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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Happy birthday, my sister. You may have abandoned this place ages ago and you more than likely won't see this message, though I thought I'd type this anyways. I hope one day you decide to return, despite the fact we share a house and you probably get enough of me as is.

  3. Hi, you seem nice :) I like chatting with those who seem nice x)

  4. Ember smiles sadly at Stormy, her bright blue eyes shining in understanding. She than calmly says "I understand how you feel Stormy...I really do...both me and my brother understand more than you will ever know. I know how you feel, if I was in your situation I would feel the same exact way. Did you know that I didn't get my cutie mark until I was 15? And Snowflake didn't get his cutie mark until 16? We were complete laughingstocks until we actually got our cutie marks...look all I am saying is we want to help you...we really do...also Stormy if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here okay?" Ember than turns around and catches up with Snowflake, leaving Stormy alone in her thoughts.
  5. Ember finally manages to find Stormy and slowly and calmly walks towards her and says in a sweet voice, "Um...hello...my name is Ember, and this is my older brother Snowflake...we are travelers exploring Equestria. I apologize if we freaked you out earlier....I truly do. What is your name?"
  6. Ember narrows her sky blue eyes slightly, annoyed. She than mutters quietly so that nobody other than Snowflake could hear "she hasn't responded big brother, and it is getting late. I believe that it will be best if we check out a room." She than thinks to herself, "How are we going to earn her trust? We must not reveal ourselves."
  7. Ember begins to wonder around and finally sees her brother and asks in an emotionless voice that makes her seem like a mere ghost "Did you find anything new?" Tilting her head slightly, the dark night and rain making her almost seem completely invisible. She looked at her brother with a serious look, unlike her normally playful expression.
  8. I am interested into joining this and the link to my OC is in my signature
  9. Attractive: 7.5/10 Intelligence: 8.5/10 Kindness: 9.2/10 ......but that's just my opinion.
  10. You know you are blushing when your cheeks feel "tingly"....at least for me.
  11. I do not ever recall blushing. I understand the jacket and hood big brother....but why the bandana?