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  1. Sun Wukong

    Why Does The LGBT Community Get So Much Hate?

    I honestly think it's a huge difference between these two examples. If somebody is refusing service to somebody's who is a part of the lgbtq+ community because of their sexuality/gender identity, they're doing so based on something with doesn't affect them. Meanwhile, if you refuses service to somebody who belong to groups like westbarrow baptist they're doing so because they belong to a hate group that views you as something comparable to murders and rapists.
  2. Sun Wukong

    Regarding powerful Oc villains?

    But that's not really true. Yes, occasionally one person might be a bit childish over it but most people don't care as long as it was a decently written story.
  3. Sun Wukong

    Regarding powerful Oc villains?

    And your point is? I mean, there are tons of fanfics where fan-made characters fight canon characters and win.
  4. Sun Wukong

    Regarding powerful Oc villains?

    No, can't say that I have. In my experience, most fan-made characters are much more powerful than canon characters.
  5. Sun Wukong

    My Little Miyazaki

    But why? That's like getting Picasso to repaint your living room.
  6. Sun Wukong

    Movies/TV The Last Airbender on Netflix!?

    Considering how well Netflix's live-action version of Death Note turned out to be, I wouldn't get my hopes up for this show.
  7. Sun Wukong

    What Is Your Opinion on Occultism?

    If you don't mind me asking, what's excatly is a neopagan?
  8. Sun Wukong

    Spoiler Villain's backstory I don't buy

    Wait, why does Luna get a pass while Starlight doesn't? Aren't both equally of an overreaction?
  9. Sun Wukong

    Generation 5

    There is a supposedly leaked email going around where the writers talk about wanting someone from SNL to voice Applejack. That being said, considering that the at least some of the characters are going to go through some fairly major changes, I don't really see the point in keeping the same voice actors. Maybe it'll do gen 5 some good to distance itself from the previous generation.
  10. Sun Wukong

    Do you like Starlight Glimmer?

    I wouldn't say that Sunset's redemption arc was done right or even a better one than Starlight's. True, people didn't instantly forgive her but she practically changed her entire personality over night. Say what you want about Starlight, but at least the feel like the same character as she was pre-redemtion.
  11. Sun Wukong

    Do you think the show has too many fan serives?

    Yes, absolutely. Any show that dedicates an entire fucking episode to fan service has too much of it.
  12. Sun Wukong

    Health What are some health problems you wish to avoid?

    Alzheimers definitely. Sadly, I'm like 110% sure I'm going to get it when I get older.
  13. Sun Wukong

    Button Mash and 8-Bit

    Considering the age difference between the two, it's safe to assume they aren't friends. Plus, it'd be kind of creepy if they were.
  14. Sun Wukong

    Let's talk warfare

    To be fair, Rainbow could have named Tank after the character role, rather than the vehicle. After all, we know that both dnd-esque games and video games exist in the show so it's not unreasonable to assume that Rainbow would be familiar with the term.