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  1. Caerson looked surprised at the sudden explosion. 'That... Is a bit more then i would have had expected, she could perform incredible feats with such things, why haven't they asked her to join previous events in the first place?' Caerson tought with interest. "That was amazing, just how does she do it? That is very fast, i am impressed to say the least." Caerson said as he scratched his chin.
  2. "Those 2 things seem like good attributes to me. And I have to mention, where you to ever end up in some sort of wasteland without any civilization nearby, you would make it really far considering how your farm seems to be built, having skill in battle is one thing, but having a neck for survival, in general, is a important feed in itself." Caerson said, impressed by how she had maintained her farm. He then looked up at Rainbow Dash. 'She moves very fast, that is something interesting you don't see alot from flyers in itself to this kind of speed.' Caerson thought.
  3. "You 2 have a good courage, especially Rainbow Dash with her enthusiasm. I was wondering, could you 2 show me what you are capable of? Like, in terms of strength, speed, anything really that can show it. It is important as i would want to see in what each of you excel in." Caerson asked, though he couldn't deny his own enthusiasm.
  4. "What Twilight tried to tell was that I have an offer, how would it sound if you 2 would join an elite fighting force? It acts as a separate fighting force than the army, which it handles a special type of operations, which could involve anything that would prove difficult for others." "Twilight has told me a small bit about you 2, but i would like to see what you 2 are capable of, what you want to show me can be anything, as long as it would involve showing off your skill and talent." Caerson asked.
  5. Caerson hesitated for a second, realising something important. "It might raise a bit of a bad impression if I were to just walk up to them. I am wearing a red cloak with a hood that covers my head, and some of my body parts are replaced by cybernetic enhancements, I am not someone that looks trustworthy at first glance." Caerson mentioned. "Twilight, could you perhaps also fill them in on certain parts? Believing the words of a stranger is not as good as believing the word of a good friend. Not to mention I am technically from a similar race as our enemies, with the whole biped thing and all." He said. He then walked over to Sweet apple acres, not letting his focus waver. "Greetings there, I presume you 2 are Rainbow Dash and Applejack?" Caerson asked.
  6. "Not exactly, you are aware that you can teleport Twilight? I have seen you teleport from miles to Canterlot with relative ease. You could teleport you and me to Ponyville right now, it will also get us there alot faster." Caerson suggested.
  7. "We could go to them? We could go ahead to Ponyville before everyone else leaves, then when the others leave we could catch up with them, how does that sound?" Caerson asked "Or we could leave straight with the others and then go to Ponyville but we could get a bit of problem regarding time."
  8. "Sorry about that, but i don't really know much about Changelings in the first place, i never said Changelings are bad, just mentioned that i don't know much about them. You should tell me about your race sometimes, i could learn more about it" Caerson said to Moonshadow. He then turned his head back to Twilight. "Hmm, that is a good idea, while i don't know them personally, i think i should meet both of them. Then i would be able to judge it better." Caerson said as he was thinking as well.
  9. "Agreed, among a group there is always someone who is different, with the changelings i don't know how it works since of the link they share with the hive, considering i don't know much about them. Griffon's, on the other hand, are very promising." Caerson admitted. "Do you know anyone Twilight?" He asked.
  10. "It would definitely be a good idea, you are one of the strongest magic users on this planet, and very smart at that. Besides, i will still teach you at the same time, i have so much free time that i can spend it on multiple things." Caerson said with a smile. "If i may suggest, perhaps that each member is of a different race? It might sound strange but this way i could utilize the potential of every member accordingly, it would remove most disadvantages we would have in moments of danger. Should we perhaps hold some sort of audition on who would be perfect as candidates? Twilight is already a guaranteed member, we would need candidates for each individual race. Because I can promise you, you would be astonished by how well it would work out in the end." Caerson suggested. He then looked Moonshadow. "I see... You could keep in mind that she will eventually return, because even if she is in a different body, she is still herself, and stronger at that." He said, hoping to cheer him up a bit
  11. Caerson looked the joy with a smile. "How about i also pick a few individuals from the army and teach them the things i know so we can form an elite unit? This is going to be a good thing because i could lead for specific task, you may never know what we might encounter, and it is good to have more then just 1 person who knows about all of the enemy and their methods." Caerson asked. He then looked at Moonshadow. "I know you miss her, but you can't let that bring you down, make more friends and grow closer to the ones who are around you." Caerson advised to Moonshadow.
  12. "I am still teaching you, that will never stop Twilight, knowing how much you like it. They might, however, need me, strength is one thing they have, but full knowledge about our enemy is perhaps something that is still missing from all categories. How about this, you tag along with us and i will teach you things while i am still accompanying them? Should be a win-win." "After all, i was looking very much forward to visiting the Crystal Empire, i haven't been there before but it would be a sight i wouldn't want to miss." Caerson said with a smile.
  13. "If need be, should i accompany this task as well? I might not be that strong anymore as i used to be, but i never lost my touch when it comes to survival situations." Caerson asked. "How big is the group that you guys will travel with?"
  14. I just feel so bad, and it is almost my bedtime, if i have to end up sleeping with this feeling i am going to get only around 3 hours of sleep from my body keeping me away from all the fear and tension, i just don't know, i just wish i could get happy before i would have to sleep.

    Just anything...

  15. No problem, i understand how hard school can be xD