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  1. @@Midnight Scribbler,



    I can probably come up with some form of list but there is one problem... by using real life recipes it will probably get extremely confusing or at the very least complicated. Lol. ;-;. The best way I can see us getting around that is to make it more primitive by grouping ingredients into a few selections. Such as in colors and each color has it's specialty. 


    The following is just a draft of what I'm talking about. Not anything final. 


    Green Herbs: A must have ingredient for almost any elixir or remedy. Alone it can act as a very weak medicine. Common to find.


    Red Herbs: These herbs amplify the effects of other herbs to extremes. Can be extremely dangerous. Moderate to find. 


    Blue Herbs: Cause mild intoxication. In higher doses it can cause hallucinations, black outs, and temporary insanity. Rare


    Bright Blue Herbs: Act as coolant. Simply touching one of these herbs can cause chills. Used carefully these can lower fevers, or even regulate your body temperature if you're under extreme heat. Moderately common


    Orange Herbs: Reverses effect of a herb. For example, it makes green herbs escalate any illness, injury, etc a pony may be suffering. Moderate.


    ​Purple Herbs: Has effects strongly similar to adrenaline. In a low dose it can cause a pony to suffer small twitches. At high doses it can increase a ponies speed, reactions, etc. Though it also increases heart rate and can cause death.


    Pink Herbs: Act as a relaxer. A single pink herb leaf can calm down a nervous pony and when intensified it can put ponies to sleep.  Common.


    That's just a draft of what I'm talking about. Basically, a recipe would go something like this...



    (Green + Orange) + Red = Poison


    or you can use herbs to create other sub-ingredients. For example...


    Explosive Liquid

    Effect: Causes a thrown flask to explode when shattered. 

    Recipe: (Bright Blue + Orange) + Purple


    Ice Bomb

    Effect: When thrown and shattered it releases a sphere of chilling air that can cause a short lasting chill on anyone in the area of effect

    Recipe: Explosive Liquid + (Bright Blue + Red) 


    It's just an idea. Not sure if it'll work but it at least allows us to not have to constantly converse about what herbs are there specifically as well as will allow me to not have to ask you guys if something is possible considering I'll know exactly what I have and all. Not sure if that makes sense. Haha. 

  2. Bittersweet glanced out the window to see that the once grim and dark forest had been replaced by a expansive patch of land that, far off in the distance, she could see Bloodwell. As the carriage continued to move closer she could begin to make out the rather luminous architecture of the village. It gave Bittersweet a bit of a creeping suspicion but nothing to really put her on the edge. 


    Soon the carriage came to a stop inside of the town square. The door opened and a pony who greeted himself as Red Cask was there. This pony spoke in a monotone and acted just like the butlers that Bitter would read about in her books. He claimed to be the steward of Bloodwell and went on to explain the layout of the town as well as any precautions that it's visitors should take while staying here. Bitter was rather upset about the curfew. She'd of loved to be able to take a walk through the city at night.


    Bitter listened intently, however, not wanting to forget where someplace was and risk the embarrassment that would come from asking where someplace as later.




    Not many of the places spoke out to Bittersweet all that much. She was rather curious about the theater, however. Along with that she also wondered if there was someplace she could set up her alchemy set. With these questions in mind she took a step forward and questioned the stallion in the shy and sheepish tone of voice she first used when she began conversing with the ponies on the carriage. She also was interested to know if there was something along the lines of a garden anywhere in this town.


    "I.. Um. Have a few questions." She began, trying not to stutter. "Is there a garden or something similar to one here?" Bittersweet paused for a spell as she collected herself. "My last question is, well, is there anywhere I could possibly set up my alchemy equipment? Preferably someplace with a small stove or burner?" She inquired with a much more urgent curiosity. 


    (Edit: Didn't read the part about the magician at the theater.)

  3. @@FirstPonySpectre,


    In terms of the alchemy thing, I would imagine Bittersweet would know a bit about chemicals, but I think you're looking at an acid, not a poison on that first one, and would depend entirely on what sort of thing she had brought with her. I don't know of many medicinal ingredients that would act like an acid though, and Bitter is a medical alchemist, who likely wouldn't have that sort of thing. Poison on the other hand, that would be something I could see her having access to. All she'd need to do is botch one of her elixers with a bad ingredient, and it could end up deadly or have some nasty side effect. That, I think would be fine.


