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    gaming, anime, music, cars, bass, piano, guitar, drums, singing/songwriting

    i'm bisexual so that means i like you ;)

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  1. as a bass player the delgados, and jamiroquai. as a singer songwriter and guitar player Lovedrug
  2. Jora

    Gaming Nintendo last good console.

    N64 because i'm old school lol
  3. Jora

    Gaming Undertale Bronies

    it's amazing i love it too i want to beat it on stream
  4. i'm a guitarist/piano player/ bassist and singer/songwriter check my profile
  5. i wanna do a starlight Glimmer/my OC RP

  6. looking for an arctic ice queen in the mountains to RP with i have a interesting RP starter? PM me?

  7. never mind found it lol it's exudes

  8. i need a human dictionary for a word i can't spell but i can give a gist to

  9. if you want to discuss our beautifully, cunning, powerful equalizer Starlight Glimmer. i'd love to host/(or have someone else) a Skype Group for Headcanon/theories/season 6 predictions, for lovely Equal horse. let me know and i can add you micaiah.flores i also enjoy gaming, can be a bit lewd at times so be warned, lol i'm a HUGE majora's mask fan. i'm bi-ish i'm a musician, and i love chatting so hit me up.
  10. i'm pretty much the same i'm 26 and still single, i'm around a 7-8 and at this point i don't really care i have music, i'm almost done with my first album. if i do find someone she better play or support my "first wife" lol or at least want to be taught lol.
  11. by herself she is very weak on her own she is maybe 25-30% stronger as an alicorn, but outside of that she is very weak. and all the time starlight was training twi was bored so...yep
  12. i mean its like korra learning air bending it was like "oh i'm at my lowest point" powers ex macha to the rescue. but at least she had even like a day or three of training...i would have started to adjust if she was like hmmm *she gets angry and force levitates something* first as opposed to a third attempt mind trick... i mean even what's her face matasma or whatever has a sense of the force
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