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  1. Emerald Star

    Sup guys! Have a sunset shimmer!

    I love your style, it's very cute!
  2. Emerald Star

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Very depressed and anxious, some bad things have happened recently.
  3. Emerald Star

    how well will your Ponysona fit in the show?

    Mine would fit in pretty well as a background pony or side character. She doesn't stand out too much, but I don't think she's generic either. The tone of her character and personality wouldn't be too out there for the show. Emerald would probably be seen hanging around in Canterlot or Ponyville a lot with her friends.
  4. Emerald Star

    S06:E01+02 - The Crystalling

    This pemiere wasn't as exciting as past two-parters, but it was pretty good. I loved Starlight's characterization and her story here. She's starting to become one of my favourites and I hope she continues to be a part of season 6. It was nice to have a two-parter that doesn't just focus on Twilight and gives a side character more development. If they continue with her being Starlight's teacher that could be interesting to see and open some new story potential. Spike also had some (surprisingly) good moments. The parts with Flurry Heart seemed kind of slow but overall, enjoyable episode.
  5. Emerald Star

    Couple of doodles.

    Those are all really cute
  6. Emerald Star

    Where would you be if you never watched MLP?

    MLP is what started my interest in painting, since I started out by drawing ponies. It was good practice and what I've learned since then has become a big part of my life. It also sort of led to my other interests, like animation, and I met friends through the community. So I'd probably be a lot more depressed, bored and lonely. Unless those things would have started another way.
  7. Emerald Star

    Emerald's Art Dump

    Another drawing:
  8. Emerald Star

    Emerald's Art Dump

    Thanks ^^ Haven't posted here in a while, so I have a lot of art to dump.
  9. Emerald Star

    Emerald's Art Dump

    I drew some kitties (Warriors OCs).
  10. Emerald Star

    Would you think your oc would work well in the show?

    I think my OC Emerald Star would fit into the show. She was designed with that in mind. Maybe she would be better as a minor character...the fandom might not react to her story very well.
  11. Emerald Star

    Are you an introvert or Extrovert?

    I am extremely introverted, to the point of having social anxiety.
  12. Emerald Star

    How did you join your fandom(s)?

    MLP: Heard about it on the internet and had a few friend who were into it. I got curious to why it was so popular. First I watched a few Youtube videos and read Cupcakes, then the first episode. Here I am. Anime: Always liked the art style before I even saw any anime. There was a girl I knew who was really into it so I knew a little about it. So I watched Death Note and since then have become obsessed with anime. Hetalia: I was already a history nerd and an anime fan. So it was only a matter of time before I discovered Hetalia. Game of Thrones: My older brother was into Game of Thrones. He got me to start watching it. Now I love it, and have also read the books. Gravity Falls: This one is more recent; I had just heard some good things about it and randomly decided to check it out.
  13. Emerald Star

    Emerald's Art Dump

    Thanks I'll keep at it. They aren't exactly like show-style but at least it's closer than before. I'm still trying to find a more original style for ponies that sticks, but nothing has worked yet. Personally I hate every single one of my drawings. Hmm, she's just determined to be better at controlling her magic. But that's not a very fun answer...she does like to mess with people though.
  14. Emerald Star

    any tips for beginners?

    Start out with the basic shapes and lines, and always draw a base sketch first. Look at some different references and guides, play around until you have a decent grasp of pony anatomy. I can't recommend any specific guides, but draw a lot and be patient. It takes time and practice.
  15. Emerald Star

    Emerald's Art Dump

    I don't know, it has taken hours and hours of practice, a good tablet and art program And I'm still not that good. I tried making a reference sheet. Don't think I'll ever make another one of these again, it was so frustrating. And what Emerald's mane looks like from the other side of her head is still a mystery.