    As for thermite, that's not exactly something I'd imagine a medical alchemist would want to be carrying. That's more of a chemist or demolitions expert's domain.


    On the third point, I agree with Silver, we want to avoid the whole magic skeleton key for all locks situation. That eliminates the need for actual problem solving with what's been given to you. Sometimes you might need to improvise, or run from a situation if you don't see another good option. It'll always be up to you though.


    Also hell no I don't wanna cancel. lol We got lots planned, too much to just leave this story. I'm in till the end for this RP :)


    Oh, also, apologies for the lack of posting, I've had a rather bizarre couple of days. I'll post tomorrow for sure.

    Yeah, I've always sort of combined Alchemy and Chemistry into one a lot of the time. I gotta work on that a bit, the two are rather similar to an extent anyway. haha. Besides, alchemist sounds so much cooler than chemist. Haha. ^_^


    I was also just using thermite as an example, too. I really doubt there is gonna be any random strips of manganese just laying around. And you can't just walk into a store and buy manganese! 


    Also, I should most likely specify this in her dossier because I really failed to emphasize this, but she only chose to be an apothecary. Her alchemy skills go much further than just medicine. 


    Thanks for clearing that up, though. ^_^ 

  4. @@SilverHeart,



    Hey, a few quick questions regarding Bitter's alchemy and stuff. I'm asking because I'd like to not do something that you'd deem "overpowered" or something. Haha.


    Now, just before I start asking, I'm not intended to use anything similar to godmodding for potions. She can't create most of her potions or poisons instantly or on the spot. Most of them will involve using her alchemy kit which may be portable, can't just be set up whenever. Just thought that should be noted prior for reference. 


    1. So, since Bittersweet is an alchemist and all, so I was wondering if there were any limitations you'd suggest putting on the potions she creates. For example, if she were to create some kind of poison that could burn through wood (To use against any Timberwolves).


    2. Should I limit myself to more-so realistic formula's (such as aluminium + rust + manganese = Thermite (I'm pretty sure that's the formula or something like that.). or is it okay if I do some BSing and just use random things to create relevant potions or what not. 


    3. What's your view on Bittersweet being able to just.. have or find things? Sort of like a Dues Ex Machina but instead of solving an impossible problem she just found what ingredient she needed at the right time. 

  5. I highly doubt the exact magical location of Bloodwell is going to have an effect on the plot. And I didn't mean to have the driver come out and say as much. I just like thinking about stuff like this.


    Well what if it's through some kind of portal that leads to a land of illusion or something cooky like that then it'd have a huge effect on the plot and all. But that'd be really silly unless it was done really carefully and stuff. 




    Also, I learned the word Crepuscular today and I wanted to use it in a post, so I did. No regrets <3

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  6. @,


    As she spoke to the tan stallion Bittersweet heard a calm voice of a mare speak to her. Bitter turned her head to see the voice came from a beautiful mare whose coat was black as night and mane a shadowy violet. Her crepuscular hazel eyes looked at Bittersweet, almost swooning her entirely, even though the gaze probably wasn't meant to have a seductive effect. Thankfully, the remark about teaching her niece the difference between an elixir and an explosion sent Bittersweet into somewhat of a shy nerd out. "Well, an elixir is a magic or medicinal potion such as cold medicine, though some elixirs have been said to prolong a ponies life. An explosive, on the other hand, well, put bluntly it explodes." The pink mare rambled on, seeming to continuously ramble on about her work during this carriage ride. "One of the most interesting examples of an explosive mixture is mixing old playing cards, cardboard, water, and of course heat to act as the catalyst. Though this kind of explosive is HIGHLY dangerous and unpredictable. It is quite handy if you have the materials and the reason to use them." She just continued to talk, her words carrying a burning passion with them. Clearly showing the ponies love for her work. "Pardon my rambling, by the way. I'm quite chatty today it seems." She apologized, her once sheepish attitude dispersing quickly as she grew more accustomed to the environment as well as being in a more-or-less one on one conversation. 


