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  1. TL;DR - Shadow of Mordor hands down GotY. 




    Shadow of Mordor hands down get's this years GotY from me.


    This game took elements from other games such as the Batman Arkham fighting mechanic, and the climbing and stealth and assassinating from Assassins Creed and improved upon both extremely. It fixed the Batman game's fighting where you could just spam the same button and win. In SoM there are enemy types that are immune to certain attacks as well as ranged enemies who can be a real issue. It made the combat interesting and have a lot of depth. 


    It also put Assassins Creed to SHAME with it's stealth, assassinating, and climbing mechanics. Essentially, Shadow of Mordor is the Assassins Creed everyone should want. Each of the Uruk-hai captains have weaknesses and strengths that you must exploit if you want to beat them. Perhaps they are afraid of the hornet nests. You can shoot one down and send them into a frenzy of fear. Or perhaps a captain HATES the bees and goes berserk when he sees them. You need to account for this too. And trust me when I say there is a lot more to assassinating than just that. You can poison grog barrels and cause the enemy to kill each other. You can shoot down meat to call in wild dog things to distract the Uruk-hai so you can slip in and get a clean kill on your target. Or you could just ride right up to the target and eat them with a giant Graug. It took everything from Assassins Creed and made it 10x better. No doubt.


    And now for the games own little addition to the gaming world. The hierarchy system. This is awesome. End of story. I don't even know how to describe how genius this is. You can mind control an Uruk-hai captain and then make them fight higher ranked captains so they can get a chance to become the bodyguard of a General. When they're a bodyguard, they can betray the general and if they succeed they BECOME the general. It's such a fun experience to watch your Captains go from the bottom to the top. And the best part is, you're directly involved with their success. You can help them out in their trials and fights against opposing captains. This makes you feel like you're actually doing something in the world instead of just telling people to do things. 


    All-in-all this game is hands down GotY. It took elements from other games and made them 10x better while adding in a new element of gameplay of it's own and making that amazingly fun. It's great. 


    The story is also pretty cool.


    10/10 game right here. 



  2. TL;DR - Of course they can be killed. 


    Well, I'm not really gonna go into too much in-depth theory crafting for My Little Pony because, let's face it, it IS a show designed for younger audiences. There isn't going to be much interpretation needed to understand the plot. So I'm just gonna briefly give my thought on the subject.


    They can be killed. Anything can. If they couldn't be killed then they wouldn't have any problems taking down evil, or at least wouldn't be afraid of anything for they could eventually succeed. 


    What I do think is possible, however, is that the souls of Alicorns never truly vanish. They simply linger around in search of a pony worthy of being a princess. 


    So all in all, yes, they can die, and no, they can't die. But that's just a theory. 

  3. Alright, so. Basically what I'm asking is WHAT IF Michael Bay, the king of explosions, directed an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?


    I'm not saying it'd be a GOOD idea. But it'd be explosive. Lots of explosions. For no reason too. 


    I think the episode would involve aliens coming down and causing havoc all across Equestria. With giant ships blowing everything up for no reason. The Mane Six then suit up in over the top mech suits and then take to the battle field where they fire magical explosion missles that explode into more explosions. Then, Celestia would find out the weakness of the aliens (there wouldn't be any build up. She just found out. Dues Ex Machina.) and their weakness is... Explosions. So the mane six make giant nukes and blow the **** out of the aliens, defeating them with explosions and lasers. And then, during the final five minutes, everypony left was drinking tea and mourning the losses.. when all the tea explodes for no reason.

        The End



    10/10 episode right there, amirite?


    No but seriously. What do YOU all think an episode directed by the one and only Michael Bay would be like, eh?



  4. TL;DR - So long as Hasbro is smart, it won't happen. 


    I HIGHLY doubt it. If they change the whole show from an innocent kids show into a dark and brooding adult show it'll just be weird and unusual. The transition just can't be done well. This goes for many things that have attempted this. At least in my opinion.


