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  1. Well, I think Equestria Girls: Friendship Games is worse than the first movie and I think Season 4 is the worst season for me cause I found it really boring.
  2. This was my first YouTube video: I've clearly evolved and I'm WAY better than this nowadays.
  3. I live a few miles from the nearest Tesco shop. About 25 minutes by foot and 7 minutes by car.
  4. Me and my family moved twice in my life. I was born, then we moved house when I was one (which I didn't about until my parents told me years later) then we moved house again when I was 11 (I was rather sad at the time). I lines wouldn't be surprised if we moved again when I'm 21, just to keep the pattern going.
  5. I don't play any instruments, but my favourites to listen to are the glockenspiel, 1980's synthesiser and 1980's drums.
  6. Jesus Christ! It's already sad enough to hear that George Michael passed away a few days ago and then, suddenly, Carrie Fisher on top of him. I can only imagine God's face when he finds out. I mean, who else is gonna leave us in these next 4 days? Tom Baker? Adele? Bill Murray? Michael J Fox? Anyway, it is rather sad to see Carrie go.
  7. Sonic Heroes was the first Sonic game I've ever played, so I always have a warm, goosebump-y feeling whenever I listen to the music.
  8. I really like the Open Worlds from LEGO Dimensions. They are all hub areas of locations from all sorts of franchises. There are loads of iconic places, loads of easter eggs and references in said places and there's always plenty to do.
  9. I love 'em, I love 'em, I LOVE THEM!!!!! I don't even like Friendship Games, but one of the only things I liked from that movie is the blooper reel. Yeah, Id rather watch the blooper reel alot more than the actual movie. At least the bloopers had alot more humour than the movie ever had. I just watched the bloopers of Legend of Everfree and I love them to bits. Timber with his funny glasses, Pinkie questioning grammar, Twilight trying to pronounce"rock quarry", Maud coming in out of nowhere, in the middle of shooting a scene and taking Boulder away and feeding him (I knew there was something familiar about that rock). My only hope is that my love for these blooper reels will not overshadow my love for the actual movie.
  10. Watching DVDs that I had as a kid like Thunderbirds (2004), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Power Rangers SPD etc and seeing their DVD menus made me realise how much better they were back then than DVD menus are now. The DVDs I mentioned have really interactive menus with lots of games, menu animations, behind the scenes stuff etc. Also, from playing LEGO Dimensions. I remember playing with LEGOs as a kid, I remember buying and building a LEGO City cement mixer set years ago and this game brought me back to back then. Unlike other LEGO games, this one requires building the playable characters, vechiles and gadgets since their all made out of real LEGOs. Plus, the fact that just holding the boxes reminds me of buying a new toy as a kid, it feels so great.
  11. I have a few. The Mr Men series, the Goosebumps series and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.