    The black mare remarked that it must be quite the feat to do what Bitter does considering all the pressure and responsibility that befalls upon her. "I don't really ever feel pressured. My mixtures never fail, and when they do, I always have a back up handy." Bitter remarked with a rather confident voice.  Bitter soon realized she hadn't even introduced herself to the other female unicorn yet. Speaking of mixtures the mare had asked if the pink unicorn carried any medicine with her on this trip. 


    "I have a few elixirs that help cure acute ailments like head-aches or stomach-aches. However I did bring a small and portable alchemy kit along with a few common ingredients so if the need arises I could cook something up." The no-longer so timid mare responded to the attractive unicorn. 


    "You see, Bittersweet. You're doing great. Just had to get into the groove of things is all." Bitter thoughtfully reinforced herself with a excited zeal.

  7. You could always just throw in some magic BS that Bloodwell only sort of exists in Equestria and you have to use special magic to get there. That would also explain why nobody is allowed to leave the carriage (although there's probably already a reason for that, you guys think of a lot).


    B... b... but throwing in BS magic ruins any suspense! It's a screenwriter tactic to fill in random plot holes or advance the plot. Even if the magic has no real purpose other than to move the story along or explain something. Harry Potter movies are the prime example of this. 

  8. Sorry I meant to respond earlier but I've been a bit busy today. If you're looking for like a spot on (what I've been told is) the official Map of Equestria, there really isn't a spot that fits. Originally Bloodwell was going to be around the area that Hollow Shades is at. Now if I had to choose a spot, it would probably be somewhere in the Unicorn Range. Basically, it's somewhere in the Northern half of Equestria....doesn't really matter where so long as its a mountainous region and there's a forest.

    Understood, thank you.


    Also, for some reason I'm never notified when you quote any of my posts. It's rather surreal considering the RP is a mystery and it's weird how I'm not getting notifications of you replying to me. Haha. I just thought I'd point that out because of the irony. At least I think it's irony. -shrugs- 

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  9. (shortish post :c) 




    After hearing the stallions remark about "seeing things" outside, Bittersweet couldn't help herself but to take a quick glance herself, though she didn't see anything aside from the forest that was there before. "He's probably just seeing things." Bitter thought to herself before turning her gaze back to the stallion, who seemed slightly distressed. "Though if that's the case he certainly believes he saw something." She silently assessed in her head. Bitter was about to attempt to console the brown maned pony but before she could even open her mouth he started to talk about his job. 


    The stallion claimed to be a musician. A jazz musician to be precise. "A musician. Classy."  Bitter complimented the man. Though she wasn't really a fan of jazz music. She much rather preferred techno, trance or electronic music. "I've never heard of you, though. Probably because I don't really like jazz all that much." She informed nonchalantly. "I've always been more into electronic, or trance. Mostly music by DJ-PON3." The pink pony began to ramble on, losing track of what she was saying and zoning out almost completely. "I mean, she is pretty cute. I don't know about you but her hair just makes me want to--" The ranting pony paused as she snapped back into reality, realizing she was just starting to gush about what was her celebrity crush. That seemingly never vanishing blush in full force. "She makes good music..." She quickly finished, not wanted to draw anymore attention than she already had to the subject. 


    The stallion also mentioned he had "invented" a new spell and that this spell could "...conjure magic out of thin air." This caused Bittersweet to under go a quick confusion before almost forcefully questioning the other unicorn about this. "Um... How exactly does a spell conjure magic from thin air? I don't understand." Bitter asked in a curious tone, the blush residing to a feint pink once more. 


    The stallion, who was previously bombarding her with information about himself then went onto the offensive, questioning Bittersweet. The stallion seemed bewildered at the fact this mare was an apothecary in Ponyville. "Yeah, sort of. I opened it about a year ago, though I've been doing alchemy since I was about... ten or so." She began informing the musician. "I don't get a lot of visitors to be quite honest. The only time someone really comes to me immediately is if it's an emergency. Otherwise they place an order for what potion, tonic, or whatever they need. I create said whatever they need and ship it." 

