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  1. Or a comeback in general, in any market. Seriously, I have no idea how Atari thinks they have the money to pull off being a serious competitor to Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, all major companies that have spent several years and tens, probably hundreds of millions of dollars developing their products. Atari is 13.3 million EUR in the red as of 2015, and i doubt the situation has improved significantly since. They're essentially in a state of perpetual bankruptcy. Sega would be a more realistic (but still highly unlikely) competitor, they at least know what the hell they're doing (unlike Atari, which went out kicking and screaming with the laughably bad Jaguar) and only left the console market due to low sales digging the company's grave (despite how good the Dreamcast actually was as a console and all the money spent making it, the PlayStation utterly devastated it.) Video games are a billion dollar industry now. That's not something you decide to get back into seemingly on a what Atari is doing. Just look at their stock price. This is a desperate bid for PR and media attention that their coffers--what little they have--are going to be unable to back up and will doubtlessly fail, and probably take what little remains of Atari down with it.
  2. Alien: Covenant. Was profoundly "meh," pretty predictable plot, and not very interesting. There isn't enough information given to get us invested in the characters' survival; unless you look at the promotional material/teaser trailers, which don't count because that's just tacking on info that they couldn't be bothered to put in the film and most won't read or have seen, me included. There isn't really a convincing sense of tension or urgency at any point, either, which is a huge fail for a horror franchise like Alien.
  3. 7/10 Do you have goosebumps yet?
  4. Like, that's annoying, but it's not enough to make me want to turn down a million bucks lol Restricting monetary accounts too would've made that a much harder decision. You'd be unable to make any international purchases and would have to do every purchase using that money in-person. You'd also have to store all of it in a personal safe because you'd be unable to open a bank account. A million dollars, but you are permanently relocated to Equestria, where all that money is perfectly good on Earth but useless there. Also, you are never allowed to meet the Mane Six or any significant secondary characters (Princesses, Discord, background ponies with speaking roles) because it will disrupt the show's timeline.
  5. Oddly enough I used to listen to the various national anthems of the world years ago, and some of them have stuck with me as personal favorites, really just based on tone and feeling alone rather than lyrics. It's hard to choose a favorite simply because of how many I've heard and liked, so here's a list! In no particular order: Barbados has a nice, cheery, regal sounding one. The Netherlands Antilles also have a nice one. (Or had, at any rate, since their dissolution into separate islands in 2010. Also, I'm sensing a theme here with island nations having really nice national anthems.) Albania. The country may be among the poorest in Europe, but their anthem is undeniably cool. Belgium's "La Brabançonne". Played this one at high volume after Brussels last year. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Still probably one of the prettiest anthems I've heard. Cambodia's "Nokoreach". Also ranks among the prettiest. Fiji. Again, really cheery island nation anthem, but also has that distinct feeling of pride that really gives this anthem emotion and power. The buildup is lovely. It was awesome to see the islanders' reactions when their country's athletes won gold medals at Rio!
  6. Primal Dialga's Theme, full stop. RollerCoaster Tycoon 2's title theme. Pretty much the whole of SimCity 2000's sweet MIDI soundtrack, but especially the moody and melancholy "10003." Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald's ending theme. The Pokemon League daytime exterior music from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.
  7. 10/10. Damn, that's really good. Totally captured my attention from start to finish. Great vocals, and the mellow instrumental in the middle is captivating.
  8. 10/10. Catchy as heck, man. The best Pokemon remixer I've heard, ever. Seriously, listen to the rest of their stuff too.
  9. The difficulty curve in pretty much any NES or SNES ship shooter. (1941, Gradius, Darius, Zanac, etc.) Level 1 is just the right amount of difficulty but as soon as you hit Level 2, it's like "BULLET HELL RAAAAASDFGHJKL *LOSES 3 LIVES IN AS MANY MINUTES* YOUR TEARS FEED OUR DEVELOPERS, GO READ NINTENDO POWER FOR HINTS AND TRY AGAIN SKRUBLORD."
  10. woah site facelift what the heck

    i leave the site for two weeks and come back and things get all shiny



      youll get use to the new late its kinda better actually much faster but looses some features but there still trying to bring some over to the new layout lol.



      the new layout*

    3. ArDee


      i've definitely noticed the increase in page load speed already, yeah

  11. Does an on-going livestream count? :-P The IMSA WeatherTech Championship Tequila Patron North American Endurance Cup 65th Annual Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring presented by Fresh from Florida! (longest title ever lol) So much more competitive and entertaining than F1 or NASCAR.
  12. 9/10. Gotta love Huey Lewis.
  13. vroom vroom! new avatar by the awesome littleblackraencloud

    1. Kyoshi


      That avatar is cute. :o

  14. 4/10 it's alright. not really a fan of hard, grungy rock but I've heard much worse. (skip to 0:28)