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  1. I'll play Bayonetta eventually but I've never liked the idea of Witch Time. Sounds like it'll just slow everything down.

    Believe me when I say that it doesn't. It doesn't last long and you move at the same speed. So you're still attacking fast as hell just that you don't have to worry about getting hit for two or so seconds. If anything, it makes it even more action-y. It's simple and satisfying and becomes addicting. 

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    Witch Time will probably make Bayonetta way more annoying to play. If I dodge I should just dodge


    I didn't mean to say I didn't like it. I think it's awesome. Haha. Without it the game would be a lot harder than it already is. Plus killing things is slow motion is always cool. Plus if you can dodge an attack early and not have Witch Time happen. It's sort of a high risk high reward kind of thing and I love it.




    Both Resident Evil 4 and The Evil Within made me fairly frustrated every now and then


    I personally never got stuck on RE4 but I did a few times on Evil Within. I'm not actually finished with The Evil Within yet. Still on the mansion level where Ruvik stalks you around. Been too lazy to endure through it. -_-

  3. So I'm currently playing through Bayonetta on the WiiU and I must say that this game is extremely unforgiving! It's really freakin' hard. It requires you to learn how to use it's dodge thing where if you dodge an attack at the last possible moment you enter into slow motion called Witch Time where you can unleash combos upon your enemies. It's really hard to do though especially when you're fighting three to five huge things at once. 


    So I was wondering, what games have you played that have made you frustrated beyond belief? 

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  4. WELL! When it comes to female protags I'd have to direct your attention to games such as The Last of Us, Tomb Raider (The one for the PS4 and not the older ones.) Bioshock Infinite, and any RPG you can choose your gender. OH! And Bayonetta. 


    Now, for the first few games listed you can see how it has a good female protag. But the final one, Bayonetta, you might be questioning that judgement a bit due to how sexualized Bayonetta is. And I'm pretty sure this is the game that everyone is talking about when it comes to inappropriate portrayal of a female in a video game. I beg to differ however.


    Bayonetta is, yes, sexy as you would say. She is basically the most sexed up thing in mainstream gaming. HOWEVER she is still a very good female protagonist despite this. She is charismatic and charming, she obviously is good at what she does and she knows it, and she always is looking for a bigger challenge. She isn't one to back away or cower in fear when the going gets rough. She always fights no matter what because, she wants the challenge. Yes, her fighting moves are... how do I put this... The sexiest and most over-the-top kind of Gun Kata in existence but she is still a fun and awesome female protag. 


    She also has the best way of opening magic doors.





    Lara Croft is amazing and her Boobs were just an accident.


    I hate when I order a female protagonist and some a**hole gets the boob sizes mixed up, too. >:c  

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  5. Well I dunno what your parents are like but me personally, I'd probably say the following.


    "Mom.. Dad... I want this shirt. Yeah, it's a pony shirt. I don't care. I like ponies. Who are you to tell me what I can and can't like? No matter what you say or do I will like ponies. So, you might as well quit ye'r fussin' and let me buy this shirt. I'll pay for it with my money. As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say based on the movie where he gets pregnant and has to dress up as an old lady. My body, my choice. Or in this case, my wardrobe, my choice."


    If that doesn't work buy it anyway. -shrugs-

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  6. Well, I don't actually own any pony merchandise. The closest thing I have to pony things is just wallpapers for my iPhone, haha. 


    I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the show, but when it comes down to it my heart will always go out to The Walking Dead. Which is the franchise I spend most of my extra money on. >_>


    If I did ever wear a pony outfit and my kid or grandkid saw I'd probably just bluntly say "I watched My Little Pony." Before staring them dead in the eyes and waiting for a response. 

  7. TL;DR - What games are you playing?




    I BEG TO DIFFER!! >:c 


    As a hard core gamer (I've played over 700 games spanning all the generations) I can safely say that there are some AMAZING boss fights in modern games. I really have NO IDEA what you're playing to think otherwise. 


    A great boss fight isn't all about setting or graphics, it's about approach and the feeling of rewarding from beating them. It's about the satisfaction you get from driving the nail in that bosses coffin once and for all. A great boss fight will make you feel something for the boss your killing and cause you to elicit emotion upon winning. For example, Shadow of Mordor. This game is built entirely around the relationships you as a player have with your enemies. It's not in any epic set pieces but my god when there's an Uruk'hai captain that has been killing you at every turn, you grow a hatred for that bastard and you WANT to stab a knife right in his neck. 


