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  1. As someone with arachnophobia I can safely say when it comes to killing spiders I get a bit carried away. It's not that severe of arachnophobia but if the spider is large enough or just creepy looking enough I can go from my typical nice guy self into a spider slaying Jason Bourne. I will use anything and everything at my disposal to kill the **** out of that spider. Haha. o.o
  2. When you're pangender (Identify as all genders) you're never lonely. <3 I'm pangender by the way. o.o
  3. Brace yourselves... long rant is incoming... I disagree with you. The human race is still adventurous. Just not in the same way. You see, there really isn't anyplace on Earth that is unknown to humans. Which makes adventuring sort of pointless. However, we've now switched our adventurous nature towards scientific research. I mean, look at how fast we're pumping out new tech, making new discoveries, or doing something astronomical in discovering the history of the universe. Not to long ago a unmanned drone landed on an asteroid that is 4 BILLION miles away from Earth. And that drone wa
  4. After roughly thirty minutes of digging through my reaction images, I found one that was fitting enough for this... Could be better but.. Eh
  5. Merry Christmas er'ypony!

  6. Well, I don't want to be rude but... as I see it... once you mentioned you pirated it people just got turned off by the whole thing. It'd be kind of like making a thread that was titled "Cool pony plushy I made" and then starting the thread off with "So I just shoplifted all the materials to make a My Little Pony plushy." It just feels.. wrong to appreciate the value of something that spawned from the act of law breaking. At least that's how I felt/feel. I'm not going to be preachy and tell you to stop pirating or anything, it's your choice. I'd just highly recommend NOT going around and t
  7. There is only one way I can reply do this.
  8. King Sombra is hands down the WORST villain in MLP. He was the most BORING villain I've ever seen actually. It was one of the few moments Hasbro just got lazy in their writing. The plot of the whole Crystal Empire episodes was "Stop the evil guy" and right off the bat you're just told Sombra is the evil guy. Through out the episodes he does nothing to make us love to hate him. He has, what, three lines of dialogue throughout both episodes? Where the best villain, Discord, had like, one-hundred in just one episode? What I'm getting at here is that if you measured Sombra on a grey scale
  9. Well... I got... An N7 Mass Effect Faux Leather Jacket The Walking Dead Comic Book (Book 2 and 3 of the Hard Cover edition.) A WiiU Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Bros Some PS4 Games (TWD Season 2, Shadow of Mordor, and Assassins Creed Blackflag) A ton of other Walking Dead things including two miniature figures of Rick and Daryl that are keychains. Two decks of playing cards, one with the survivors and one with walkers. Two more hoodies (Adding to my already large collection of ten Walking Dead hoodies) and a Walking Dead trivia calendar. Since I'm going to be going away for college in the
  10. Well I played the game for the PS3 and it was pretty fine there. Haha. But yeah, Sims 4 was a disappointment and a terrible game. Shame so many youtubers playing it now. Gonna sucker people into getting it
  11. Yeah but in Sims 3 they didn't happen consistently enough to ruin the game. At least not for me. And when they did happen they were either minimal, non-game breaking glitches, or ones that were just down right hilarious. It's sort of like Skyrim. It's a glitchfest but they don't happen enough to ruin it, and when they do, it's normally small, or just extremely funny. So you don't mind much. If that makes any sense. But yeah, Sims 4 is Sims 3 but with more customization. But it sacrifices play-ability for that customization. So really, it's not worth it. The whole mood type thing it h
  12. Probably getting 100% on Shadow of Mordor for the Playstation 4. #Gamer_Life
  13. I'm sorry. I just never would've forgiven myself if I didn't reply with this GIF. Also, why Sims 4? Shoulda just got Sims 3 with the add-ons and such. Unless the devs fixed all the things wrong with Sims 4, which was a lot to be honest. But to the topic at hand... I feel this gif should suffice...
  14. well aside from watching the show whenever it comes out... Being a brony hasn't changed my life that much.
  15. I'm pretty sure I can't be the ONLY one here who dresses up in outfits that correspond to the games or movies I'm watching, am I? Like, when I first got Red Dead Redemption I kid you not I actually bought a cowboy hat just because I felt like I needed to.
  16. FirstPonySpectre

    Music Your Favorite OST?

    Probably any of the Touhou OSTs. Mostly Touhou 6: Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GOA3kvP3Lg Some runner ups would probably include the following... - Dark Souls - Mass Effect (all three) - Crypt of the Necrodancer - Destiny OST (It had some dang good music despite it's lackluster story and gameplay, OKAY?!)
  17. TL;DR - Little Mac My favorite is def Little Mac. I've always loved the Punch Out games and now that Little Mac is making his appearance in a more popular modern game it's just awesome. I also like using the outfit where he has the pink hoodie and naming my profile "Pinkguy" Filthy Frank references. <3
  18. Probably the Hunger Games films. They're not very good. The female lead, Catnis (dunno how to spell) always seems to run instead of fight. Not a very interesting lead. It's very predictable and boring to watch. AT least for me.
  19. Probably because the Friendship is Magic writers are a bit more creative? -shrugs-
  20. Simple. I don't make mistakes... jkjk. I just realize that it's in the past, and I'm going to have to deal with the consequences. I shouldn't dwell on the fact that I made a mistake, I should focus on how to fix it. That's at least how I function. Haha.
  21. FirstPonySpectre

    Gaming Favorite games of 2014 ?

    TL;DR - Shadow of Mordor hands down GotY. 2easy Shadow of Mordor hands down get's this years GotY from me. This game took elements from other games such as the Batman Arkham fighting mechanic, and the climbing and stealth and assassinating from Assassins Creed and improved upon both extremely. It fixed the Batman game's fighting where you could just spam the same button and win. In SoM there are enemy types that are immune to certain attacks as well as ranged enemies who can be a real issue. It made the combat interesting and have a lot of depth. It also put Assassins Creed t
  22. TL;DR - Of course they can be killed. Well, I'm not really gonna go into too much in-depth theory crafting for My Little Pony because, let's face it, it IS a show designed for younger audiences. There isn't going to be much interpretation needed to understand the plot. So I'm just gonna briefly give my thought on the subject. They can be killed. Anything can. If they couldn't be killed then they wouldn't have any problems taking down evil, or at least wouldn't be afraid of anything for they could eventually succeed. What I do think is possible, however, is that the souls of Alico
  23. Alright, so. Basically what I'm asking is WHAT IF Michael Bay, the king of explosions, directed an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? I'm not saying it'd be a GOOD idea. But it'd be explosive. Lots of explosions. For no reason too. I think the episode would involve aliens coming down and causing havoc all across Equestria. With giant ships blowing everything up for no reason. The Mane Six then suit up in over the top mech suits and then take to the battle field where they fire magical explosion missles that explode into more explosions. Then, Celestia would find out the w
  24. TL;DR - So long as Hasbro is smart, it won't happen. I HIGHLY doubt it. If they change the whole show from an innocent kids show into a dark and brooding adult show it'll just be weird and unusual. The transition just can't be done well. This goes for many things that have attempted this. At least in my opinion. For example, Harry Potter. My god Harry Potter. This went from a rather innocent series about a boy with magical powers who went to a school for wizards into "everybody is dying" kind of show. It was so sudden and it just seemed off. I know it tried to keep up with the audienc
  25. So, I just got back from a Christmas party at my friends house. There were guys and girls there and we played Super Mario WiiU, Mario Cart 8, Nintendo Land, and Super Smash Bros from like, 2 to 11. So it was pretty fun. What kinda christmas activities has everypony else been up too for Christmas?
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