  10. I'll admit it everyone...


    I think that Spike is pretty annoying, I don't like him, when bad things happen to him, I laugh.


    I like Mare Do Well


    I really REALLY REALLY want Vinyl Scratch x Octavia to be canon. Like, please? It's make me and my ship very pleased. 


    I think the human versions of ponies looks really stupid. Like, REALLY stupid. 



  11. @@FirstPonySpectre,


    The town of Bloodwell is located in a remote part of Equestria, it's built at the foot of a mountain, and is surrounded by the forest that your party is currently traversing through. Though I'm guessing you mean where in Equestria the town is in relation to other places. Which is something I'll have to ask Silver about. I don't remember exactly.


    In the grand scheme of things, the only thing that really matters is that it's remote enough to take about a day to get to. So you know it's far from any other civilization at any rate.

    Alright, thank you. ^_^ 

  12. (I got REALLY carried away with this post. I apologize for the length and if it starts to get rambling or just seem like there's filler in it.)


    After a spell Bittersweet failed to hear any rude responses from anyone. In fact, most of the ponies seemed to not even notice. Only two ponies made any verbal response to Bittersweet's sudden introduction. Bittersweet was actually rather relieved that almost nopony had noticed, or cared about her outburst, and even more relieved that the ones who did weren't ridiculing Bittersweet for it. 


    "See Bittersweet, they're nice. You have nothin' to worry about." Bitter reassured herself with the evidence. 


    With this relief Bittersweet opened her eyes and looked back at the crowd, most of which were holding other conversations. Her nerves returning to her Bittersweet quickly got the courage the respond to the ponies who had greeted themselves back.




    The pony who introduced herself as Sunset Glow seemed really nice and her words had a very calming aura attached to them as they left her lips. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well." Bitter said, only tripping over herself once or twice. Her tone still quiet and clearly not using as much energy as she could. Bitter couldn't help but like this mare. She was quite kind and clearly wasn't scared off by the pink coated ponies anti-social exterior. 




    Bitter turned to the pony next to her and saw him smiling. It appeared that the basil had worked extremely quickly, which brought a smile to Bitter's face. The stallion seemed sincere in each word he spoke and also seemed quite intelligent considering he was able to tell she was an alchemist from her cutie mark. Bitter's posture eased up extremely and her words began to sound not so sheepish when she spoke to the tan coat stallion. "Yes, actually." Bittersweet confirmed the other unicorns accusation. "I'm an apothecary in Ponyville."


    With each comforting statement the stallion said the more Bitter began to grow a fondness for this unicorn. "See Bittersweet, it's easy to make friends." She thought to herself happily. However her happiness turned into a bit of overconfidence once the compliment about her being "really good" at being an apothecary. Letting this get to her head a bit too fast she smiled and said in a tad bit of a cocky tone "Thank you." She paused for a moment as she chuckled a bit. "I get that a lot, to be honest." 


    Soon after she said this she realized how much of a snob she sounded like she recoiled a bit back to her sheepish tone. "Well, not THAT often, really." She counter-argued her previous statement. "I mean that family who came in from Los Pegasus who had their sick foal didn't say I was great." She paused for a moment before she counter-argued her counter-argument "Actually I think they said I was amazing... BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT! I'm just.. okay at what I do!" Bittersweet demanded to the stallion before putting on a nervous grin. 


    In a desperate attempt to change the subject she quickly spoke out in a hasty and nervous voice, "What you do for living? ...  Er.. I mean... What do you do as a job? For a job." The pink pony tripped over her words, each mistake splashing the next shade of pink blush onto her face. 


    It was then when the carriage slowly began to get darker and darker. Bittersweet was never too bothered by darkness but it seemed to strange how the tree's were able to block out the sun so well. It was as if the windows were covered by a black blanket. If it weren't for the lanterns that Wagon Wheel lighted a bit later it wouldn't of been a stretch that dark quilts were draped over the windows. However, once the lanterns were lit they illuminated the forest outside quite well. Vines and vicious overgrowth covered the flora like an infection.