    Another approach to a boss fight is the feeling of ascendance. By this I mean that by defeating the boss you as a player feel like you've grown and can take on even greater challenges. The best example of this I can think of is Dark Souls (The first one). This game has some unforgiving boss fights. But let me tell you, when you hear that satisfying kill sound (It's like a SHISH sound. It happens whenever you kill an enemy or a boss in Dark Souls) you FEEL like a total BOSS! It doesn't matter the setting it was in, or how the boss came across in appearance. It matters that you beat the f**ker that was standing in your way and can finally progress forwards with your quest.


    As for some insanely cool looking bosses, I'd like to direct you to Evil Within. This game has some AMAZING enemy design. Some of the best in the PS4 generation consoles. The black haired blood demon, Ruvik, all of them. They're all so masterfully designed and it pains me to see Evil Within being flaked so hard. It's really not that bad of a game. Sure the story is a bit bad but c'mon! It's directed by the same guy who directed Resident Evil 4! 


    Anyway, I digress...


    If you REALLY need to fight bosses that are just way over the top. Then I'd like to direct your attention to the Bayonetta games. These games are just ridiculously over the top insane in their boss fights. I don't want to spoil much but I will say this. The final boss in the first Bayonetta has an attack where they THROW ENTIRE GALAXIES at you. And that's one of their lesser attacks! Also it takes place in a space place, which is ridiculous in itself.  


    What I'm trying to say is that you really need to broaden your horizons when it comes to gaming, because there are some ridiculous boss fights out there. It's not about how cool the setting is, or how the boss is designed, it's about the feelings you get when you fight them. Whether it's a desire for revenge, or self reward, or even just to feel like you've conquered the biggest challenge thus far. At least this is how I view boss fights.


    Now, I'm not saying those old games didn't have some great boss fights. Banjo Kazooie's final boss was great. Hell, Conkers Bad Fur Day had some of the most memorable bosses ever. But I feel like you've got bosses confused with cool set pieces. At least how I view it. Sorry if this came across as rude. Haha

  8. As someone with arachnophobia I can safely say when it comes to killing spiders I get a bit carried away. It's not that severe of arachnophobia but if the spider is large enough or just creepy looking enough I can go from my typical nice guy self into a spider slaying Jason Bourne. I will use anything and everything at my disposal to kill the **** out of that spider. Haha. o.o

  9. Brace yourselves... long rant is incoming... 

    I feel it is lost. Everyone is obsessed with keeping with the system, or mistaken adventure with messing around. Barely anybody has the urge to colonize other planets, and those who attempt to are looked upon as fools. It sickens me how society has fallen so far and lacks the need for adventure. Now everyone just wants to "live their lives" the "normal" way. 


    Does anyone feel the same about society? Have we lost our way?

     I disagree with you. The human race is still adventurous. Just not in the same way. You see, there really isn't anyplace on Earth that is unknown to humans. Which makes adventuring sort of pointless. However, we've now switched our adventurous nature towards scientific research. I mean, look at how fast we're pumping out new tech, making new discoveries, or doing something astronomical in discovering the history of the universe.


    Not to long ago a unmanned drone landed on an asteroid that is 4 BILLION miles away from Earth. And that drone was launched about a decade ago. (Source: http://rosetta.jpl.nasa.gov


    And about your thing about "colonizing new worlds". That is WAY off into the future. The closest thing to an inhabitable world other than Earth is, according to Cambridge University, 13 Light Years away. (One light year = 5,878,000,000,000 Miles). Colonizing other worlds right now is, yes, foolish. Not because of stupidity, but because we don't know how we'd even do it. The tech isn't up there yet. However, there are a lot of scientists working on things such as colonizing the moon. 


    In fact, according to multiple news sites Russia is planning to colonize the moon in as soon as 2030. (Source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/499806.html). If this is the case then, well, colonizing other worlds will be a cinch once we've mastered intergalactic space travel.


    So, all-in-all. Humans do have desire for adventure. Perhaps not as geographic as it is technological. There will always be people who are against this kind of progress because it's just so unthinkable to them. But that's the minority of people. I can guarantee that most people would say that the thought of being able to live on a world 13 light years away would be unfathomable, but not foolish. It's the future, it's a mystery. Whether someone wants to live in ignorance is there choice, but me personally, I can't wait to see what kind of things science does next...



    AAAAAAAAAAND now on to my OTHER counter argument... Enjoy another few paragraphs of rant...



    Video Games, Books, Movies, they're all there for people to escape into adventure. It is, after all, why we watch movies, read books, or play video games. Each of those takes you on a different adventure where you meet different people and experience a world different from our own. 


    The Elder Scrolls for example. It's a popular RPG series by Bethesda and my god is it adventurous. There is so many things to discovery, to explore. So many people to meet, enemies to slay, and kingdoms to take. Always looming over the distant horizon is a new adventure just waiting for you to take part on.


