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  1. Meh,I don't like it since there like gun sounds,firework noise,robbery,and car screechingand also the cost of living is high to
  2. Natto Rice is even my first time trying it to
  3. I went into rage mode on trying to draw human anime chibisRip papers in my sketchbook
  4. I mostly draw it out immediately while giggling and laughing
  5. A super intelligence magical beast of some sort
  6. I like Theodore Roosevelt cause he show's corporations who's the boss like going after their monopolies,and created national parks
  7. Nope,not anymoreI still have my jagpanther model and my japanese ww2 oscar model with me since models are really expensive for me now
  8. YepI use it 3 times a week since if I use it everyday,my head will become really REALLY itchy
  9. SO I can talk and get to know other people and is also safer than doing it in real life so they can't rob or bully me
  10. I only scared of them cause they are poisonousand I'm also scared if I do get poisoned from either of them,then I could imagine a $3 million medical bills entering my life x-x
  11. Unicorn!cause of their unlimited possibilities of their different kinds of magic spells