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  1. Yeah don't worry guys, I'm not dead in case someone was wondering. My well being is fine, even if I'm really not so much

    My being gone for a month, maybe there's cause to worry. Also those who know it can check in with me on Discord if they care to. I don't post it on my profile for privacy reasons

    Just losing days. There are times I don't wanna get out of bed, or the games I play I just finish things before reset, but otherwise don't do anything else

    I'm alive still

    1. Sherem


      at least you are okay

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      I hope things get better.

      By the way, I got your pokemon fusion submission done. Here:


  2. I'm still here, just been dealing with RL stuff and games that have resets at certain times. Either I'm having a particularly bad experience with mom, or the games I play I need to finish and I just do by reset, then the day starts all over again. Basically I lose a day in all other things, but get the games stuff done I tend to disappear for a while due to this, but I'm not dead, I promise. It's at about a month that people can start worrying I pretty much need to fix her classes and the way aging works, and figure out a history that works with everyone else and what's been presented so far
  3. I have an idea in mind, but I don't know if my computer can handle it while I make a recording My computer is now in a semi working state, but still slows down somewhat. If it becomes unusable I'll just submit a text answer
  4. Sorry everyone, been busy

    1. TheRockARooster 2000

      TheRockARooster 2000

      That’s OK, Lektra.

      Good to see you again.

    2. Will Guide
  5. Obligatory @Derplight Sperklefor playing her in EqE, even though it still has yet to reopen So is the forum actually doing something cool on the 7th or what? 🤔
  6. I believe we were waiting for @DwhitetheGamer? Unless we shouldn't?
  7. Come on we need her. She's all there left of the old characters
  8. I beg to differ and ask for your ear. There are things, like when someone makes up a fan canon trying to fit in with canonical things like I do with Magitek, and they need a section like Other to explain things like this. It doesn't fit anywhere else, and I had to create Other inside Background There are a multitude of things about a character that would not fit into the existing fields, and you simply can't account for what any weirdo's brain could come up with for inclusion in a profile. I'm a weirdo Of course I'm the exception and not the rule, but my Other section was longer than the rest of the profile, and I also used it to collect art links for my character. I'll be putting that in the pictures section now, and that section will get super crowded over time I guess what I'm saying is it's necessary whether you like it or not, cause there will inevitably be things that someone wants to include that pertain to the character yet don't fit in any of the existing fields Please understand?
  9. A smudge yea. I mean can you blame her, looking like that? Would be a waste otherwise I don't really want to fall into 'I created the fountain of youth' scenario. Especially if something like that exists, someone would have tried to steal it Actually I rather like that she doesn't know and makes up explanations. It would create some humorous situations maybe? Like someone finds out her age and be like dang how do you look like a twenty year old? OK I'll make the changes What do you think we should do for history? Should she be an heiress? I think if she was then she would not have much time to teach and research. I was actually thinking she's a one woman company. She introduces herself as a company, but then says she has no employees If she is over 40 do you think she would have helped in the building of the school? Probably familiar with the other enchanters? How would we integrate her into the school story?
  10. Then I don't know, might have to see if someone else would pick up the main villain....
  11. Sure. Just have Luna visit Starlight and tell her about the villains returning to start journeys and learning and stuff?
  12. Wow I'm sorry! Cocoa was at work. We all had an awkward moment with the rude couple that had insulted her about her lack of tail. When her friends stood up for her, she preferred to handle it herself. Everyone took a break to cool down from that, and Lektra took a large canteen to go Maybe read back a bit. Also we can't delete posts, so maybe just put that it should be ignored?
  13. @Emerald<3 I should be the one apologizing, I couldn't reply for a while and Dynamo was waiting for me. But wait, Cocoa followed them? I thought she had work all day?
  14. until