    For example, Harry Potter. My god Harry Potter. This went from a rather innocent series about a boy with magical powers who went to a school for wizards into "everybody is dying" kind of show. It was so sudden and it just seemed off. I know it tried to keep up with the audience but that would be assuming that kids only like happy things and adults only like dark things. Which just isn't the case. -_- That's just my opinion though. 


    But yeah, if MLP becomes super dark I'll probs just stop watching tbh. Unless it's somehow still able to keep it's innocent charm whilst being a dark show. But I just don't see it happening. 


    I mean, c'mon. How can a show about bright and colorful ponies turn into a show with a dark theme like Batman the Animated Series? It just won't work. Haha. 

  5. So, I just got back from a Christmas party at my friends house. There were guys and girls there and we played Super Mario WiiU, Mario Cart 8, Nintendo Land, and Super Smash Bros from like, 2 to 11. So it was pretty fun.


    What kinda christmas activities has everypony else been up too for Christmas? :D

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  6. Can I say the ending to Mass Effect 3?

    As I die hard fan of the series I can say that the original ending made me cry... it was so bad... I felt so betrayed! Luckily Bioware realized they f***cked up and made the extended cut free! Which fixed everything and fixed it. So... Mass Effect remains me #1 favorite thing in existence.

  7. Destiny... I felt so betrayed... so let down... it was so underwhelming! WHY BUNGIE! WHY'D YOU HAVE TO WORK WITH ACTIVISION!!! WHYYY!!!!!



    No but seriously... any of the Walking Dead games were the only times in gaming I actually teared up. 

  8. TL;DR - screw Chet

    (Pardon in advance if you find the term "faggot" offensive. I'm just using it in direct context to situation. I mean no offense to anyone who finds it offensive.)

    -In an irish accent- Let me tell ye'all a story... of me ol' bones... It was in about tenth grade and I had just recently came out of the closet and openly declared myself a Bisexual. At first I was greeted with mixed results, but over time everyone just stopped caring. Except for this one guy. Oi, this boy was a trouble maker I tell ye. One of those cool kid types who is super loud and obnoxious and who thinks they're really cool but in reality everyone just thinks they're annoying. But that doesn't stop them from being 100% complete dicks to people. Also he has a gang of younger classmen goons who await his every command. 


    So this guy, I'm going to refer to him as Chet, heard I was bisexual one day and made it his mission to bash me for it. At first, I was a bit upset. I mean, I fully expected some backlash but he went way overboard. He printed out pictures and plastered them to my locker and stuff. It was very rude of him. He also would constantly call me a faggot and all that jazz. It went on for about a month before I just decided to go with it. 


    It was lunch and I was sitting with my friends when Chet and his goons came up to me. They were just bashing me, calling me names. And then Chet just said. "Haha. cya faggot." And I was like "Excuse me, good sir. I am not a faggot... I am a HALF-Faggot. And I would HIGHLY request you address me as such.". I then scoffed at him like a rich British millionaire would scoff at plebeians. I don't really know what he was thinking but the expression on his face was that of extreme confusion. After that he just stopped bothering me and my friends gave me a new nickname. "Captain Half-Fag".


    Moral of the story - F*** Chet. He's an asshole. 

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  9. Hey, friends. It's me, FirstPonySpectre and I'm a pretty avid writer and I had an idea. I decided to write a story in fifty words. No more, no less. So, without further ado, this is it....


    An invisible wall surrounds him. Forcefully constructed by society to shun him from their lives. He sits alone on a park bench made for two. Other kids play, ignoring him. This was everyday, but today a girl sat beside him. She did not speak, but she smiled. He smiled back.


    I dunno. I just figured I'd share it with ya'll. Haha. It's not really all that great but I thought it worked considering I only had 50 words to work with. 


    Anywhoozles, feedback is always nice and perhaps if you're down you could write your own 50 word story and post it to this thread too! :D 

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