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  1. While it's true that it was the other villains who technically took over, it was only possible because of Starlight playing around with time travel. So while she may not have posed much of a threat on her own, she's still the one whose actions brought Equestrian the closest to the brink of destruction.
  2. It's not weird at all, since the gender of the character isn't that important. And it's not like they've taken one of the male incarnations of the doctor and turned him into a women. Also, I fail to see what the doctor usually having a female sidekick has anything to do with this.
  3. General Media

    Other than that episode of the Simpsons where Homer removes a crayon from his brain I haven't noticed anything like that.
  4. Eh, FIM has always been a slice of life show. Suddenly making it more focused on the adventure part would be kind of silly, if you ask me.
  5. General Media

    Would you mind giving a few examples? Because in my experiences¸that's pretty rare.
  6. A bit. But that's mainly because the vast majority of vegans I've met have been the holier-than-thou kind who can't go five fucking seconds without shoving their diet in my face.
  7. It is a very common misconception, and the people making said flash games doesn't have the time or the will to find out if it's actually true or not.
  8. Actually, crediting the trademarks would have the opposite effect since by doing so you're admitting to breaking copyright law, and making the game free has little to no effect.
  9. I disagree. Mainly because unlike Starlight Sunset doesn't feel like she's the same character as she was before she were reformed.
  10. A bit. But then I mostly met the loud, obnoxious type of vegans.
  11. Yeah, I think so. I mean, we aren't that big of a fandom nowadays.
  12. Eh, I doubt that any mlp game would be worth playing. I mean, it's going to be made for the target audience, and those kind of games aren't usually very fun.
  13. I'm sorry, but what on earth are you talking about? I've literally no idea how the latter part of this has anything to do with my post. I was simply questioning the whole "but if it isn't in the show, why care? [Alicorn OC's] aren't harming anyone." part of your argument.
  14. Since when does something have to harm anyone before people are allowed to express an opinion about it?
  15. They are the worst kind of OC's, if you ask me. I've always felt that people more often than not make their OC an alicorn in an attempt to make it seem more special without doing any work.