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  1. Hi Everypony! I need some help Currently I have Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview (build 9926) and has Windows 8.1 store where I could download the game My Little Pony created by Gameloft. I have surrendered on trying everything to work. I could not get it to work. after leaving the Gameloft logo, the video game closes. My computer has an Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor. 1GB of RAM, 256MB of graphics memory
  2. Here you can view my post of The Ballad Of Crystal Ponies with the link to YouTube for listen the song Hope you enjoy it! ^^
  3. If your computer does not have the best sound, you can invest a little money in it and make wonderful covers Hey! Do it, that will be really wonderful... Upload that to YouTube and I will suscribe to your channel
  4. It is not a software. It is my real clarinet. All I did with software (Adobe Audition) was mount the background music and the sound level to be heard well. The secret is to practice every day the sound of the clarinet, have good computer with a good microphone (mine is integrated) and good audio editing software Concerning I'm out of beat, I had problems with that but I corrected in The Ballad Of The Crystal Ponies
  5. Hi everypony! ^^ This song is special to me. It's my favorite song #1 of all series of My Little Pony. I like to play this song when someone asks me to play a song on clarinet. Because this song is special, I decided to put my logo white background. On the other recordings I used the black background. I hope you enjoy it. I gave my best to you in this song YouTube:
  6. Hi everypony! I'm Victor again ^^ Another of my favorite songs on clarinet. Made by me Hope you like it and enjoy YouTube:
  7. Hi everypony! Here I share with you a cover I made of Becoming Popular in clarinet. Hope you enjoy it! ^^ YouTube:
  8. Winter Wrap Up, Smile, Art Of Dress, Find the music in you, Love is in bloom, BBBFF.
  9. If you fall off the pony, ride it again. ;)

  10. Hi ^^ Here, I give you a music sheet of the opening of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic for Bb Clarinet. I arranged this for all musician ponies. So, this music sheet and Love Is In Bloom, can play with any instruments, the notes are the notes. Clarinet is amazing wind instrument with a beautiful body and easy to play. I added the music sheet file in this post If you don't have a clarinet: is amazing wind instrument with a beautiful body, easy to play and low-cost instrument, you can buy one from $100 dollars. Let's go, buy a clarinet and play the opening of My Little Pony to your girlfriend/boyfriend, family, friends and everybody ^^ Mane Theme (MLP Friendship Is Magic) - Clarinet.pdf
  11. Hi everypony! How many here play clarinet? I give you a music sheet for clarinet of an awesome song, correctly arranged. Love Is In Bloom from Season 2 I added the file in the post Is arranged by me. If you have a question about this, feel free to ask Love is in bloom - Clarinet.pdf
  12. I think I feel in love with Twilight Sparkle