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  1. it is my birthhday and my dad is working tell midnight

  2. i maybe falling falling for someone who may not like me

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    2. Flamester01


      ok, ok but u like every girl that talks to u lol

    3. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      I appreciate when a girl will actually talk to me. Talking to dudes most of the time gets boring at times.

    4. bronybro02


      Same here I have been talking to a girl all day today

  3. Brony On Fire
  4. My trials are so bad that they nearly drive me crazy My trials are so bad that they nearly drive me crazy
  5. I thought they were always villains because they were out for grany smiths farm
  6. I think you are right about that fluttershy is the shy one it is in her name.
  7. God just puts people on tryals I have been going through some my self and have read the bible many times and I can give advice if anyone needs it I am an extremely nice person by hart and will never judge like the bible says Iknow what you mean in the period of a week I lost both great grand parents that in fact I was vary close to
  8. I am one and used to participate in my dads class for 5-6tg graders
  9. Ya every one knows that they will show up in season 5
  10. Well I just posted this to see if anyone would be down for the whole idea and all. Not to actually start getting people to sign up and all. I didn't want to make an entire story just to have no one be interested and all. I know but was just saying that if there was a back story I would be more likely to be interested or to show interest
  11. It would be funny if they both went through the portal and the human Ts acts the same as the other Ts
  12. Princess cadence is awesome to sad that her town is so boring that she loved to risk here life
  13. How is she undevelped she has the magic of love and she was a baby sitter for ts