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  1. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    But you haven't even brought up anything other than that it's an insult to the old show. Well, and that it has occasional fart and butt jokes but that's a pretty dumb reason to dislike it as well. And your point is? It's still different enough that it should be treated like a new show.
  2. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    But then you're still not judging the show by it's own merit, so the point still stands. Also, teen titans go is hardly a spin off at all. I mean, it's got a different art style, different continuity, the characters act completely different, etc etc.
  3. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    Because it was taken completely out of context. Gestum's point, though poorly worded, was that you only hate the show because you view it as an insult to the old teen titans show, which means that if one where to replace the main characters with say the legion of super heroes you wouldn't hate it anymore, hence why you "only hate it because it's teen titans".
  4. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    That's literally the opposite of what he said. His point was that you dislike it because you're a fan of the old one.
  5. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    But I don't see where it's insulting itself. Yes, the characters are complete idiots but to me it looks like it was all done in good fun though that is probaby because I view the show as something completely separate to the old one rather than a direct spin off. As for the Devianart post, all it does is comparing the old show and the new one which I think makes as much sense as comparing The Dark Knight trilogy to Adam West's Batman (I mean, the two shows are trying to do two completely different things). Seriously, anyone who complains about how the show doesn't focus enough on the action despite being a super hero show has clearly missed the point of the show. That's not even close to what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to explain why hating a show with this passion because "it's not like the other show I used to watch" is at best stupid and at worst downright pathetic (though I admit that I might have gotten off track). But I've never given the show a pass simply because "it's Teen Titans". Also, dismissing a show because it has a couple fart jokes without even considering the other jokes in it is just silly.
  6. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    That the show doesn't take itself too seriously and makes silly jokes. Heck, I'll fully admit that every character is a complete moron, but that doesn't mean it's an insult to the source material. I mean, it's all in good fun.
  7. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    Yeah, and your point is? I never claimed that all the show did was making a couple self-deprecating jokes. As I said earlier, I'm mature enough to tolerate when stuff I like gets parodied.
  8. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    So because the show doesn't take it self too seriously and makes some silly jokes it's an insult to the source material? I don't really see how that makes any kind of sense.
  9. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    Speaking as a pretty big fan of teen titans (and everything DC related), I fail to see how teen titans go insults it. Care to enlighten me?
  10. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    How about something that has something to do with the actual show? No, but then I'm mature enough to tolerate when something I like gets parodied. Plus, some of the jokes are pretty funny.
  11. Private The interesting adventure (1X1 RP with Yamet)

    As Scarlet was walking home, she saw a strange figure on top of a hill who appeared to be wearing a massive cape of some kind. For a few moments, she just looked at him as he stood there as she considered whether or not to approach him. In the end, her curiousness got the better of her and she started to walk towards him. As soon as she got close enough that he'd hear her, she shouted "Hey, what's with the cape?".
  12. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    That's the dumbest reason to dislike anything I've ever heard. I mean, that's like claiming that The Dark Knight is the worst movie ever because it's not the same thing as Adam West's Batman.
  13. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    As someone who considers themselves a fan of Teen Titans GO, I'm pleasantly surprised by this news.
  14. Seiza is superior to chairs

    I prefer chairs since I can sit in those for more than a minute before my legs fall asleep.
  15. But how is no ending less of a waste of time than a bad one? I get that you can make your up your own ending in the case of the former but what's stopping you from just ignoring the canon one and making up your own anyway in the case of the latter?