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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  4. Merry Birthiversary!

  5. A hello from Canada :)

  6. I love your style, it's very cute!
  7. Very depressed and anxious, some bad things have happened recently.
  8. Pleasant Fetal Transmogrification Day to a talented and kind artist!

  9. Happy Birthday! Have a great day!! =D http://i.imgur.com/ED3g0UL.jpg

  10. Oh, Happy Birthday Emerald Star! Also today, you share the same birthday as Ashleigh Ball (she voices Applejack and Rainbow Dash)! :D

  11. Happy Birthday :D :D :D *Hugs tight* :D :D :D I hope you have a wonderful day :D

  12. Now I know I am a little early, (being in Aus) but none the less happy birthday my new friend!

  13. Mine would fit in pretty well as a background pony or side character. She doesn't stand out too much, but I don't think she's generic either. The tone of her character and personality wouldn't be too out there for the show. Emerald would probably be seen hanging around in Canterlot or Ponyville a lot with her friends.
  14. This pemiere wasn't as exciting as past two-parters, but it was pretty good. I loved Starlight's characterization and her story here. She's starting to become one of my favourites and I hope she continues to be a part of season 6. It was nice to have a two-parter that doesn't just focus on Twilight and gives a side character more development. If they continue with her being Starlight's teacher that could be interesting to see and open some new story potential. Spike also had some (surprisingly) good moments. The parts with Flurry Heart seemed kind of slow but overall, enjoyable episode.
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