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  1. Yamet

    Web Is this name really offensive?

    I think it's fairly obvious that the name is offensive. I mean, it literally contains a slur so I don't really see how it wouldn't be offensive.
  2. Yamet

    Critique Wanted Could you review my OCs?

    Her power to copy the abilities of objects seems a bit random, and I'd remove it unless it's absolutely vital to the character. Her personality could use some fleshing out as well.
  3. Yamet

    What Does Religion Mean To You?

    People using religion, yes. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say that religion will inherently cause someone to become violent, but I don't think we should ignore the influence religion had on those acts of violence.
  4. Eh, I wouldn't be a very big fan of it. For starters, Nightmare Moon is like the least scariest of all the villains. Secondly, it'd be such an incredible shift in tone that the end result would just be silly, regardless of how scare it was. I mean, who can take the anything serious that contains the both the words "MLP" and "horror".
  5. The present, obviously. This is, without a doubt, the best time to be alive. We have everything from modern medicine to the internet to dental hygiene. Why anybody would willingly give up any of that is beyond me. Also, the reason wanting to live in the future is silly is because we have no idea what's in store. True, it might be filled with flying cars and robots but it might also be a nuclear wasteland.
  6. Yamet

    Movies/TV Awesome movies coming soon.

    But it's gonna be equally different if the role is given to a guy, so I don't see your point.
  7. Yamet

    Movies/TV Awesome movies coming soon.

    No, the director simply said that the new Indy could be a women. But it was never confirmed. And of course Ford won't do it, he's like 75 at this point. Why? Surely, the movie could still be equally good even if the part of Indy was given to a women.
  8. Yamet

    Movies/TV Awesome movies coming soon.

    Eh, that movie isn't going to be very awsome. The whole thing that made the original so fun is that it's two guys in costume trying to fight each other and the CGI is just going to ruin that.
  9. Nah, Athena's main role have always been the goodness of wisdom. True, she's also a war goddess, but even then she was more focused on strategic warfare rather than brute strength.
  10. Nah, I doubt it. Sure, there's a few parallels between them, but I'm 100% sure you can draw equally many parallels between the mane six and, say, the Egyptian pantheon. Then wouldn't it be a bit less of a stretch to say that she was based on Hecate, what with her being the goddess of witchcraft and all that? Wouldn't Mercury be a better fit? I mean, they're both supernaturally fast and they're both a bit of trickster. Also, Zeus was everything but loyal. Just ask Hera. It was Zeus who made that compromise, not Persephone. I mean, Persphone had eaten the food of the underworld, so she wouldn't be able to make such a deal. Athena was more of a goddess of wisdom, and while I certainly won't make the claim that Applejack is stupid, I don' think she's intelligent enough that one can make the claim that she's inspired by Athena. Also, I could be wrong here. But isn't it Dike who is the god of Justice and Honor? Like, I wasn't able to find anything that suggests that Athena filled that role. As have been previously stated in this thread, Dionysus be a better fit than Hebe.
  11. Yamet

    Was the Confederate Flag ban unnecessary?

    Expect that "black lives matter" don't wave around a flag representing the right to own others based on the colour of their skin.
  12. Yamet

    Was the Confederate Flag ban unnecessary?

    We don't have to argue, we can simply have a polite discussion.
  13. Yamet

    Was the Confederate Flag ban unnecessary?

    So are they choosing the ignore the history of the civil war and what the Confederacy fought for then?
  14. Yamet

    Was the Confederate Flag ban unnecessary?

    I think you missed my point. What I was trying to say was that the flag represents slavery and the idea of white supremacy and therefore the ban wasn't unnecessary.
  15. Yamet

    Was the Confederate Flag ban unnecessary?

    No, it wasn't. The flag represents what the confederacy fought for. But at the end of the end of the day, that boils down to one group of people having the right to own others based on the colour of their skin. Which is a fairly racist idea if you ask me.