    Looking out the window, Bitter wondered where in Equestria they were headed. "I've never seen a forest quite this... 'forest-y' before." The pink coated unicorn thought to herself. Since the wagon was so smooth she couldn't tell when it turned without looking out the window. It was both disorienting and somewhat exciting to her. She'd never feared new places, in fact she enjoyed them. They often introduced her to new ingredients she could use in her alchemy. However her thoughts of what she could concoct with these new ingredients was short-lived as the cabin erupted with some kind of mini argument. 


    Bitter hadn't been paying the most of attention so she didn't really know what the argument was about, though she knew she'd rather not be a part of it. So in an attempt to distract everypony from the tension she decided to reply to the earlier question about ghost stories.




     "I'm okay with ghost stories." The unicorn informed the other mare, who was attempted to relax everypony else. The normally shy Bitter's voice wasn't as shy as it previously was. It was much more demanding and straight forward, almost as if she was forcing the mare to tell a story, though regardless it was still spoken with Bittersweet's soft-spoken tone and didn't seem all that threatening. "I've always like them anyways." She closed out with a grin. 


    Though most would think she'd be the type to be scared off by these spooky stories, Bitter didn't really care much for them, not even when she was just a filly, though most of the horror stories she heard of she read off the white pages of a book. The stories she was verbally told, however, never phased her in the slightest. She was actually quite brave when it comes to ghost stories. 


    The carriage moved on before it slowly came to a stop. The lanterns seemed to still be lit and it seemed obvious that they hadn't reached their destination just yet. Though the door soon opened and the driver informed the passengers that there was an obstruction on the road, though it would only be a short delay. "What kind of obstruction? Probably a fallen tree or something." Bitter told herself, though she couldn't help getting the creeping suspicion that it was something else. However, what really put Bittersweet into a curious mood was how the pony reminded the passengers not to leave the cabin. 


    "Why aren't we allowed to leave the cabin? I mean, it's not like we're going to get lost or anything? The mare questioned the statement in her thoughts. "Why is it okay for him to be outside the cabin but not us? UGH! Stop overthinking things, Bittersweet! You'll be fine for pony's sake!" The blue haired mare scolded herself. 



    TL;DR: Nintendo is, and will always be, one of the greatest developers of all time. 


    Nintendo is in no possible way "irrelevant". They might not be at the peak of popularity anymore like they were in the past but that doesn't mean they're not going out of style. Nintendo is all about being different, really. They're always the ones taking a lot of risks with their consoles. Hell, the WiiU is their first console with hardware advanced enough to handle graphics that the PS3 and Xbox360 could handle. DESPITE this, however, they've still make some of the greatest games of all time. 


    The Zelda Series has one of the biggest fan-bases and for good reason. The worlds are always so interesting and immersing. The Mario platformers are also some of the greatest examples of game design that is nearly 100% perfect. They may strike out with a few choices but when they make a good one, it's never just good, it's out of the park, into the parking lot, and into the head of Activision's car.


    The WiiU also has Bayonetta 2, which is debateably one of the greatest action games ever made. (I personally think it's 2014's best game of the year.). Also it has Super Smash Bros WiiU.


    In all honesty I'm hoping that more developers give the WiiU a chance and try to put some games on it. It has some HUGE potential and if given the shot it'll have some insanely amazing games.


    I love Nintendo and I'm pretty sure they're not going anywhere anytime soon.  

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  14. To be completely honest, the only thing that bugged me about your post was that you used "would of" instead of "would have". Yeah, I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi. Normally I wouldn't bring it up, but you did ask about your post :P


    I did? Oh.. my bad. Haha. That's probably what I get for editing my post at like, 1 in the morning. I think I edited that last post about three times (so far ;-;) after posting it because I wanted to add more detail in an area (Not changing anything major. Just adding more detail and stuff). I actually got up out of bed to add a mere few words just now. Haha. 


    Writer's life too difficult. 

