. Demonic Soulz

      Demonic Soulz

      I do it all the time actually...when I am done with work

  7. Playing Diablo 3. Made a monk. Named him Bruce Yi. I feel important.

  8. I'm good at internets and fixed it. Honor me, Coach.

    1. Demonic Soulz

      Demonic Soulz

      Good to hear you got internet back

    2. FirstPonySpectre
  9. Dear Bronies. My internet at home has been taken down and won't be back until January 9th most likely. I'm posting this from school. I'll try to be as active as I can in the meantime.

  10. Merry Christmas er'ypony!

  11. Working on Calibrations

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