    The Lord of the Rings movies. These are classic adventure movies in every sense of the word. The Fellowship travels across the entirety of Middle Earth to save the world from the evil of Sauron. I don't really need to say much more, do I? I'm pretty sure everyone is familiar with The Lord of the Rings, right? ^_^


    But for anyone with an imagination at all, these forms of media allow them to go out and explore the unknowns. For our planet no longer has any unknowns, we've taken to making our own unknowns for other people to discover. It's just another way us curious humans have gone about quenching our curiosity,   

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    Funny thing really, no one cared about the designs and appearances I made with my sims... I worked hard on those you know. 


    Well, I don't want to be rude but... as I see it... once you mentioned you pirated it people just got turned off by the whole thing. It'd be kind of like making a thread that was titled "Cool pony plushy I made" and then starting the thread off with "So I just shoplifted all the materials to make a My Little Pony plushy." It just feels.. wrong to appreciate the value of something that spawned from the act of law breaking. At least that's how I felt/feel.


    I'm not going to be preachy and tell you to stop pirating or anything, it's your choice. I'd just highly recommend NOT going around and telling everyone you've pirated a game. It makes you look bad. Especially to those who don't pirate. Which is probably most of the people who will read your posts on this forum. 


    Just a suggestion. No offense intended. 

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  11. King Sombra is hands down the WORST villain in MLP. He was the most BORING villain I've ever seen actually. It was one of the few moments Hasbro just got lazy in their writing. The plot of the whole Crystal Empire episodes was "Stop the evil guy" and right off the bat you're just told Sombra is the evil guy. 


    Through out the episodes he does nothing to make us love to hate him. He has, what, three lines of dialogue throughout both episodes? Where the best villain, Discord, had like, one-hundred in just one episode?


    What I'm getting at here is that if you measured Sombra on a grey scale, he'd somehow manage to be black as night (As in 100% evil). He has no redeemable qualities to him and over-all he's just.... well.. boring.  

  12. Well... I got...


    • An N7 Mass Effect Faux Leather Jacket
    • The Walking Dead Comic Book (Book 2 and 3 of the Hard Cover edition.)
    • A WiiU
    • Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Bros
    • Some PS4 Games (TWD Season 2, Shadow of Mordor, and Assassins Creed Blackflag)
    • A ton of other Walking Dead things including two miniature figures of Rick and Daryl that are keychains. Two decks of playing cards, one with the survivors and one with walkers. Two more hoodies (Adding to my already large collection of ten Walking Dead hoodies) and a Walking Dead trivia calendar. 

    Since I'm going to be going away for college in the fall of 2015 I guess my parents figured that they ought'a make this Christmas special. >_>. I mean, I'm not complaining but I must say I do have some pretty neat folks. Haha. ^_^ 


    OH! and I got Flannel Underwear too. Courtesy of my Mom. Haha. ^///^

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  13. Trust me, The Sims 3 is full of game-ruining glitches. I've dealt with one after installing the game on a PC I ordered specifically to run it perfectly. Some glitches may be funny but the one I dealt with most certainly wasn't... And the game still doesn't run like it should with the specs I have... But you know, PCs. *rolls eyes*


    Well I played the game for the PS3 and it was pretty fine there. Haha.  


    But yeah, Sims 4 was a disappointment and a terrible game. Shame so many youtubers playing it now. Gonna sucker people into getting it

  14. The Sims 3 is still a glitch-fest, full of issues that the developers never fixed.


    I really don't know much of anything about The Sims 4 (in terms of whether or not it was coded better than TS3 or not), but I thought I had heard it wasn't quite as glitchy? I don't know... It doesn't matter to me, because TS4 does nothing of significance to justify me getting it when I already have TS3.

    Yeah but in Sims 3 they didn't happen consistently enough to ruin the game. At least not for me. And when they did happen they were either minimal, non-game breaking glitches, or ones that were just down right hilarious. It's sort of like Skyrim. It's a glitchfest but they don't happen enough to ruin it, and when they do, it's normally small, or just extremely funny. So you don't mind much. 


    If that makes any sense. 


    But yeah, Sims 4 is Sims 3 but with more customization. But it sacrifices play-ability for that customization. So really, it's not worth it. The whole mood type thing it has is cool and all but it's honestly just weird, hard to manage, and annoying most of the time. Really screws with everything. 


    In an attempt to make the game more realistic, they made it more unbearable to play really. But now I'm just ranting.. sorry.



    So I managed to pirate the Sims 4





    I'm sorry. I just never would've forgiven myself if I didn't reply with this GIF. 


    Also, why Sims 4? Shoulda just got Sims 3 with the add-ons and such. Unless the devs fixed all the things wrong with Sims 4, which was a lot to be honest.


    But to the topic at hand... I feel this gif should suffice...


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