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  1. @SilverHeart

    Here's the complete application. <3


    Not gonna lie. This sounds super fun. Never done an RP like this before. I'd love to sign up with my OC, Bittersweet. She'd probably fit in well with the rules of the RP. 




    Name: Bittersweet


    Dossier / Bio: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/bittersweet-r7667


    Previous RP Experience: I PM'd you examples.



    A whole assortment of alchemy related materials including...

    • Mortar and pestle
    • A variety of flasks and tubing for alchemy
    • Some basic herbs and ingredients
    • A matchbox 
    • A small cutting knife for gathering and cutting ingredients

    Along with this Bittersweet will also bring some basic elixirs, tonics and other brews for basic medical needs such as headaches, stomach aches, etc.


    Aside from that she'll probably bring a few spare bow-ties just in case of an emergency. 


    Hobbies: Bittersweet loves alchemy. Using herbs and other ingredients she can make a brew for nearly everything, given the correct materials that is. She also has a really strong knowledge of flora. She has a very decent knowledge of diagnostic medicine, being an apothecary and all. 

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  2. 1x1 SoL / Romance RP




    I'm looking to do some Roleplaying with someponies out there. Recently I've gotten into SoL and Romance RP's hence why I'm making this post looking for others who would want to do a 1x1 SoL / Romance with me. 



    Story / OC


    When it comes to the story I feel like it'd be best to decide what the story will be after both OC's are decided. Speaking of which, the OC I'd most likely be using is my OC Bittersweet, dossier below...





    Rules / Limitations


    When it comes to rules I'm not going to put to many limitations on the RP itself. However, I would prefer RPing with people who are familiar with RPing. 


    I'm also able to take on multiple RPs at once as well. 





    If you're interested just say so below or PM me. I'm on often so I'll do my best to reply asap.. <3 



    Thanks for reading and/or considering. :3

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  3. The first bug that came to my mind when I saw this thread was the Bee from Conker's Bad Fur Day. He was pretty funny. 




    Jk jk jk. 

    Probably the funniest glitch I've ever had happen to me would probably be in the game Crackdown 2. In this game there's a glitch that you can do if you have the rocket boots. You go underneath a wooden pier on a small lake and start to use your rocket boots. You'll get stuck in suspension under the bridge and the rockets won't be drained of their power so you can do this indefinitely. BUT when you stop and move your character out from under the pier thing, they'll shoot up in the air like a leprechaun on viagra. You can be shot so high up that you'll actually go through the games skybox. I've timed it, you'll be stuck in the air for about three minutes straight.  

  4. I'm a pansexual. :o

    Despite contrary belief. No, pansexuals do NOT have sex with pans.


    For anyone who isn't familiar with the term Pansexual it's basically you're open to every gender or gender identity. Essentially a pansexual doesn't restrict themselves to just the two binary genders (Male and female). The best way to sum up pansexuality is the phrase "Hearts, not parts."


    I'm pretty bad at explaining things so pardon me for that. Haha. 

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  5. A ponies name can also relate to their personality. Such as Fancy Pants. He basically acts like anyone you would refer to as a "fancy pants" would. Same with Harshwhinny. She's rather harsh. Fluttershy is shy, which is where the "shy" portion comes into play. Flutter is most likely related to butterflies because people (at least I) refer to butterflies as fluttering. Her cutie mark is three butterflies so it makes sense. 

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  6. I personally like Independent Reviewers reviews. Especially the ones I know and love like ProJared or Angry Joe. But they can't review every single game there is, which is where the corporate reviewers come in. I watch a lot of IGN and Gamespot reviews because despite popular belief, if they rate a game something, you can have another opinion without getting butthurt about it! (It's shocking, I know.) It's just that corporations have the JOB to review every last game (Other than indie games. Though they do review some of them that have been hyped up enough like Shovel Knight and Bastion) that comes out and they deliver upon it. I do still prefer the longer and more in-depth reviews by Angry Joe and ProJared but I have to settle for basics sometimes. 

  7. Though the game itself was a rather average and mediocre title, the trailer for Dead Island was one HELL of a trailer. It made me buy the game. Though I'll admit I regret buying the game itself, the trailer certainly did it's job in making me want it. The sheer genius of that trailer was astounding in every way. I think a lot of people will agree that the Dead Island trailer was one hell of a show. It had good pacing, angles, and strung you along for the whole duration. 

  8. My biggest struggle would most likely be playing through Dark Souls 1 all the way through. It wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done for sure, nor that hardest, but it was one hell of a struggle. I got stuck on a lot of bosses as well as sections of the game. When I beat the game I was surprised with myself that I endured the whole thing. Ever since then I've always played through games on the hardest difficulty possible right away. Haha. <3

  9. I'd so take that $10k. I mean, I feel like if the ponies were transferred into our worlds appearance they'd look like regular ponies and those would look, well, weird being all technicolor. It wouldn't be that bad spending an entire day with Vinyl Scratch (she is best)... but with 10k I could buy a lot of video games... so.. I'd take the 10k. Gotta think in the long term, man. 

  10. I don't talk about it often. I will occasionally say things like "Everypony" but most of the time people just think I'm f**kin' around. If people ask me if I watch the show I'll say I do. I'm not gonna hide it. It's a TV Show, I don't mind if people know.


    However I'm not as much of a brony as most of you. I mean, if I come across a shirt in real life at a store or something I may buy it if it's cool looking, but other wise I'm not going to go out of my way to get pony things. I go out of my way to get video game merchandise and Walking Dead merchandise. Haha. 

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