    I wish I could go, but I never got my cosplay together. It's all paid for, but other add on parts I need aren't done. Guess I'll never go to one since it's ending forever
  15. I don't have Nick so I saw these some months after it was done for most people who cared about it I've seen the original show in reruns on Nicktoons Liked it very much. Epic really. Too much to tell, and those who have watched it know why it's great I've seen the spiritual sequel (pun somewhat intended) when it came on in the same channel I liked everything about the sequel, except the fact that it kills certain 'people' in the process of how the main character gets her powers back, although I don't know if past lives count as people. I really wish they hadn't done that, but otherwise it was great I especially liked the ending and that she finally found love ♥️ There probably won't be anything new of this series until the live action remake of the first show is done, which I'm pretty excited about and hope they do it right
  16. "Heh thanks, but I can literally manipulate the metallic components as well as the rudimentary electrical magics that make an arcade machine work, so it's not that I'm good or bad at games like you, just that I can actually change the parameters to suit myself. Of course I know and you know that I wouldn't do this, but if I were a stranger playing a game against myself, I wouldn't be so trusting. Me playing video games is just not a good idea." I chuckled nervously, purposely not mentioning the possibility of dampening fields like in the Crystal Empire competition. I always felt naked without my magic. "But if you can convince them to let me renovate the place with Magitek, that would benefit everyone involved. Probably." Maybe not whoever designed the existing arcades, but mostly everyone. I mean it's not like the existing ones would just get tossed out "You think that's bad? I'm sorry, it's just that this morning I had a repeating nightmare for hours that exasperated my trauma. It was fun the first time until it turned into a nightmare, then it wasn't fun. It apparently got so bad that when they tried to shake me awake, Dynamo, Aerion, and Hot Cocoa got pulled into it. But afterwards Luna gave me the power to recreate the dream whenever I wanted. Might be fun to visit the Twilight Convention Dream again, but you probably don't want to hear about that, huh?" I chuckled as I took a couple of sips from the canteen I was levitating, exchanging looks with Sparky to scan the new pony. There was a flash of light in his mechanical eyes as he did and we just kept heading forward, following along with Dynamo "It's nice to meet you Copper. Do you prefer being called Copper or Strikes?" I couldn't be bothered to use both parts of someone's name, and while he pondered on that I also introduced myself. "I'm Lektra Bolt and I run Bolt Solutions here in Ponyville. I come from a long line of Unicorn inventors. We're originally from Manehattan, actually. I was born and grew up there before moving here to the Center of All Weirdness, and you might notice my accent a bit. Or a fair bit." I shrugged. "Our company slogan is inventive magical solutions to improve everyone's lives. I'm an enchanter by trade, and I work with metallic substances. I've been called the Mistress of Metal." I really tried to smile when meeting a someone new, but it usually came out as a half smile since I've been extremely depressed these past five years. As we moved along, I took sips of coffee from the canteen I was levitating
  17. I nodded and sipped from the canteen. "Others just have their own ways of dealing with things, don't let it get you down. I do still believe that standing up to bullies is the right thing to do." "Definitely, definitely. They'll come around, just need some time." I hugged him also, then pulled back. I chuckled. "Only if you afford me the same courtesy." I nodded as I sipped from my floating canteen. "Well, rather I'll probably be watching you play and running business dealings. When one's talent is working with metallic objects, one tends to get accused of cheating in competitive endeavors involving metal. I'm really more interested to find out if they've come around to my offer to renovate the place, and if they're more interested commissioning now." "Why hello there." I looked the Earth Pony over as I sipped from my enormous floating canteen full of coffee and then turned to Dynamo. "Dynamo do you know this pony?" "Uh, we were just heading over the arcade after our own disaster morning where I got trapped in a nightmare. Would you like to join us, Mister....?" I turned my neck to the side, trying to see if he would get the hint that I was fishing for his name. I took another sip from the enormous canteen I was levitating
  18. Sadness, just sadness and more sadness 😢 Seemed appropriate
  19. Well, it was fun while it lasted. There's always fan fiction and RP. It just means there's room for fan work and derivative RP with no upcoming canon to break accidentally Am I sad that there's no proper send-off like FiM is getting? Sure Am I going to be up in arms about it? Nope MLP is not just going to die when anything MLP canon ends. Look at the Teen Titans cartoon from 2006 in the face of Teen Titans Go or much much older properties, still a loyal fan base making fan content and RP Will EG be missed? Sure Forgotten? Nope, neither will FiM
  20. Alrighty, thanks. And of course you need a higher standard of character comprehension, need to check for Op But yeah, all she really does as far as physical activity is exercise the absolute bare minimum to keep her pretty figure, as calculated by various projections of exactly how little/much time and energy needs to be efficiently expended I had actually wanted to write it as a hybrid of human and traditional feline Anthro, and not a separate Anthro species. Mom was a feline, dad was a human. She just happened to get hit with the random gene stick that she only has traditional anime Neko features and that's it. I guess if we make it as a separate species it could work, unless anyone objects? I mean we have felines here who don't age slower and might need a retcon What do you propose? I can't be bothered if you can't be bothered. I'll make it so and just combine the power classes Alrighty I'll just make it a progression of Magitek classes then, will make the edit later a bit I might have questions after we iron out my powers/classes and get to history, we'll shelve that for now lol
  21. Sorry everyone, off forum stuff has been annoying me

