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  1. You know there's no point in responding to my post if you aren't going to say anything about any of the points I brought up, right?
  2. According to the wiki, a crew member has explained those to be errors. And considering that most of them has the same model as other background characters,I think it's safe to assume that some just accidentally added a horn or a pair of wings to an already existing character by mistake. Besides that literally every single one that isn't an error happens to be royalty. It makes more sense to assume that every other alicorn should follow the trend than it does to assume it just happens to be a coincidence.
  3. This argument would work a lot better had not literally every single alicorn we seen been royalty. I get what you're trying to say, but in this particular case it makes more sense to assume that every alicorn is royalty than to assume that some aren't.
  4. For the hundredth time, just because a movie doesn't get released in one country doesn't mean that said movie is banned there. I mean, why on earth would South Korea bother banning the movie in the first place?
  5. But most people doesn't really care enough about the quality to buy a movie that they've already seen, so I kind of fail to see your point. Also, the extended and deleted scenes are going to wind up online anyway so that's really no reason to buy the movie either.
  6. Nah, Hasbro has always relaid more on toys sale than on the show so I don't think there's any reason to worry. Besides, I highly doubt enough of the target audience is going to watch the leaks for it to make a major difference.
  7. Eh, she just shows up in the background a bit. And considered that she did so in several episodes of season five as well, I'd hardly call that a spoiler.
  8. Is it though? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't she reformed the same season as her first appearance?
  9. Presumably because Hasbro wanted to release the movie worldwide, even in countries that haven't aired all of the seasons yet.
  10. What makes you think the movie is banned in South Korea? I mean, they have literally no reason what so ever to ban it.
  11. It won't happen, Spike is a child and it will be a very cold day in hell when a company like Hasbro will include a relationship between a child and an adult in a cartoon for kids.
  12. In other words, she was throwing a fit. I mean, the definition of "throwing a fit" is essentially "getting very angry and fly into a rage" which is exactly what Luna did.
  13. I couldn't disagree further. I view Luna as little more than a spoiled child. She didn't get the attention she wanted so she decided to mess with the natural order of things. Refusing to lower the moon wasn't Lunas way of making statement, she was simply throwing a fit. And it's not like Luna didn't have any political power or authority. She was the co-ruler of Equestria for heavens sake. Also, why did she have every right to be mad at Celestia? It's not her fault that ponies sleep during the night.
  14. Do you have a higher resolution of your avi pic?

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      Yes. So lemme guess. WoW? LoL? Warcraft? Warhammer?

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      Smite, actually. 

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      Lol forgot about that one.

  15. Spoiler

    Well, no. Partly because everyone (apart from the fandom apparently) already knew that little girls are the target audience. And partly because as previously mentioned, he explicitly said that there was nothing wrong with people outside of that particular demographic enjoying the show.