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    i'm bisexual so that means i like you ;)

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  1. as a bass player the delgados, and jamiroquai. as a singer songwriter and guitar player Lovedrug
  2. Jora

    Gaming Nintendo last good console.

    N64 because i'm old school lol
  3. Jora

    Gaming Undertale Bronies

    it's amazing i love it too i want to beat it on stream
  4. Jora

    Looking for a band

    i'm a guitarist/piano player/ bassist and singer/songwriter check my profile
  5. Jora

    How open about being a brony are you?

    i am if someone asks if i am.
  6. if you want to discuss our beautifully, cunning, powerful equalizer Starlight Glimmer. i'd love to host/(or have someone else) a Skype Group for Headcanon/theories/season 6 predictions, for lovely Equal horse. let me know and i can add you micaiah.flores i also enjoy gaming, can be a bit lewd at times so be warned, lol i'm a HUGE majora's mask fan. i'm bi-ish i'm a musician, and i love chatting so hit me up.
  7. i'm pretty much the same i'm 26 and still single, i'm around a 7-8 and at this point i don't really care i have music, i'm almost done with my first album. if i do find someone she better play or support my "first wife" lol or at least want to be taught lol.
  8. Jora

    Why is Twilight touted as over powered?

    by herself she is very weak on her own she is maybe 25-30% stronger as an alicorn, but outside of that she is very weak. and all the time starlight was training twi was bored so...yep
  9. Jora

    Spoiler Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    i mean its like korra learning air bending it was like "oh i'm at my lowest point" powers ex macha to the rescue. but at least she had even like a day or three of training...i would have started to adjust if she was like hmmm *she gets angry and force levitates something* first as opposed to a third attempt mind trick... i mean even what's her face matasma or whatever has a sense of the force
  10. thank you... oh my god thank you YES!!!!! finally someone gets it! <3
  11. yes i literally have to shatter something into fragmented pieces of what it once was (When i get very angry) rarely do though.
  12. Jora

    Thoughts on Starlight Glimmer as a villain

    well with her growing up i'm pretty sure she still got shit in her face so..but yeah the back story was meh but i love just how do anything to win attitude. i'd even go as far as if she lost outright in a battle and was beaten and *broken* she'd kill herself for that ideal still again forcing twi's hand because she would see it from starlights prospective and implement her will in some way. as a even if i lose i will still win out right. and also she should have remained a villain and ran once again, pick up S6 she is again teaching young filly's and colts (blank flanks and not) that bullying and what happened to her wouldn't happen to anyone else. cue twilight and the gang (maybe, maybe not) she see's starlight and a some what civil talk from twi goes as such. "look starlight..this.. this right here is what you could be doing not fighting me but establishing peace talks, not only with the young ones but even with others, this is what i see is your calling as "equalling"... then starlight starts to see and Slowly change still Jaded and defensive but open to the idea. and grow over the series.
  13. Jora

    Thoughts on Starlight Glimmer as a villain

    she is one of the most complex villains ever i have tons of headcanon. theories and predicts for S6 and want to start a Starlight Skype group for such. i mean look at how she shutdown twi and every pass More so when she was talking to the bully's twi could not even do a thing twi was out played just in that scene 200% alone. and she is very unique in her craft and a very dangerous force to be reckoned with. and again twi on her own it very weak, i mean look starlight had to use the spell, use levitation magic *ON herself* and have a duel with twi, twi is not some be all end all. she is at most 25-30% stronger then she is naturally, but with greater power comes more wear on its user because you have highted power and twi being new is not use to it. and during the "cutie map field trips" that take place around 6 months to a year at best and twi was bored and *not doing anything* where as starlight was preparing, sharpening her mind and making herself battle ready.