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  22. I see. No no I'm good just being average. I had just wanted to make sure it's listed that she's not any weaker than a full animalistic Pelajae, or somehow handicapped. Is that OK or I need to write it differently? Yeah the janitor. I saw how you made sure he doesn't suck things up and kill everyone immediately by tossing a microscopic one at them. Magical fields But ok how would you suggest I do? I actually read that discussion, and I'm not actually sure why she's long lived except as a species trait. Just seems weird that Neko live long too Can you think of a way to manipulate her into slower aging that doesn't add another power or proposes her building the fountain of youth? Fair point. Well just go with electromagnetic as one class, as is her power being the same It is as you had surmised, sorry for the confusion. As I implement it, it's definitely a specialisationsm instead of a separate power and doesn't work on non magnetic/conductive materials I just figured there might be other mages who aren't Lektra and aren't electromagnetic that can still manipulate electrical signals, no? Would you say it's impossible? Technology in this case is any modern electrical technology that has circuits and stuff that that we have IRL, and manipulating them to my advantage. Purely mechanical technology with no electronic components is controlled by exerting control over the metallic parts like metal gears, not simply cause it's being technical Alrighty so how do you recommend I rewrite them? Make it a progression of more of the same rather than spit up like now? Enchanting is a bit broad though (How many enchanters do we have lol) but still separate from electromagnetism. Lektra specializes in enchanting to make Magitek, not enchanting in general. Maybe she should still teach this as a separate class? Orly? Sounds like they would spend a lot of time chatting and discussing theories. Friends I'll take a look when we get me figured out. Did you ever have a full in universe profile for your character and what she can do? I'm just seeing the pony profile Also I'd like to decide history together when we iron out the powers. I'd like her to fit in, so she may not be a company heiress in this. I don't know yet 🤔 Oh okay good, not everyone can do everything
  23. That's actually not what I was asking. My musings and eventual question is this: Can an already magically gifted being who has a specialization and fondness for a certain area, like let's use your character with plants as an example, decide they want to learn another type like say my electromagnetism? Can anyone with enough time eventually learn anything they want to or cast any spell from books, or are people limited by what they're born with? If she was interested, can Dr go to my electromagnetism class and learn everything, eventually becoming as competent at it as my character is? Maybe I should rewrite that then? The point of listing it as a power was to say that she isn't any physically weaker than other Anthro characters just because she has less animal features than usual. Should I just state it like that? 🤔 That's pretty cool cool. I mean if they happen to meet that would be cool, but they're all probably busy most of the time? That's um, a lot of a lot. Wow. Did she start out with those bracelets? Who made them? Did you guys ever decide who made them?
  24. Agree with the sentiment that while Magical Mystery Cure had my absolute favorite song (A True True Friend) the episode was utter garbage. I love Twi but the reason for her wings was completely bull. Anyone can complete a spell or create a new one, and spell theory advances basically daily. They could have had her go on a final quest to prove herself after everything else, but the final reason was garbage 'You created new magic so you get wings' - I call bull, Celestia She grew into it later, but still garbage