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  15. Hey, just a question for all of you, 


    Am I going too in-depth into Bittersweet's psyche? Like, is it too distracting, annoying, or weird or anything of the sort? I can tone it down if that'd make others more comfortable. It's been a while since I've RPed as a character who is as shy as she is so if I'm overdoing the Character VS Self conflict she has going on just let me know and I'll bring it down a notch. Ha ha. ^_^''

  16. @@Windbreaker,


    Bittersweet could hear a mare telling her to relax, though she was still too nervous to even make any verbal or physical actions in response. She just stood there perfectly still. Hoping that the stallion would be half as nice to her as he was to the other ponies. Thankfully for the nervous, blue maned pony, he wasn't half as kind. He was just as kind. He spoke with sincere gratitude in his words and each syllable spoke brought more relief to Bittersweet. 




    Almost immediately Bittersweet eased up a bit when the pony replied with the rather nice tone he did. The pink mare took a silent deep breath in relief at the events. When the stallion questioned how exactly he was supposed to take the basil powder Bittersweet said in a quiet, yet noticeably calmer voice. "You just chew it." Bitter paused for a moment as she collected her thoughts, not wanting to make a fool out of herself in right in front of the one pony she's talked to thus far. "It's not going to cure your sickness, but it should nullify the symptoms for a few hours. You'll still most likely be contagious." 


    Bittersweet was about to make her way back to her seat when the stallion she assisted requested she sit down next to him. Though on the outside Bitter remained with a shy look on her face and a feint but growing blush, she smiled on the inside and nodded before taking the seat next to the stallion. "Thank you." Bittersweet thanked both the stallion and the mare who had tried to calm her before.


    Bittersweet felt much more at ease being around this tan coated stallion. Most likely because he was the first one she's really spoken to directly as of yet. Though the mare who tried to comfort her before seemed quite nice as well. But it still wasn't enough to off-set her otherwise anti-social and / or socially awkward behavior while in larger crowds. 


    Just when Bitter took her seat the Coachmaster proclaimed that the carriage was going to begin it's ride to the manor. He also explained how luxurious the carriage was and how the ponies wouldn't feel like it was even moving. It was nice and Bittersweet didn't mind the feeling of being treated with a little royal luxury. Though now that she one with the crowd she felt the need to at least introduce herself if anything.


    Typically she'd of introduced herself to the stallion she had just supplied with medicine but he appeared to have moved on with the conversation. Looking to the mare who had said those calming words earlier it appeared she as well was also back into the conversation. "Well they're both in the conversation..." Bittersweet noted to herself. "I'll just introduce myself to everypony I guess I might as well seeing as I'm going to be spending a lot of time with them, right? It'll be best to get it out of the way now." The shy pink pony convinced herself. 


    After a brief glance into the crowd the pink unicorn quickly turned away with a bit of anxiety. "Alright, Bittersweet. You've come this far. Just introduce yourself." Bittersweet encouraged herself in her thoughts while she stared blankly off to the side, the blush still remained, though it was not intensifying . "You may be in a crowd now but all these ponies are just like him. Just say 'I'm Bittersweet.' and that's it. Then at least they know who you are, right? You can do it, girl." 


    The nervous pony took a deep breath. Totally zoning out the other ponies conversations and focusing solely on her thoughts. "On the count of three..." With one final deep breath she began the countdown. 


    "Three..." She faced towards the crowd.

    "Two..." She closed her eyes. 

    "One...." Her muscles tightened.


    "I'm Bittersweet!" The timid pony shouted out in a voice slightly louder than any of the other ponies average speaking voices though by the end of the statement it tailed off to a near whisper. Despite this, however, she managed to keep a very sheepish and timid tone for the one second outburst. As the words echoed out of her lips she turned her head to the side quickly as if the words had left her lips with such force it blew her face away from the crowd. Instantly she was stricken with a paralysis from head to toe, unable to make even the most subtle of twitches. The blush on her face was definitely no longer feint, instead, it spread across almost her entire face and was so vivid it almost seemed like it could be her coat's natural color.


    Bittersweet knew instantly that she had screwed up the simple task of introducing herself and her eyes refused to open and her muscles stayed tightened. "I bucked that up really bad..." The pony informed herself regretfully as she braced herself for what she expects to be rude remarks from the other ponies.  

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