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  1. My main OC, Shamrock Shambles, Is really unlucky, which is why his cutie mark is a four leaf clover with one leaf torn off. He can get a bit to nervous about new things, and is also sort of gullible.
  2. Alright, so I just started a new game on Pokémon crystal and I decided to make me team all of one pokemon, like all geodudes or zubats or something. I can still evolve but the team has to be all the same pokemon when I get them. I want you guys to help decide what pokemon I use, as well as the names so I can tell them apart.
  3. I think me and Rarity would get along pretty well at first. Maybe she'd give me some fashion advice or something, I don't know. Then after a week she'd see how I don't clean up very much. Then we might argue and she'd win and I'd start cleaning my stuff up. Then we'd be pals again and everything would turn out good. On my own I wont clean up or do anything myself, but if someone tells me to then I don't have trouble with it.
  4. I'm playing pokemon crystal and I'm going to have a team of 6 of the same pokemon. (EX. all geodudes), anyone want to help pick which pokemon I use, and what names they have?

    1. 10InTheTardis


      Actually, I think I should make a thread for this instead.

  5. Maybe Doctor Whooves is secretly Irish, like David Tennant. Seriously? Only 3 people (Including myself) here from Big Mac? That's honestly pretty surprising. I live in the south east, Nova Scotia. I guess since the US is AJ, I live right above the "Big Apple"! Ba dum tss.
  6. I'd say I'm 4.5. I'm not really cute. I kinda look like a baby chicken that's halfway to being an adult chicken. Just kinda weird looking. Try and guess which one is me in this photo.
  7. I am both disappointed and impressed. https://soundcloud.com/shitface-mcgee/the-booty-everypony-should Please, just listen.

  8. CipherInTheTardis I can only imagine how terrible it would be if he got in there.
  9. some reasons why I go on MLPforums. "Man, I miss -insert name here-." "I haven't been on in -insert number here- months, I should see what's up". But it's mostly "I just got a funny idea for a status" or, "Someone sent me a link to something through a PM an I have no other way of finding it", which is 80% of my visits.

    1. BlackHole(TimeLord)


      It could be worse.

    2. 10InTheTardis


      I don't know how I managed to keep myself entertained for hours on here. I really wish I knew, because I miss going here.

    3. BlackHole(TimeLord)


      Maybe it was just the talk around the place that was entertaining at the time.

  10. My back hurts so much I can't even get up.

    1. Dabmanz


      Ouch I hope it gets better soon.

    2. 10InTheTardis


      Thanks, I hope so too.

    3. Meemayfox


      Feel better. <3

  11. Wow, I've been gone for a while! So... what's up, everyone/pony?

    1. Sir Floof

      Sir Floof

      I've also been gone for a while. But now that S6 is almost here, I'm gonna try to get back into the habit of browsing this forum every day.

    2. Mars Orbit

      Mars Orbit


      Gr8 m8

  12. Do you know what makes up for the bad lyrics, though? You can't tell how bad they are, because you can't even hear what the guy is saying. It sounds like cookie monster burping, with pig squeals and fart noises every once and a while. And then add in drums and electric guitar at extremely unfitting times and you have the song.