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  1. Here you eather play as a human or a pony. All people can enter instantly(no need for me to accept/deny your joining) RULES No godmodding (breaking chains with ease, instakilling anypony) No swearing No controlling others Its your coice Human or pony Boy or girl Good or evil Its your choice HAVE FUN
  2. Bomb Flash was hanging out with his best friend, Solar Blaze. They we're sparing, Bomb with his magic, and and solar with c flight. When all of a sudden Solar passed out. Bomb ran behind a nearby house and watched as his best friend, Solar Blaze, was dragged by other pegisi to Cloudsdale. Anger boiled in Bomb. He ran into Ponyville to tell somepony. He told a few ponies and none believed. "The factory!" Bomb thought. That theory must be true! He found a glider, grabbed his spell book. And found an artificial wind spell and used it. He made it to cloudsdale. When he got there he bought a small sword that his magic could carry. He put the belt for the sheath on his back and made his way to the rainbow factory. Bomb got to the factory wall. He saw a hoard of guards at the gate. Bomb realized that if he raided the gate he would run the risk of becoming a victim of the factory, so he was going to sneak in. He used his magic to make a temporary ladder. Bomb climed the ladder and got into the facility. He made the ladder disapear. "I'm not giving up, solar, not ever" bomb said, as he ran to the factory
  3. A group of zombies surrounded bomb while he was in front of the library. He tried to open the door, but it was locked! Bomb had to think quickly. He pulled out the slingshot and metal marbles he picked up earlier. Bomb fired a marble. It hit, but the zombie was not killed, it was just wounded. He fired another marble, this time he hit the zombie in the neck, hitting a major nerve. The zombie fell to the ground, but the body shape and cutie mark were fermiliar to bomb. "Solar blaze", bomb said and then muttered "buddy, they got you too!" A sparkle appeared in bomb's eye. The young foal screamed in rage as he just killed his best friend as a zombie. Bomb pulled his SHIV knife from it's sheath. He tied it to a rope he found earlyer. He through his makeshift grappling hook at a branch of the library. He climbed the rope and made it to a window. He smashed the window with a marble and then cut through the boards with his knife. He climbed into the window and entered the library. He drank half a juice box, berry flavor and advanced from the small empty room he got in from
  4. discord remix by living tombstone
  5. Bomb Flash loafed around in bed for a few minutes before getting up. he had no idea that a zombie epidemic had risen, so he just started the day normal. he opened his windows blinds to see that zombies had been outside the entire time. just then, his mother broke into bomb's room, but as a zombie. Bomb rushed to his toy chest to find his SHIV. As the zombie got much closer, bomb found the knife. bomb took a swing, but missed. the zombie tried to lunge for him, but he moved his wing just in time. Bomb took another swing, It was a direct hit! The zombie fell to the ground. "phew" Bomb said wiping the sweat of his face with his hoof. Bomb checked his toy chest again, and he found a slingshot and some metal marbles. he grabbed his saddlebag, which he filled with foodstuffs and drinks. Bomb ran out, and located the library. "Even if no pony is there, i can find a survival guide" Bomb said to himself and dashed out of his house and flew to the library. half way through, Bomb grew tired, so he went to rest on the top of sugar cube corner. after having a small snack bomb took flight again, and made it to the library.
  6. Finding out about the epidemic, bomb flash grabs his sattlebag, fills with food, and a knife from the kitchen. after preparing he sees pinkie, in full color walk to the library "that must be the survivors base!" he thought, "but i could die, the library is on the other side of town." "let's take the risk" he said, with a smirk on his face. Bomb Draws his knife, and runs as fast as he can to the library. on his way he sees a zombie, an gets scared.after debating he runs away and makes a detour. a quarter of the way there he sees a open door and rushes in. bomb decides to raid the house, but all he finds is a slingshot, a bag of metal marbles, and some painkillers. Bomb grabs the slingshot and marbles from his bag and spots a zombie. he fires a marble BANG the skull was dented and the zombie on the ground. after that, Bomb continues running. soon after he continued, it was nighttime, so bomb made a fire and ate dinner. realizing that if he went to sleep, the zombies might eat him, he drank a manticore energy and stated up all night.
  7. Name: Bomb Flash Age: foal (10) Gender: stallion Personality: easly angered Relationship with Cast: none Fighting Skills: Knows kung fu, owns shv Race: pegisi
  8. i think you could. i mean think unless she is completley destroyed her remains could still explode. so i say you can explode twice
  9. i know it might seem i am ranting on you, but unless you are making an oc for roleplay try thinking of a cool yet simple name bomb flash
  10. realy want to go to equestria

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