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  1. I pretty much just give it a try and see if I like it or not
  2. I just wanna share it here that's all Is a train I drew going through the city of light
  3. I played with one over a year now owo you wanna hear my experiences with it? >.>
  4. I used to watched a lot of tv but not anymore thanks to the wonderful world of internet
  5. Can you guess where I got it from? >.> "Don't make a girl a promise,If you know you can't keep it."
  6. Meh,I don't like it since there like gun sounds,firework noise,robbery,and car screechingand also the cost of living is high to
  7. Natto Rice is even my first time trying it to
  8. I went into rage mode on trying to draw human anime chibisRip papers in my sketchbook
  9. I mostly draw it out immediately while giggling and laughing
  10. A super intelligence magical beast of some sort